Dream Editor Round One: BAT FAMILY!

I'm a little puzzled. Do we just pick an editor or come up a new title or both plus writers ect..
You're the editor. You create the entire line.

Pick, cancel, create, or alter whatever titles you want. Assign writers and artists. And create an overarching plot that threads through your books.
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Ok not really sort if this is the kind of thing you had in mind but :

The Caped Crusader

I wanted to design more of a Ultimate Batman. Yes there's something similar coming out but I thought it'd be fun. So my writer and artist do what I think is needed. They should play off each other well. A bright cartoony book but one that can enjoyed by anyone. It would really start from the beginning and help reintroduce batman in today's world. More realistic origins mixed with larger than life drawings to reach all parts of the character.

He can be deep and dark like the writing can show. But he should in my opinion be something kids can pick up and think "oh I want the toys of this." which some of the comics I feel are lacking today. Now nothing would happen to all the other bat-books but this will stand on it's own.

No crossing over via multiverse. No need to read batman for years to know what's happened. Also I'd do it arc based like Ultimate comics are with a tpb coming at end of month. E.g arc 1 – red hood. Arc 2 – Joker (to continue from 1) or something to that effect.

Artist : Ty Templeton – The reason is he has done stuff like Batman Adventures and that's really what I was going for in terms of look. More of the animated series look but maybe a little different. It's a style younger viewers can get behind but older viewers really can read it too oif they choose. Here's what I mean something like this :

Writer : Mark Millar – I was originally going to pick Brian Michael Bendis but his ultimate spider-man work while I liked it wasn't what I wanted I wanted something like Ultimates. The fun writing that can seem deep and can update things well. I think he's more of a writer that would be great for this.
*cracks knuckles* Here we go. Let me show you guys how to do this by example.

So my pitch would consist of a restructuring following The Return of Bruce Wayne. I'm not going to minutely detail my direction for the miniseries but I will touch on important points when necessary. That means, ideally, it would fall into September of 2010, but given the way DC runs things, there would probably be months of "epilogues" and it would be 2011 before an actual relaunch. I'd focus on a few things: maintaining the integrity and publishing feasibility of all the major Bat properties without undermining them; to appease fans of Dick-Batman and Bruce-Batman while emphasizing the importance of both; to re-establish the pulpy al-Ghul/League of Assassins flavor of the old Denny O'Neil Batman as important to the overall mythology; finally, to steer Bruce Wayne off the course Frank Miller established for him years ago (and everyone seems to have followed since), where he's doomed to live the rest of his life as a lonely soldier and die an old soldier. The line-up follows.

Batman and Robin
Written by Paul Dini, Art by Nicola Scott
With Bruce Wayne back, Dick Grayson doesn't hang up the cowl. For a while, Bruce has his own **** to deal with, and Dick fulfills certain parts of the role better anyway. He's the Justice League Batman, the public Batman (as public as Batman ever is, at least). He convinces Tim Drake to return to Gotham and work with him. The new Batman and Robin dynamic is less mentor/student than any in the past and more of a partnership; trading the father/son angle for one of brothers. While Dick handles the footwork and street smarts, Drake (retaining the Red Robin mantle) fills the shoes as the detective. While the two of them can't fill Bruce's shoes by themselves, with a partnership, they prove that being the protector of Gotham doesn't mean falling into this grim, gritty, completely self-restrained hole Bruce has fallen into over the past few years of his career. This book would follow the more traditional stories, with the king of traditional Batman stories writing adventures dealing with established rogues and supporting characters. Good, classic Batman stories with a twist on the central characters behind the masks. I think, given full reign over this book, instead of the done-in-one Detective Comics stories, or the side stuff he's been doing recently, Dini could lay a really great foundation for Gotham City. It would be something of a Batman and Robin, Year One. As for Nicola Scott, well, she's brilliant, and she deserves a shot at Batman. Her clean, colorful lines would be perfect for a book like this, featuring colorful but dark rogues and an acrobat Batman.

