Doc Connors in "Carnage"

Doc Conners will be gone for the foreseeable future

You assume too much. He has only gone to the police as of right now; we don't know what (if anything) he has confessed to and what he will be held accountable for.
He said that he accidently, sort of killed those people... Realistically, that means he's getting thrown into limbo.
Realistically, that means he's getting thrown into limbo

It COULD mean that. How many people get away with crimes and never get in any trouble for it? Remember OJ? ;)
Well, I can see your point, but I think that Bendis will can him of a while... I don't see any further plans with his character in the future.
I don't see any further plans with his character in the future

No offense, but that's why Bendis is writing it and not you. :wink:
I'll take a bet that Conners won't be around for a while. Peter doesn't like him and he's in police custody. What is Bendis going to do with him? He sure as hell won't make an Ultimate Lizard title. :)
I think we will see Conners again, but not until we see the follow up to this story. "Venom" left things open for "Carnage", and "Carnage" has left things open for whatever comes next and Conners is as big a part of this a Peter.
Maybe, maybe not. They could do a follow up story without Conners if they really needed to. He played his part in this story and the Lizard story... Shame Bendis couldn't use him as a supporting cast member, which would have been really cool. That's what I intend to do with him in my fan fic.
Well, may I ask what more Bendis could do with him? It seems like Conners is a spitting image of Green Goblin and he would be more of a personal villain to Peter than a super villain out to conquer the world, for example. I think his character is done for a long time.
Conners will be back when it's time for this storyline to continue. We've seen the Ultimization of Venom and Carnage. We all know what's next! I can see the solicitations now...

Ultimate Solicitations: November 2006
Over a decade ago, Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sr. left behind a dark legacy that now threatens to consume the lives of their sons! Curt Conners is back, and he has an urgent message for Peter Parker…but a figure from the past may just get to Conners first! The highly anticipated sequel to "Carnage" (Ultimate Spider-Man TPB #11), featuring the Ultimate returns of Conners, Ben Reilly, and one of Spider-Man's most deadly and most popular villains: The maniacal monster , VENOM!

December 2006
TOXIN, PARTS 2 & 3 (OF 6)
What exactly is Project Toxin, and what does it have to do with the connection between Ben Reilly and Eddie Brock? The answers are about to be revealed as Spider-Man clashes head on with his Ultimate opposite! The thrilling next instalment in the gripping storyline that explores the dark legacy of Spider-Man and Venom!

January 2007
TOXIN, PARTS 4 & 5 (OF 6)
The continuation of Ultimate TOXIN! It's Spider-Man versus Venom! Conners versus Reilly! In a battle that will reshape the lives of everyone involved, can their really be a winner? You don't want to miss out as old mysteries are uncovered, and old questions answered as two prodigal sons with a shared legacy meet in what may be the final battle in the lives of both young men!

February 2007
The events of "Venom" and "Carnage" left Peter Parker questioning his role as a hero, but the events of Ultimate Toxin will leave the wall crawler questioning his entire existence. Spider-Man's world is in for some major changes in the unmissable final part of the Toxin storyline as the young hero deals with possibly the most difficult realisation of his life!

Ofcourse, this would then lead into the next Ultimate crossover event in the form of:

August 2008
Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis teams up with superstar artist Brian Hitch - making his return to The Ultimate Universe - to bring you the biggest event in Ultimate history: the Ultimization of the infamous Clone Saga! The Multi-Vex Corporation has stepped out with the single most controversial scientific experiment in history, but is it everything they say it is? Or could it be even more? Nick Fury is determined to find out, but what he discovers may well be the most shocking discovery of his life…

July 2014
The long awaited second part in the biggest event in Ultimate history, from Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Hitch…

Gee, can you tell I've been drinking?
I don't know about having Toxin in the Ultimate Universe so soon, but I like the fact that you played up Venom to be a huge threat and all... I would really buy into that if printed in the actual pages of the comic.
Dude, I would kick the comic's ass if Toxin showed up. That was a mindless post, fueled by alcohol and sleep deprivation. Why do people seem to think I was serious. And sober. The 6 year gap between parts 1 and 2 of the Ultimate Clone Saga was meant to point out it was a joke. I think.
Anyway, I'm perfectly satisfied with how both Venom and Carnage arcs turned out. I'm happy with Carnage being dead, and I don't hope to see Venom again. The Venom arc ended just right in my opinion; all but confirming that he was still alive, and I think bringing him back would ruin much of that story.
I would still say that Bendis has plans for Reilly and Conners to reemerge in the next part of this story he has going about the legacy Peter's father has left, and it would seem to me that it might have something to do with clones...
I am not, for various reasons, a 616 spiderman reader but I DO read the solicitations and the idea of Toxin appealed to me. Its pretty plausible that a writer might pass it off since, it seemed to me anyway, that the furnaces Carnage and Venom died in were similar, if not identical. Plus, Ben Reilly nicked the Parker blood sample so i suspect we will see an Ultimate Scarlet Spider

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