Daredevil: Redemption series discussion (spoilers)

I loved this issue. It brought me back to the first White Tiger trial, and the first few issues of She Hulk. For some reason Superhuman-law really hits a button with me.

I can't wait till issue 6. I'm thinking they'll be found guilty, keeping with the original Paradise Lost trials.
Daredevil Redemption Conclusion (Spoilers)

10/10 for David Hine.

Great conclusion to a really great Mini. The mixture of reality is probably what sealed it for me as we've already discussed this being based on a true story.
What else I love about all of these Daredevil Mini's runnin' around is how they ALL tie into Bendis' run.

We start with Joel Flood sending an invitation to Matt Murdock asking him to come down to his execution. Joel's 7 years older and is going to be executed for the events that took place throughout the Mini.
When Murdock gets down there, Joel says he's heard about how Murdock is Daredevil (Thanks to Bendis) and he's been having dreams about Daredevil saving him and busting him out of jail.

We're introduced to Joel's little boy who is now 7 and oblivious to his father's fate. Murdock's in his hotel room and recieves a silent phone call.

Joel's executed by Lethal injection and gives a moving speech about his son's mother and his son and asks that they're taken care of. As the lethal dosage begins he whispers silently so that only Matt can hear him, "Please Matt" as a collage of his dream with Daredevil rescuing him and his death takes place.

HOward Gideon talks to the press and goes on with the bull**** that he's so happy his son's murder is now dead but wish he died more violently. Everyone notices that his wife isn't with him. Matt remembers the phone call from the night before.

Back at Gideon's place he prepares a needle to give to his tied up wife. When he enters the bedroom Daredevil is there. He takes care of Gideon easily and the "corrupt" cops come. The sheriff admits that he thought Flood was guilty but was wrong to make assumptions. He says that Gideon will be his last arrest. The sheriff also tells Daredevil that Gideon's wife says that she never saw Daredevil there and The Sheriff says he didn't see him there either.

Joel's ashes are scattered in his garden. His paralyzed Step-Father sits on the balcony, carelessly placed there by the mother to watch them scatter the ashes. Unable to turn away he stared into the sun until he was blinded. I guess that it's symbolic to his strong religious beliefs that has left him blinded to the things that really matter... maybe...

Last we see Howard Gideon in his cell complaining that someone is in there with him and he won't open his eyes. The cop tells him no one is in there with him and he opens them...

Gideon: You see. I knew it. He's here. He's always here...

Gideon's sitting on his bed with a transparent image of Daredevil standing over him. (GREAT ENDING)

If you are interested in the Mini... I strongly suggest this even over some of Bendis' Trades.

Story 10/10
Art 10/10 Love Gaydos and hopefully he ends up the artist after Maleev
Overall... do the math. I can't praise Hine enough
I picked this up in trade today over DD vs. Punisher (I'll get that later) but I let this sit long enough to get the Trade finally.

Still an amazing story with great art.

Funny thing was I counted the number of time's DD appears and it comes to around 7 or 8. But every time he does appear it's a very powerful prescence.

Get this. It's worth it.

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