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Jul 12, 2005
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Yes, i thought it was time this great manga got its own thread. For those of you who dont know of it, the basic plot is that a genious teenage boy(who is aso quite mentally unstable) Light Yagami finds the notebook of a Shinigami, or death god. If Light writes the name of a person in the death note, they die. Light, who has a twisted sense of justice, decides to use the death note to rid the world of evil by killing off all of the criminals. The police then try to catch 'kira' the person who is killing off all of the worlds criminals, and enlist the help of L, another genious to aid them. A more detailed plot summary can be found here. This is by far my favorate manga/anime and is far better than many American comics being released today.
I've seen the first episode of the anime, and I thought that it was pretty good. I'll probably read the manga over break.
Just to reassure any people who are more used to reading American comics, this is an ideal entry point into the world of anime/manga, if you like titles such as Warren Ellis' Fell, Sandman Mystery Theater, and (as Lithium's avatar indicates) the present version of X-Factor and the Madrox solo series. Basically, crime/detective-oriented stories with surreal overtones.

Certain X-Files fans might like it. Also, those who enjoyed Se7en.
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Soooo, out of curiosity, how far has everyone read??? I recently bought volume 10 the other day, its excellent. Teru Mikami is quite possibly my favorite Manga character ever. I've been enjoying the Mello/Near arc way more than the L arc. The next volume (volume 11) goes on sale in may. Also, for those of you who haven't been introduced to this great story yet, IGN did a great review of volume 10 which can be found Here.
I'm thinking about giving this a try, anyone want to give a good summary about what it is about?

Click the link in Lithium's first post.

Gives a cool summary , Character descriptions ect...
I went and picked up volume 11, and while excellent, I thik 10 has been the best volume of the series, hands down. I still love Teru Mikami, he is brilliant. Volume 12: The end is Nigh. Can't wait!
Because I read Death Note online, and have never really bothered with the American Manga, I don't really know what part of the series you're at. What's happening? I want to post my thoughts on the events leading up to the ending, but I don't want to spoil anything for you.
I've watched the first episode of the anime and was intrigued. Not sure how they can have it go for very long, as the story concept seems quite limited, but I've found out there's only 37 episodes.
Project; I'd recommend the Manga more than the Anime.

And trust me...the plot becomes quite complex. It's not as self-contained as you think.
I know this is a manga forum. I don't care.

I just finished watching Death Note. It is 12:25am in the morning and this is the best anime I have ever seen.

Words cannot describe how impressed I am. The writing is so insanely good. This is ****ing excellent.

The ending was spoiled for me, but it was still amazing. This anime made me happy, sad, afraid, excited... the only other anime to do that is Fullmetal Alchemist.

I despise most anime/manga... but this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Right now, I hate TOG because he refused to watch this because it's only subbed (and according to him, subbed anime lose impact or something). He is wrong.

Watch Death Note now.

Young Fukuda Mayuko (13) has been chosen from over 300 hopefuls for the upcoming "Death Note" spinoff movie. Provisionally titled "L", the movie is being directed by Nakata Hideo, the man behind the "Ring" series. Regarded as a child prodigy, Fukuda was chosen for the key part of Maki and had her hair cut into a bob style for the role. Nakata said of her, "She has a strength of character that shows in her eyes. She's been able to display a sensitivity and expressiveness beyond that of a child actress." Filming started in Saitama Prefecture at the beginning of this month. Following the huge success in Asia of the first two Death Note movies, the latest spinoff will open in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan on February 9, 2008. It's the first time for a Japanese movie to open in so many countries on the same day.
An L spinoff movie? Is this going to be the origin of L or what? I might have to download this.
i think i put some earlier news items about the L spinoff in ourchairs anime thread although i dont think its been said yet wether its a prequel or whatever.

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