Spider-Man Dan Slott on J. Jonah Jameson [SPOILERS?]


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Via Ain't It Cool News:

@: Can you tell us the difference between the main AMAZING SPIDER-MAN title and the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN title? They seem pretty similar to me now, other than the death of Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben's ponytail…

DS: Well for starters, our Aunt May? She doesn't know that Peter is Spider-Man. That's an Ultimate thing. And… (***SPOILER*** that's probably where you'll have to go now if you want to read about J. Jonah Jameson. Sorry. ***SPOILER***)


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I knew it.

Peter has the kiss of death. He killed JJJ with that kiss. MJ must've found out he learned it from someone and that's why they didn't get married.
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Peter gives him mouth-to-mouth (omg gay kooties) in the next issue and revives him. He's not dying.

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