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  2. Ice

    Civil War 2. Spring 2016.

    This post card was sent out by Marvel: I can see it happening with the Captain America movie coming out, though I don't think it'll be as huge as the original was.
  3. Dancanread

    New Civil War?

    Ign just posted this image by Marko Djurdjevic announcing nothing else but that it's from something coming in December. And that it involves two words. Civil, and war. Hmmmm. Here's the direct link to the article. Such as it is.
  4. Ice

    Civil War: The Confession discussion (SPOILERS)

    Available at Newsarama. Plus a small interview before the preview.
  5. Ice

    Civil War: Fallen Son (Discussion/SPOILERS!!)

    Newsarama reports on the Fallen Son: Captain America.
  6. Joe Kalicki

    Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham #1 Discussion (spoilers)

    Okay, the weirdest thing about this whole issue was that I picked up my comics and the guy at the store told me "There's another Ultimate book out," knowing I like Ultimate books, and getting me briefly excited before he finished, "Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham." So, I bought it anyway. And...
  7. TheManWithoutFear

    Civil War: The Return Discussion (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)

    Popcultureshock put up a preview earlier but took it down. It revealed the character in question. You were warned.... Captain Marvel and he's the warden of 42. Which means I won't be picking it up.
  8. ProjectX2

    Hilarious Civil War Parody It's ****ing genius. I love the Falcon scenes and Cap dissing the guys who leave. Read it. It's great.
  9. TheManWithoutFear

    Civil War: X-Men Series Discussion (Spoilers)

    Good to have Hine writing this. We see Domino causeing havok at the mansion with X-Force. Caliban messes with Bishops head and O*N*E wonders what's taking The X-Men so long to get to their backyard. X-Force "frees" the 198 and Emma saves Bishop. Bishop gets pissed at the X-Men...
  10. Victor Von Doom

    Civil War: Front Lines (Spoilers)

    So.....I just read Civil War's tie-in --- Front Line. It's actually pretty good. It gives you the media's POV on the entire incident. We baiscally get 2 stories inside. There is "Embedded" that follows Ben Urich and some reporter named Sally thru the events of Civil War. This story is...
  11. vintsukka

    Civil War series discussion (spoilers)

    Civil War # 1 So, we start with the New Warriors scene I'm sure everyone's seen already, resulting in Nitro blowing up near a school. Then New Avengers and the X-Men are clearing the scene and looking for survivors with firefighters, there's Iron Man, Cap, Falcon, Goliath, Iceman (did he get...
  12. nigma

    Young Avengers/Runaways [Civil War] (speculation and spoilers)

    ok, since i've now also become a mighty follower of YA, and Runaways....might as well as spot check them all....
  13. TheManWithoutFear

    X-Men: 198 (Discussion/spoilers)

    Re: What is "198" (House of M spoilers?)? Is there a thread for this? I loved this comic. I read it yesterday when I took a break from flyers. Stopped in an LCS and picked it up. Hine's definitely one of my favorite writers. So much District X carrying over.