Bryan Singer on Ultimate X-Men.

Call it ignorance, but this is the kinda thing that got the 616 titles so cluttered with continuity problems. What if Vaughan were to become the regular writer on UXM after Singer's stint, but what if he just wrote something that only suited his promotional goals to capitalize on the movies HE wrote and directed, and when Vaughan returns his glorious plans are ruined 'cause Singer pissed away his chances just for self gain.

Bryan Singer said:
"It may seem like the Ultimate X-men book is spun off of the movie and that enables me complete creative freedom, so I can actually do some of the ideas that are impossible to do in motion pictures because of physical limitations. With the comic book spun into the movies, I can now take from the movies and expand [the ideas] into the limitless domain of the comic book. It'll be more ambitious..hopefully one of the more ambitious years of the Ultimate series."
icemastertron said:
Again I say, why diss something you dont even know about. How do you know you wont like it in the end? And so what if he has other writers helping him out? We wont know how the book will be like until its released in the solicitations.
I'm against anyone who says something that stupid, and in the end is basically getting credited for the work of other people. Bendis writes USM, Bendis gets the credit. Millar, Bendis, or Vaughn writes UXM and they get the credit. Two professional writers (whom I believe are connected to the X-movies, hence Singer bringing them with him) write UXM, and Singer gets the credit. He's trying to bring a motion picture position into the comic industry, which further supports my thoughts that this man has no business 'writing' comics. I repeat, if he and Marvel are so set on him doing X-Men comics, have him write the X3 prequels, or some X2/X3 sequels or something. Keep him out of our universe, at any rate. NIMBY all the way man... Not In My BackYard.
For sure. Besides, wasn't Mack promised the series after Vaughan anyways? I'd hate to think Mack's take on Wolverine's wife was wasted for some shameful self-promotion.
The point that gets lost in this whole thing is that by all indications, Singer is NOT writing it - his 2 screenwriters are and he is overseeing it and providing a general plot to work off of, which as he said will be tied in with the movie somehow.

icemastertron, I can see your point of not dissing something without knowing what will happen, but here's my problem with the whole thing. First, in my opinion, Ultimate X-Men is the worst Ultimate book out there. The books is almost like an afterthought, with no dedicated writer to hold down the fort and give the book some TLC. Vaughan comes in and shows that he can give the book some real support and write some good stories, and he gets yanked? For what? A movie tie in? Why not throw Singer (and his ghost writers) on the X-Men book that Chuck Austen just left?

I also have a huge problem with this guy's ego. When this was first announced it was revealed that the book title was changing to "Bryan Singer Presents...Ultimate X-Men." I have a serious problem with that kind of ego, and if it was Marvel's idea I have a problem with the notion that he is more important than any other comic writer that he would have his name in the title. Bad, bad idea.

Why screw up a book that has potential to be as great as any of the other Ultimate books when there are plenty of bad X-titles that he could screw up? There is no benefit whatsoever to a movie tie-in for Ultimate X-Men, and as several people have said in here they are so different (the movies and the Ultimate book) that it can only hurt the book.
UltimateE i agree with what you say. But I don't think that Ultimate X-Men is not the worst Ultimate book. I also believe that Vaughun should stay on the book and not have Singer do his year-long stint. But some of the scripts are already done.

And for Dark Images, Mack was supposed to take over as scribe of UXM after Bendis, not after Vaughun. But lets hope that Singer and his screw don't do change anything too much, (if they do) that it doesn't make much trouble for the next writer. (Hopefully Vaughun!!!!!)

I for one think that all the people who read the Ult. X-Men book should write to Marvel saying that after "Singers run" is over that they should bring Vaughun back. And to keep him as the permanent writer like they have Bendis on USM. I don't like that they have different writers after every 2 or 3 arcs either.
But I don't think that Ultimate X-Men is not the worst Ultimate book.

Let me clarify - when I said "worst" I didn't mean it's bad, because I certainly don't think so. I think neglected would have been a better way to put it. I'm not saying that the writers who have worked on it didn't work hard, but before Vaughan came on a lot of the arcs - to me - seemed half-hearted.
Ah yes. I see what u mean. I aggree with what you said about the other writers and Vaughun. I wish Vaughun could stay on for along time. Don't you agree with everyone who reads it to tell Marvel to keep him on though?

If it worked wih "fans demanding" that Gambit returns, wouldn't it work with a writer?
Well, guys, prepare for the MARVELOUS "Bryan Singer Presents..."! You know, Astonishing isn't "Joss Whedon Presents..." Why are we getting Singer all worked up? This man is getting in my skin more than he should.
You know, Astonishing isn't "Joss Whedon Presents..."

Exactly. And Whedon is a bigger name than Singer.
Yeah, really... And how can we go from Stan Lee Presents to Singer Presents... Stupid, really. Please keep Vaughan around, Marvel!
We all want Vaughun to stay on. I still say its a good idea for alll the readers to tell him to keep Vaughun around after Singer is out.

And on another note, I have told my brother on how people feel about Singer with Ultimate X-Men and he thinks what we are saying is just stupitidy. I dont know what to say to make him understand.

Then again, hes not a true Ultimate Marvel fan.
Well tell him we're concerned about a creator coming in who looks like he has his own agenda, a huge ego, who seems like he's gonna do what he wants with the book irregardless of what the existing history and continuity of the title is. And I personally I doubt he's gonna be willing to work with the rest of the Ultimate writing team, which will have UXM pulling away from the others or having the whole Ultimate U partially a slave to Singer's agenda.
If Vaughan is indeed to become the regular writer on UXM, I don't see any reason we should break his streak, 'cept for maybe a fill-in issue or two, for Singer and his co-writers. If this same thing were to happen to USM, just to please the screenwriters of the Spiderman movies, you can't tell me people wouldn't be asking for Singer's head on a stick. It would ruin one of Bendis' masterpieces.
Singer is only "producing a years worth of scripts". I just wish that they bring back Vaughun and KEEP him as the regular writer wth Finch or Andy Kubert as the artist.
With the artists, I would love to have Peterson on title. I thought that he drew the character most accurately. Finch's characters all look the same and Kubert's annoy me ;).

Singer isn't writing the scripts, he's leaving it up to the two other guys. The only thing Singer is doing, really, is presenting the damn comic...

Honestly, if there is anything we can do to stop Singer from coming on, I'll do it :).

Tell your brother to watch the first X-Men movie... If he thinks it's stupid, say "I told you so".
Goodwill, thats not going to work. He's a X-Men fan. Comics and all.

I do agree that FInch's chracters look the same, 'cuz if you put a wig on Xavier, he would look like Wolverine. But the art is still awesome either way. And how is Kuberts annoying?

And sorry, but we can't stop Singer from coming on. Like I said before, the first arc is already done, and theyre probably done or almost done with the second arc.
Singer is getting under my skin... I haven't really been angry this much at comic book stuff at all, so this is new to me. It seems like this man is the Dubbya of comics. "Being the President is kinda like being a dictator" deal... Makes me sick. Kerry for President and Vaughan for Ultimate X-Men Writer!

Finch will learn, I guess. I really feel that he is a good artist, though, I don't really want him to come back to the title anytime soon... After I saw Peterson, I thought that Finch couldn't compare to other comic pencillers. Kubert's are annoying cuz they are all alike and they are all too damn good for comics ;).
I agree with Goodwill. We should start a petition for Vaughan to continue through Singer's run. I'll vote twice!
Someone put one together... My name will go at the top of the list! If anyone needs to talk to the people that demand Vaughan, I'll be the one!

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