Bryan Singer on Ultimate X-Men.


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Jul 24, 2004
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Remember those old Weapon X comics? the ones that read:
Well, when Bryan Singer starts his run on Ultimate X-Men, it will read:
"BRYAN SINGER PRESENTS:..." (The "....." most likely will be
"Ultimate X-Men"). His run was mentioned at a while ago that it will start in January 2005. He has already finished his first arc, and is working on his second. He will only produce a year's worth of the hot series.
Are you sure that this is still on? He is doing stuff for DC, instead, so it may have been canned, you know. Also, Vaughan is on for another arc after the Gambit re-appearance so Singer probably won't be on in January.
Singer shouldn't even jump on board if Marvel was that smart... Vaughan is tearing it up better than what Singer has... Seriously, I doubt Singer has anything of value.
Let's all hope that Brian K. Vaughan returns after Singer's run since he is doing a hell of a job on his arc's!

The prevailing thought around here - at least as it seems - is hope that Singer doesn't come at all and Vaughan stays on. :)
In the latest issue of Wizard magazine Bryan Singer was quoted as saying:

"It may seem like the Ultimate X-men book is spun off of the movie and that enables me complete creative freedom, so I can actually do some of the ideas that are impossible to do in motion pictures because of physical limitations. With the comic book spun into the movies, I can now take from the movies and expand [the ideas] into the limitless domain of the comic book. It'll be more ambitious..hopefully one of the more ambitious years of the Ultimate series."

Frankly, this supports my distaste for this man taking over writing chores on UXM. This goes against the very reasons the Ultimate universe was created for. I think the comics, movies, and cartoons should all follow their own storylines.
Correct. I mean, the plot for the first movie was silly... The whole machine that would turn humans into mutants was flawed from the get-go. Magneto would never do such a thing. I HATE Singer right now... Stop correlating the movie with the comics, for Jebus' sake! STOP!
I wouldn't put too much stock into it being integrated into the movie; he said it "may seem like" it's spun off. He couldn't really do too much with it anyway, since Ultiamte Jean is alive and kicking.

I don't like the approach no matter how it's used though; Ultimate X-Men are young men/women. The movies have some of the kids in school but not all; I just think that requires a completely different approach to writing.

And Goodwill I agree with you - I liked the first movie but the idea for that machine was DUMB. :roll:
YES! Some support... When I said that on another board someone said that I couldn't write to save my life... You could imagine what that did to my fan fic, let alone my self-esteem. :) This was all over Singer, too, which I could have screamed over.

Who is to say that Singer won't kill off Jean and make his characters older not knowing that they are supposed to be younger? What if he integrates Colossus with the students? What if he brings Beast back? This is all I'm seeing with this man... Doesn't sound too good, does it?
No - but Don't worry too much about "what ifs"; I mean you could say that about any writer. What if Vaughan brings Beast back? You see what I mean?

I hate lame plot devices, and that machine was one of the lamest I ever heard of. The idea of mutating the entire city was fine if only they would have thought of a better way to do it.
You got it... Also, that is a plot better used with someone like Apocolypse... :-/. Yikes, Singer better stick with Wolverine driven stories.
I think Singer nees to take his X-stories to another book. That might have worked for Xtreme X-men. :wink:
I think Singer nees to take his X-stories to another book

That's another option, if Marvel feels they HAVE to have him writing. Really, the movies and the Ultimate book are not even close to being the same.
Well they did put Rogue and Bobby together... Though The two Wolverines are insanely different (fairly nice Wolverine vs. try to murder Scott Wolverine), the two Storms must be ten years apart in age (though they seem to be maturing her and moving her away from the younger students allowing Singer to do what he wants), the two Xavier's are also really different (Stuart's saintly Charlie vs, scheming family abandoning Charlie). And the two Magneto's are again drastically different though more in terms of the scale of their abilities. I'm also pretty worried about this turn of events. No Singer please.
Everyone seems to be dissin' Singer. Now I'm not saying his arcs are gonna be good, but how can you say "No Singer please" without even knowing what his stories are?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. C'mon, I know you got the latest issue of Wizard. He'd do more harm than good on the title.
But how can you tell. Yes i do got the latest issue of Wizardl. But you should know that he's not writing the book himslef. Two of the screenwritters of the X-Men movies are also writing ALONGSIDE Singer.

I don't find it promising that they're bringing in someone who needs two professional writers to do the work with him. In all likelyhood, Singer will cook up some insanely retarded X3 tie-in, the other two writers will do all the work, and Marvel will push out a piece of shit trying to capitalize on Singer's name. Honestly, if they can put out movie novelizations in comic form, why do we need Singer anywhere near a mainstream book? If he's so gung-ho about writing an X-Men comic, allow him to do X3 prequels like they published before the last movie.
Again I say, why diss something you dont even know about. How do you know you wont like it in the end? And so what if he has other writers helping him out? We wont know how the book will be like until its released in the solicitations.

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