Written by Grant Morrison, Art by Ivan Reis, Tony Daniel, Fabio Moon
The continued adventures of Bruce Wayne as Batman. This would be the prestige book, unfettered by crossovers except where it wants to be, and free to do its own thing, since B&R are filling this book's more traditional role. A multi-year story would focus on what Morrison was doing on his previous run on the book, establishing new characters, celebrating the past, and delving into the psychology of Bruce Wayne. After having hopped through bodies of his ancestors and realizing vigilante justice is rarely just and returning to find the apparent good Elliott-as-Wayne has done with his fortune, Wayne reconsiders what he's been doing with his life, and whether his humanitarian father would have approved. With Dick and Tim holding back the stem of crime in Gotham, he has more time to focus on the root of the problem and fix his own issues. Early stories would feature the death of Julie Madison, and the return of the Mad Monk and Hugo Strange, as well as dig into Wayne's relation to the Kane family through his mother's genetics. As he dug deeper and discovered that Elliott's "charity" had connections to Intergang, he would wage a one man war on Santa Prisca, encountering Bane's rogue's gallery on the island and ending up MIA (leading to a brief crossover with other books), which would eventually culminate in him mounting a familiar yet different Nanda Parbat in the heart of the jungle, leading to one of those "possible alternate future" stories Morrison loves so much. The back half of the story would have him uncovering the connections between the extended Kane family and Intergang as well as exploring how things would have been different if he had been raised by his mother's side of the family rather than by Alfred. The end result would, hopefully, put Bruce Wayne in a healthier role. A rotating cast of artists would juggle the surrealist and international flavor of the story.

Son of the Bat
Written by Gail Simone, Art by Jock
Backup by Fabio Nicieza and Ramon Bachs

Parallel with Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Robin and Red Robin would run headlong into each other, as Talia Al Ghul is revealed to be the mysterious figure behind the destruction of Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins and convinces Damian that Dick Grayson has withheld reviving Bruce Wayne out of jealousy. Damian and Talia squaring off against Dick and Tim would launch both the new direction for B&R and a book starring Damian. SotB would be a sort of spiritual successor to Red Robin, except it wouldn't suck. Damian assumes his position as heir to the League of Assassins and the book that arises would be a sort of inversion of Rucka's brilliant Checkmate. Rather than following the interior of an international espionage agency, it would detail the inner workings of the world's largest and most nefarious crime syndicate. Damian would be at the heart of it, and from there the conflict of Talia's influence vs. the ethics instilled in him by Dick would come into play, but we'd also hop around to see the bigger picture, with various aspects of the organization getting spotlight attention, in much the same way that Rucka highlighted the various components that made Checkmate work. Checkmate would becoming a recurring antagonist for the League, as would Intergang, who are rivals for the League's burgeoning interests in America. The Secret Six would surely get a guest spot at some point. Gail Simone is the woman for the job, given how brilliant she is at characterizing morally dubious characters. She would have a field day with Damian, as well as his mother and the various members of the group from Merlyn to the Calculator. Jock's rich, highly stylized art would bring a cinematic flair to the proceedings.

Nicieza's Azrael would fold into a backup feature, given the character's apocryphal connections to a religious, defected branch of the League. The backup would provide an outsider, (anti)heroic perspective on the war slowly simmering between Intergang and the League of Assassins in Gotham as it slowly boils into a major crossover event.

Detective Comics
Written by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker, Art by Eduardo Risso
Backups by Various

An ensemble book with a rotating cast, Detective Comics would show Gotham from the street level. Drawing from The Wire and Gotham Central as reference points, the eponymous detectives would be the Gotham MCU (already handled by Rucka and Bru in their former book), but like The Wire, it would have a broader scope, moving through the various strata of city officials, from DA Kate Spencer to Jeremiah Arkham and police commissioner Gordon. Leslie Thompkins would have a recurring role as a pro bono doctor who's set up a clinic in Devil's Square, still an anarchic riot zone following the events with Black Mask, with Batgirl Stephanie Brown establishing herself as both protector of the neighborhood and protege to Barbara Gordon. Detective would be a general crime comic set in Gotham without the centralized presence of Batman. I think the creative team is pretty self explanatory.

The backups would rotate art teams and possibly writers. The stories would rotate in much the same way as the main story shifts focus, sometimes used to supplement the main story or provide lead-in to what's coming up in the main feature, sometimes providing parallel material, and sometimes testing the waters for potential spin-off books. While the main feature would focus exclusively on regular protagonists outside of masks and capes, the backups would sometimes spotlight the perspective of supplementary Bat-characters from Batgirl to Huntress to the occasional rogue.

Written by Greg Rucka, Art by JH Williams III & Friends
Backup by Greg Rucka and Cully Hammer

It would keep on keeping on the same as it's been going in Detective. Seriously. This lineup doesn't need any changes. Rucka keeps doing what he does with JH Williams swapping out occasionally to insure his high standards of excellence. I'd suggest JG Jones for an arc somewhere down the line.

