Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day


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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
My friends and I always argued about there being a sequel to Boondock Saints... After wiki-ing it yesterday, the argument was put to rest.

There WILL be a sequel to this movie.

Originally slated for September 2005, the director did not have a financial backing for this film... Now that the DVD sales of this movie has improved the popularity, Fox has agreed to finance the sequel.

Thing is, Willem Dafoe will not be in it.
I don't know how I feel about this. What if it sucks? And no Dafoe? :cry:

Still, if they can pull this off and make the rare good sequel that'd be ****ing awesome. For now I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and do this: :rockon:
Just because it gets greenlighted doesn't mean it won't necessarily get made. There were a lot of production problems with the first film simply because the director was a dickhead and an idiot. I'd guess that's part of the reason DaFoe won't be involved.

I'm not sure if he can manage to crap out gold twice, but we'll see.
The thing about the first one was that there was a cool thing between the killers and Willem's character... If that's lost in the second one, I don't know where the film will end up. If it's balls-to-the-walls action and just straight up bad ***, I think that'd be great, but there needs to be more to it.

Personally, I think the first one is overrated - it's no Donnie Darko or Fight Club, but it's an enjoyable movie nonetheless.
:sure: You're right it's neither of those two films. I hate the mention of Donnie Darko. You want to hear about overrated?

Donnie Darko was immensely better than Boondock Saints, but I'd rather watch Saints than DD. Troy Duffy isn't a particularly talented film maker. He can put some cool scenes to the camera, but the best **** was just him mimicking other film makers, and there's not a great deal of substance to his movie.

But we'll see, right?
maybe 4 years ago, my dad's friend lent a bunch of movies to me once, ones i've never seen before that he thought i'd like, and the boondock saints was there so i watched. the next day i went out and bought my one cop. such a kickass movie

now there's gonna be a sequel?! im gonna do my happy jig.

*does a little jig*

i can't wait! even though sequels USUALLY end up alot worse than the original
What is the premise, MwoF? You said you knew a little about the story, correct?

I'll look for the website later but from memory...

The MacManus brothers move back to Ireland with their father to live peacefully but someone in the states begins to immitate them in a heinous fashion and the media/public think that they have returned. So they come back to avenge their good names.
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:rockon: It might not be the best post ever but it's definitely the most badass. :rockon:

****in' A.

Hmm... It's interesting. I don't know if it sounds better than the first, though.

As long as they kill some more Italian and Russian mobsters, I'm good with it.

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