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Nov 30, 2004
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Good to have Hine writing this.

We see Domino causeing havok at the mansion with X-Force. Caliban messes with Bishops head and O*N*E wonders what's taking The X-Men so long to get to their backyard. X-Force "frees" the 198 and Emma saves Bishop.

Bishop gets pissed at the X-Men. Cyclops talks to him about the future he came from and Bishop says that Mutants have to be governed or else it will be chaos.

Valerie Cooper, Bishop, and General Lazer talk with government reps about starting a new mutant task force that will be pro-registration. The X-Men are "neutral". Bishop's got two other mutants that are going to join his cause. Valerie begins to question Lazer's overall attitude about the mutant population.

Scott, Bobby, Angel, and Beast suit up. They take a secret way out with Emma. They plan on finding the 198 before O*N*E does and it's revealed that Scott is actually anti-registration. Emma isn't going with them so that she can watch over the school while they're gone. The original X-Men as it's noted.

Before Emma can get back the last page shows her being attacked by a Sentinel even after she peacefully surrenders herself.

4.5/5 if the comic was mediocre the whole "Original X-Men" bit was too touching to pass up. I can't wait for the rest of this.
Yeah......really good. I enjoyed everything about this.

Emma "teleporting" Tony to Genosha to show him that there is no difference between Genosha and Stamford was awesome. Seeing the boys suit up in a "darker" look was pretty sweet too.

Can't wait to read more.
Yeah, what the hell. How do you compare 800+ to 16 - 18 million people dying in one day. Did they even shut down that mastermold plant in south america?
See the writer of the series, David Hine (third person from left):


The others, if you guys want to know (from left to right) is Charlie Huston (Moon Knight, Ultimates Annual #2), Yannick Paquette, David Hine, and Brian Reed.
You could have just said "the guy without glasses".
Or "the guy whose head is in Cyclop's crotch".
Turns out that the whole art team is from Montréal.

Now, like any self respecting jingoistic moron, I will bash and insult anyone who critic the art in this serie.

You have been warned.
Did anyone read the X-Axis review of this issue? I thought it was spot on.

I mean seriously, why are Shatterstar and Domino breaking the 198 out? Are they prisoners? Then why have they been leaving the grounds in all the other titles? This is definetly more of a Decimation story than a Civil War story.

And why are Bishop and Cyclops fighting? They both want the 198 returned to the mansion. Sheesh. This almost reminds me of one of the Avengers Dissasembled tie-ins, but then I remembered it at least mentioned the main event, so it does count as a cossover.

If you havent read the review, go on over to
Ultimate Houde said:
Patti Smith said:
Everything is ****. The word art must be redefined.
This is the age where everyone creates...
Let us do battle

Patti Smith would know. Her greatest success was written not by her but by Bruce Springsteen.
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I was going to retort, but I realized I had nothing, so instead of continuing our argument, in which I would have quoted a random Bruce Springsteen song, and you would have obviously countered with a witty saying, then I would post the famous Voltaire quote, and then Ice woul dhave responded by telling us to get back on topic, deleted our posts, and declared himself the winner, I propose we do the logical conclusion

Your the winner, I'm the man, and Ice is still a pain in my ***.*

*This, of course, is a joke.
I was reading Secret War the other day and I read a conversation between the president and the newly appointed Hill of shield. He mentioned something about not liking superheroes and to get rid of them. He really has it out for Fury even before secret war. And I realized the only reason he picked her was because she wasn't a fury loyalist. I'm sure some of you knew that, just a little tidbit for those of you that didn't.

Also I realized I posted in the wrong thread.
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