Batman Confidential
Story by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel, Art by Lee Bermejo, followed by Tony Daniel and Various
With the changes in lineup, Confidential would develop a tighter relationship with the main book, being utilized to more tightly structure the timeline of Batman's career and develop back story that ties into ongoing plots in various books. The first arc, Batman: Secret Origins, would run four to six issues and be illustrated by Bermejo. It would serve as a sort of prequel to Year One outlining the period of Bruce's rebellious youth up through his return to Gotham City, a span of time that's rarely touched on. In the process, we'd see a confused, violent young man who's future is disturbingly in question, and lay the seeds for through-lines that will come later in the book. Following that would be Twelve Years, a project with rotating artists, with each issue highlighting an incident out of each year of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman, using comic-historic reference points as anchors to develop a more stable continuity, leading to the present, and forming a sort of meta-arc that weaves through the story as a whole. Following stories would detail the history of Gotham, explore the lives of the Wayne ancestors (exploring them more fully than what was touched on in the Return of Bruce Wayne) and generally providing background information on a lot of things going on. The history of the Waynes and Kanes would be explored here and tie into the main Batman arc. Stories will possibly be tagged with a "Year One/Two/Five/Nine" whatever marker, denoting where they take place in the character's history.

Batman Family
Story and Art by Various
In 1977, DC introduced a venture called "Dollar Comics", eighty-page plus-sized comics with wrap-around covers and zero advertisements at the then high price of a dollar an issue. Batman Family was one of these books. The new line would re-introduce this concept: dollar pricing, wrap-around covers, and eighty-pages with no advertising in the interior, using the Batman line as the flagship for the premise. It would be published annually and consist of four twenty-page stories based on each of the four core books by the principal creative teams. Each team would produce an original, stand-alone story that served as a launch for upcoming plots in their books, with the intent being to draw in new readers who might otherwise be turned off by the current high prices of comics or the overflow of kiddy advertisements spilling out of the books. Ideally, it could serve as a launch pad for "Dollar Comics" for all of DC's major lines.
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Theme: The Batman world was irrevocably changed when Darkseid launched the Omega Beams through Bruce Wayne's body. Since then it was a mad dash to claim the cape and cowl of Batman with one clear victor: Dick Grayson. Now that Dick and Bruce Wayne's own son Damian have taken the mantle of Batman and Robin, Gotham has changed. New villains such as the Red Hood are rooting in and other stalwarts like the Joker are getting more and more demented. How much will all of this change when Bruce Wayne comes back and wants his identity?

Batman and Robin: This title wouldn't change at all. Bruce may have returned but that doesn't mean that Dick is going to stop being Batman. Bruce initially meets with Dick appreciative that he took over while he was gone, but wants the mantle back. Dick leaves with Damian and keeps the cowl, continuing on as the Batman. This would be the continuing adventures of Batman and Robin as Gotham City's true defenders.

Creative Team- Grant Morrison and Various, This is the flagship title of the line and I want to see Morrison interject more of his insane Batman villains into the mythos. This also should highlight the best artists DC has.

Batman: This title highlights the solo adventures of Dick Grayson who is struggling to live up to Bruce's standards since his return from the death. Dick was surprised that he would enjoy becoming the Bat so much and doesn't want to let go. Facing opposition from Jason Todd in even more increasingly psychopathic confrontations Dick learns that there is more to being Batman than just putting on a costume.

Creative Team: Judd Winick and Jae Lee. No one seems to get Jason Todd better than Winick, who is a character that I want to feature prominently in this book as the Joker to Dick Grayson's Bruce Wayne. Jae Lee also does creepy visuals fantastically which is a style that I want as it highlights the increasingly violent life that Dick Grayson is faced with.

Detective Comics: Bruce comes back into the fold and while Dick and Damian continue on as Batman and Robin he isn't going to lie down and do nothing. Taking more responsibility for his Bruce Wayne persona he confronts Tommy Elliot who has usurped his identity. After a bloody battle that left Tommy almost dead Bruce learns that the villain was attempting to use the Wayne name to enter politics. Taking this opportunity Bruce enters into the race for Gotham mayor so that he can change the city from the inside.

Creative Team: Paul Dini and JH Williams III.

The Boy Wonders: Tim Drake returns to the role of Robin despite Damian Wayne being in the seat alongside Dick Grayson. Attempting to get Bruce back in the seat Tim meets opposition from Damian his psychotic replacement. What happens when former dead Robin Jason Todd's former sidekick Scarlet comes after the Robins?

Creative Team: Geoff Johns and Stefano Caselli. Johns reignited the Teen Titans into a masterstroke comic. Stefano Caselli is just awesome at drawing younger characters like in Avengers the Initiative and Secret Warriors.

Batwoman: No change whatsoever. Renee Montoya continues in the backup.

