Doc Connors in "Carnage"

Yeah, I can see Bendis writing The Scarlet Spider into Ultimate as a result of Reilly growing another "baby Ben" in an attempt to correct the flaws of the experiment that created Carnage. There's no way Bendis would have a Scarlet Spider last for more than one arc, tho, I would say, seeing as the appeal of using the character long term was what created the mess that was the Clone Saga in 616. Also, Bendis always knows how he intends to finish a story, unlike during the Clone Saga when Marvel had NO idea how to resolve it and screwed it up, so he could make it work.
I can't ever see Bendis use Toxin as a character, but possibly "Toxin" could be the name of a project or an experiment (leading the reader to believe that Toxin will make an appearance) that turns out to be a chemical or a compound that corrects Conner's flaws in cloning, or perhaps "Toxin" could be a substance that stabalizes the Venom suit that appeared to be feeding on Eddie Brock. More of a "nod" to the Toxin character than a ultimization of him, really.
Yea, if Reilly were to do something similar to that of the Carnage experiment, he would most likely screw it up more! I could see that happening. Although he was shown to be more responsible than Conners, there was something about him that reked of immaturity and lack of experience as a scientist. Very interesting thoughts.
Alright, so I'm not the only one...

Also, I was thinking if he got, say, Leuchemia, or something... He would inject himself with that blood sample because Conners' whole purpose of testing stuff with that blood was to create something that would stop cancer or diseases in its tracks... He could do this reverse the effects of his disease and get spidey powers.

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