Doc Connors in "Carnage"

Then I would drop the title. He is currently one of the more interesting characters in the title. MJ is too generic girlfriend, Aunt May has issues, and Peter IS the most interesting... The villains come and go because they are merely in the comic for revenge, however, Conners is something more, which is cool.
You won't drop the title for Gwen's death, but you would for Connors? I'm more interested in Betty Brant, honestly.
Good point :). I'm just saying that I think it would be silly to kill him off when his character is so dynamic and interesting... Maybe Bendis WILL kill him because the same could have been said for Gwen. Who knows.
I understand your point though. Peter never really has had a stable father figure, maybe Connors could fill that role.
I'm not saying that so much, but you know what I mean...

Though, that dynamic could work for both of the characters. Conners has lost his wife and children and Peter his uncle and friend.
AS I said before "Carnage" has "Frankenstein" written all over it, and we all know what happens to the Doctor.

As long as Connors can evaluate this situation in an emotional way, as opposed to the rational way used by Dr. Frankenstein, I beleive he'll live [does that make sense?]
Perfect sense... Though, the doctor in Frankenstein didn't have Spidey there to save his life... We'll see, though. You bring up some interesting points.
If Connors turned back into Lizard what would be the point of Spidey/Peter taking to the sidelines?
Since the Lizard would be fighting Carnage, Peter should just back away and let them fight! :) Again, just a thought. Maybe my ideas are just out and out stupid, UltimateE!
You never know... It seems to me that Conners has somewhat of a control on it that you don't see the Hulk having.
I'm very interested if it's going to evolve anymore. Do you think it will have anything to say to Connors? It seems to remember mostly Peter's memories.
I don't really think it has evolved as much as it has just grown.
I don't know if we need to see The Lizard again. I personally find Conners to be much more interesting as a character who has in the past transformed into a monster and still has a monster within him but, unlike The Hulk, it doesn't continuously haunt him by manifesting itself physically. Like, he's so afraid of the demon within him that he's scared to lose his temper and such. I dunno. I just found it awfully silly that Spider-Man has always just allowed Conners to be in between his tranformations, and then fights and saves him when he does transform. That's the exact reason that the military want to capture The Hulk. Because of the danger Banner is when he transforms, it's not safe to let him walk about freely and wait until he transforms. I think Conners is gonna bite the dust, anyway. Not neccessarily in this arc, though.
I think Connors will briefly turn into the Lizard and when its all over he will be taken away by SHIELD. And Nick Fury will give Peter a lecture about not telling SHIELD about the Lizard

Doc Conners will be gone for the foreseeable future. Any thoughts? Do you think that he'll break out? Do you think he'll be released?

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