Creative Team: Greg Rucka and Cully Hammer. Take the creative team off of Question and move it up. It's worked so well why change it?

Batgirl: Not much difference with this one, except Cassandra Cain gets a back up feature in order to have her character highlighted better.

Creative Team: Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett. The two seem to have a hold on the characters. Gail Simone on the Cassandra Cain backup with Terry Dodson.

The Outsiders: The Outsiders team gets revamped when Dick Grayson puts his own people into the roster. More of a vigilante team than the quasi-JLA that has been of late the Outsiders is ironically comprised of reformed villains and Bat-characters. Theses Outsiders are a Bat version of the Suicide Squad, taking the measures that the JLA can't without following the binding rules of the government. Members of this group include Plastic Man, Edward Nygma, Cassandra Cain, Deadman, Roy Harper back in his Arsenal persona, Huntress and are led by the man who broke the Bat: Bane. This controversial group worries Bruce, who sends his choices after the group.

• Bane: The new leader of the Outsiders who personally endorsed Dick Grayson as Batman he has turned over a new leaf recently and wishes to become a great hero. The greatest tactician apart from Bruce Wayne or Slade Wilson Bane also brings formidable strength to the Outsiders.


• Plastic Man: The former Pliable Prankster of the JLA Eel joins the Outsiders because he trusts the word of any Batman. The team's shape shifter Eel also keeps an eye on his less than trustworthy teammates.


• The Riddler: Finally gaining somewhat of an acceptance from Dick Grayson Edward Nygma has proven himself to be a brilliant detective rivaling Bruce Wayne. Whether the rest of the team trusts him remains to be seen.


• Cassandra Cain: Proven to possibly be the greatest martial artist in the world Cain joins as the team's ninja fighter. She's also trying to regain her identity after Stephanie Brown took over.


• Deadman: Becoming friends with Dick Grayson after the ordeal of Blackest Night Boston Brand is brought in as an inside man who can find out any information he might need from their enemies.


• Arsenal: Going to his former identity and picking up his guns to match the change of teams Roy Harper is brought in not just because he is one of Dick Grayson's best friends but can turn anything into a weapon. He doesn't like some of Dick's choices for the team but realizes that he means the best.


• Huntress: Another unstable member to join the Outsiders Helena is worried that some of the members around her might corrupt her back to her old ways. She plans on using her brutal fighting tactics to the fullest.


Creative Team: Greg Rucka and Lee Bermejo. I want this to be an action packed adrenaline filled action comic in which the Outsiders actually become relevant again. Greg Rucka owned Checkmate and Lee Bermejo did a fantastic art job on Joker. I think their talents combined would make a wicked book about reformed villains trying to save the world.

I couldn't resist doing a quick Dreamteam to say goodbye to the old game.

Batman Confidential: The classic adventures of Batman would tell past stories that introduce new rogues, revamp classic villains and set up storylines for the rest of the Bat-family.

Creative Team: Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Come on who better than these two to revamp classic Bat stories and villains while giving us awesome new ones?
Good entry, bluebeast! But I have half a mind to condemn you for utilizing Judd Winnick.

It's a good blueprint for anyone else wanting to compete.
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Good entry, bluebeast! But I have half a mind to condemn you for utilizing Judd Winnick.

It's a good blueprint for anyone else wanting to compete.

Winick can be a pain for many many reasons but he does get the characters of Jason Todd and Dick Grayson. Plus Jae Lee makes up for everything with his work.
Winick can be a pain for many many reasons but he does get the characters of Jason Todd and Dick Grayson. Plus Jae Lee makes up for everything with his work.

Jae Lee is pretty ****ing wicked.

My (non-eligible) entry is finished. I think it's pretty awesome.
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Jae Lee is pretty ****ing wicked.

My (non-eligible) entry is finished. I think it's pretty awesome.


I was going to do the exact same thing with Detective Comics.

I was going to do the exact same thing with Detective Comics.

Go for it. My entry isn't eligible anyway, since I'm the mod.

;) Incidentally, if we were doing a Superman round, I TOTALLY would have done the same thing with Action Comics, with James Robinson writing.
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Both good entries. Some ideas similar to mine, but not too much so.

Someone needs to re-introduce Batman Family on the strength of this cover alone:

Will it be YOU?

Edit: I just added "Batman Family" as part of my lineup pitch. Natch.
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I know! Mine's lasted four hours! And I only saw that image forty minutes ago!

The secret origin of Robin and Batgirl's first team-up has obviously made your penis precognitive.

Marvel! It is truly a miraculous relic!

Man, Precognitive Penis would be a pretty wicked band name.
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