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Jan 27, 2005
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I hereby make this thread for all discussion of Dark Reign and it's minis.

For something that is full of plot holes and a stupid idea, I am excited reading.

It's like the opposite of Secret Invasion which was a interesting premise, but horrible story.

I read the first issue of the new Elektra mini, it was really good. They experimented on her more than anyone else and Osbourne was torturing her to know why. The new Hawkeye wants to visit her but Osbourne won't let him...:lol:

She escapes when Paladin comes to kill her for the price on her head.

I'm looking forward to Diggle's Hawkeye/Bullseye mini.
I read the new issue of Punisher. I'm glad I did. Remender actually makes me dig the new direction for the Hood.

"You're going to Frank Castle's house and you're going to kill and eat anyone inside."
The Electra mini was really cool, and the Hawkeye/Bullseye first issue was pretty good too, he's nutty.
I wanted to read that Hawkeye/Bullseye thing because of Diggle but... Raney. I can't stand his art.
I can't help but peek at the Dark Reign stuff.

I checked out War Machine because I've been loving Fraction's Iron Man. I was sadly disappointed with WM. So that was quickly dropped.

I read both the Elektra and Hawkeye issues. Gotta say that I'm digging them. Especially Elektra's.

I just can't bring myself to read any 616 Frank Castle. It reminds me too much of how it's NOT Garth Ennis' Punisher.
I'm actually really enjoying both War Machine and Punisher right now, War Machine especially, I'm really digging his new powers, and the art is really cool in both series.

Though with a couple adjustments the War Machine series is obviously a repurposed Deathlok series.
His confrontation with Ares was great, Pak is one of very few writers that actually gets Ares. He treated there relationship as something akin to Moon Knight and Khonshu. Rhodey's supporting cast however is a very aggravating bunch.
The new Cabal oneshot was cool.

I really loved Doom's story where he killed The Hood and took The Hood for himself, killed Osbourne, and had Emma & Loki in bikini's at his throne.
From your description, this sounds pretty stupid.

It was pretty stupid, actually.

How many stories do we need showing us how big of a megalomaniac Doom is? I get it!

Fraction's Emma Frost story was a jumbled mess.

But Namor's story was pretty good, Hood's story was pretty good, and Loki's was alright (but that's largely because I don't read Thor, and I thought the story hook of Asgardians moving to Latveria was kind of interesting.... But weren't the Atlanteans just hanging out there?).
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No read Books of Doom by Brubaker

it's a book for growed ups

****ing right!

The definitive Doom origin story.

I loved it when the monks said that Doom insisted that they refer to him as "Doctor" after he saw Reed on TV being called Dr. Reed Richards.

So awesome. And the twist ending? Awesomer.

Brubaker can do no wrong.

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