Comic Book Clothing

I hate the fact that my country does not retail enough Fantastic Four stuff.

In any case, I'm going to dress up as Mr. Fantastic for my nephew's birthday party tomorrow.
Nice! Pics of you wearing it?

None. I've worn it twice - once to try it on and once at a Star Wars birthday party for my little cousin.

I'm deathly afraid of getting something on it. It wasn't cheap.
Not clothing, but I guess accessory.

Bought this bag at Nintendo World. $20.

So I've had this simple design in my head for a while and may or may not sell it because I don't want to get sued. But I feel like showing it off.

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I don't think buttons will work too well on the sleeves.
I don't think buttons will work too well on the sleeves.

Oh definitely, But I figured if I sell the shirts I would have one available with 2 X's on the sleeves with one in front and one shirt with just the front (and maybe a bunch of variations on request), since the number of images makes the price go up. It's the difference between 15 and 23 dollars. So buttons could be added to any shirt, jacket, bag and they come 5 packs for $7. I also have a SHIELD logo ready to go but I think that's really pushing the line.

And I made a shirt based off the one Ice wears in the cartoon, I'm pretty proud of it. Still now selling it yet just in case.


I own tons of comic shirts.

My son is being indoctrinated.

Um I don't know why I don't have any good pictures, but I'll get some soon of him in his Iron Man and Captain America gear.

He's got this sweet Iron Man 2 outfit, and a shirt with a really old school drawing of Captain America on it.

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