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Feb 23, 2005
I need clothes for the new school year, and I'm finally thinking about buying some comic tshirts. I'm going to check my LCS's selection, but does anyone know any good websites to buy tshirts?
You should buy some Maddox t-shirts from his website. :)

I have to wear a uniform to school.
I have quite a few.

I got an Elektra one and Turner's Wonder Woman in that last couple of weeks.

I have the cover of Phoenix Endsong on order and am ordering Turner's Supergirl.

I have a Punisher shirt and hoodie. Plus one with Spider-man, Thing, and the Hulk in baggy clothes sitting on some steps all gangsta.
I have one comic shirt - it's navy blue with Captain America's shield on the front.
I have a Superman T-shirt with a giant Alex Ross-sized S, a black T with a flaming Green Lantern logo, and another with a picture of Spider-Man on it.

Batman is my all-time favourite superhero, but I've been holding until I can find either a black T with the Batman Begins logo on the chest or a dark gray one with a plain black bat on it. Anyone know where I can find one like that?I'm not a fan of the yellow moon(no Lucky Charms jokes).
I got 4 shirts.

1. Black T-Shirt with a flaming Superman shield.
2. Blue T-shirt with Spider-man on a web-line.
3. Black button down shirt with Spider-man Red webbing front and back. It also has a red spider on the back.
4. Black T-shirt with a red X-MEN symbol on the chest and says in white lettering: Xavier Institute For Higher Learning.

My local comic shop has a big rack of shirts.
So, I'm definitely getting these:



And possibly these:


Victor Von Doom said:
One t-shirt.....

Classic Punisher skull tee.
No, no, no.

There are 300 kids at my school with Punisher logo shirts. That's why I've specifically been looking for ones with Tim Bradstreet art.
moonmaster said:
No, no, no.

There are 300 kids at my school with Punisher logo shirts. That's why I've specifically been looking for ones with Tim Bradstreet art.

Well seeing as how it's an old faded shirt that I've since for like 10 years and that I wear around the house and the gym......originality in comic t-shirts doesn't apply to me.
I got a flaming: Batman and Thundercats logo, and a Classic Superman shield and of course my favorite one


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I ordered my shirts last night.

The two Punisher ones were sold out.:(

I opted for this one:


The Batman ones however, have been successfully ordered and are on their merry way.

That brings me to my new question: How long does Graphitti Designs usually take to ship? The Punisher shirt should be coming within the week, but the Graphitti Designs website didn't give me any estimate.

I'm asking because I've got a little family party thing to go to on Saturday and I'd really like to wear that Miller Batman shirt.
To ask again, is there anyone who's ordered shirts from Graphitti Designs who can tell me how long they take to ship.