District 9

I thought it was great. Very enjoyable and very original. Amazingly good first feature by Mr. Blomkamp. I see good things in his future.

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Your review only made me more excited to see the movie (and I didn't think that was at all possible). I REALLY hope Mr Blomkamp makes Yellow into a full length feature next.
I saw this at a screening on Monday night. It was excellent. Most likely will do a full review this weekend.
Addressing some of the complaints I have seen around other message boards and the net:

One thing that I've seen all over the internet is people saying that they really want a sequel. I strongly disagree. I think that a sequel would undermine what was made to be intentionally ambiguous about this film. I like that the ending is left open to interpretation, and I really feel that it should be left that way. The plot of a sequel would almost have to be entirely action oriented, and while the action was a large part of this film, it was not what drove the plot. I also think that the last scene would be made far less emotionally powerful (for me at least) if a sequel was made.

Another thing I have seen people complaining about is what they see as plot holes. They want an explanation of how the fluid turned Vikas into a prawn, and think that since the audience is left without one, it becomes a plot hole. Once again, I see it as better off left unexplained. We dont need to know how he turned into an alien, that has no bearing on the plot, what matters is that he is turning into one, not how it happens.

Overall though this was one of the best films I've seen in years, and definitely my favorite since The Dark Knight. I look forward to more work from Blomkamp in the future.
Absolutely amazing. I'd call it the first truly, completely fulfilling film I've seen in several years. I actually heard some middle-aged guy say to his wife "just when I thought sci-fi was dead...." as people were leaving the theater. I spent the entire movie with my eyes completely wide open.
Still formulating my opinions, but I think for the most part this was a really good movie... I think the Aliens could have been a little more fleshed out (helping give us more of a sense that these were thinking, loving empathetic creatures...) and I'm not sure the weird balance between "documentary" and conventional movie scenes worked as well as Blomkamp wanted them too, but it still worked.

Not as emotional as I was hoping, and a bit more straight-forward action sci-fi, but at the same time I am thrilled to see something so original and innovative.

Can't wait to see what he does next. Hopefully it won't be District 10.
Amazing. Best movie this year and I think will definitely make the top 10 for best picture this year. More review to come.
Great movie. I expect Blomkamp to be make the next "Star Wars". I am dead serious.

In other news, should we have "What Happened After District 9?"
I saw it tonight. I was great. Though I felt the storyline was a bit forced and just didn't flow right. But the movie's focus was on the world created around this concept. Which is ****ing brilliant and so unbelievably real. Just perfect
I think the resistance isn't towards the name, but rather at the stupid rush towards making a sequel to a movie that stands on it's own just fine.

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