dark reign

  1. Iceshadow

    Dark X-Men discussion (Spoilers)

    Did anyone else read the first issue?
  2. E

    Well, I think it's time to burn my comics & close the site...

    Major Dark Reign spoilers for those who care: Please, God, make this be false. I'm not sure they could come up with a worse idea.
  3. thee great one

    Dark Reign Discussion *Spoilers*

    I hereby make this thread for all discussion of Dark Reign and it's minis. For something that is full of plot holes and a stupid idea, I am excited reading. It's like the opposite of Secret Invasion which was a interesting premise, but horrible story. I read the first issue of the...
  4. Jaggyd

    Avengers Young Avengers: Dark Reign

    Matt Brooks posted this on his DA page. Apparently this is the new Young Avengers line up. He included this link to the Marvel page about it. Link
  5. Void.M

    Avengers Dark Avengers series discussion (Spoilers)

    Anyone pick it up? i though it was good even though the DA are who we thought we are.
  6. Ice

    Secret Warriors (Discussion/Spoilers).

    CBR previews issue #1. Nick Fury has assembled the next generation of Marvel super heroes—the sons and daughters of super villains—to fight the new order that Dark Reign has brought to the Marvel Universe! Secret Warriors #1, written by award winning scribe Brian Michael Bendis & rising...
  7. Ice

    Dark Reign Pre-Release discussion (Spoilers).

    LitG: We had a mid-week LITG update last week looking at some mysterious Dynamic Forces solicitations for signed books featuring covers to Marvel books that Marvel were reluctant to provide any solicitation images for. We showed the "New Avengers" cover which seemed to show a new lineup...
  8. Ice

    Avengers New Avengers: Dark Reign (#48+) (Spoilers)

    WARNING! Spoilers are involved (though still hidden because it's future spoilers). Lying in the Gutters: If you are following the current Avengers plotlines, then consider this a massive spoiler warning! Do not look at the Dynamic Forces listings in the current Previews. Because...