Dream Editor Round One: BAT FAMILY!

Batman and Robin
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Shane Davis

General Plot: Continuing with what is currently happening in Batman and Robin, with Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin. This book will continue to show the two of them growing up as a team and be awesome.

Detective Comics
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quitely

General Plot: This will follow the adventures of Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake. They will act like a Sherlock and Holmes team. Bruce has given the 'public' identity of Batman over to Dick, and now him and Tim solve unsolved cases. Grant will continue his story in this title.

Streets of Gotham
Writers: Paul Dini, Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Ed Benes, Various

General Plot: Follows everyone else in the Bat-verse. Batgirl, the PD, Catgirl, and everyone else. Each issue will feature a backup, which ties into the overall plot.

Writer: Dan DiDio
Artist: Phillip Tan

General Plot: Here's where Dan proves he can't write. The outsiders will focus on whatever it is they focus on and be led by Alfred.

Batman and his Amazing Treehouse
Writers: Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani
Artist: Art Baltazar

General Plot: A Johnny DC title where it follows Batman when he was six. Robin is a baby, and girls aren't allowed in his treehouse. It will be like Tiny Titans.
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Sorry for any spelling errors and the poor formatting. I'll clean it up a bit when I'm on a computer instead of my Phone.

First off any creators not making the change over has until the end of The Return of Bruce Wayne to get thier stories finished. Then we have the new lineup Launch.

Overall for the line I'd like to keep it tight. I want each book to have its own identity instead of just being another Batman book. In addition each book needs to connect to the others. Not cross over mind you, but i want to give the feel of Gotham being a real city. If Batman breaks up an arms shipment in Batman then thew GCPD need to protect it from an assult by the Penguins men in Streets of Gotham and Batwoman needs to handle better armed goons in her book. Little nods like the 80s Marvel universe.


Grant Morrison and Friends.

Morrison will be moved over to the main Batman title. This will continue his run on the book, with the return of Bruce Wayne having finished we will have the fallout here but this will NOT be Bruces book. Instead it will follow Dick Grayson as Batman and Damien as Robin. Otherwise Morrison and whoever he wants to work with this week will get to do as they please.

Detective Comics

Writer Paul Dini Art Phil Hester and Andy Parks

After Bruce returns Detective will pick up on his journey. It will have him traveling the world, at first revisiting locations from his time-hopping then eventually picking up on threads of The Demons Head, because Ra's Al Ghul is too good a villian to not use. The tone of the series will be more of a moody mystery as opposed to Batmans spandex heroics. There will be no costumes. Paul Dini will be writting and the Hester/Parks team will be on art. One thing I'd really like to see a retun to is the Black White Color coloring scheme the book used for a while during Ruckas run. In addition this will feature a Tim Drake backup by Dini and Marcus To. It will eventually dovetail into the main book but will primarily serve to get Tim away from the League of Assasins and out of the Red Robin suit.

Batman and Robin

Writer Kieth Champagne Art Freddie Williams II

This will practically be Damiens book. It will focus on his relationship with Dick as Batman and Bruce as his father. It will work closely with both Morrisons Batman and Dinis Detective and serve as a companion to both. Now it needs a writer that will help us not hate Damien so i've decided to give Kieth Champagne his shot at the big time. He did the Robin Annual that was part of the Ressurection of Ra's Al Ghul plotline and managed to portray Damien as both a little **** and as someone with potential. For the Artist i have to go with Freddie Williams II. Hes just the perfect Robin artist in my opinion.

Streets of Gotham

Writer Greg Rucka and friends

Greg Rucka takes over on Streets of Gotham as I feel hes got the best handle on the city itself. This comic wouldn't have a fixed cast, instead doing a series of rotating, done in one issues focusing on the supporting cast of Gotham City. Artists would change as well, depending on who gets the nod this month, but this is where you'd go to find Gotham Central style stories, stories focusing on Batmans Rogues, or the occasional story focusing on the cities population, an aspect of Gotham that I feel is ignored too often. Kate Spencer stories would be co-written by Marc Andreyko as I respect keeping characters with their creators whenever possible.


Writer Greg Rucka Art J H Williams III

So i haven't read any of Ruckas Batwoman but i've heard enough good things about it to know i shouldn't mess with it. Rucka and JH Williams here, but we'd also move the current Batgirl team to a backup here. The stories would be unconnected.

The Outsiders

Not canceled but the Superman Editor can have that mess.

Batman Confidential


BC will be used for stories where Bruce Wayne is Batman. They will be set in Past Continuity, all in the current Earth, but will be for fans to get there Bat-bruce Fix. Sometimes it will be used to set up a storyarc for the main books, telling a current version of an older storyline thats being used as a basis for a current arc. A new version of Son of the Demon would run in it at some point. Writers and Artists would rotate depending on what has been pitched.
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Man I really wish I could play this game but all I've come to realize is that I don't know squat about Batman
Entries need to be turned in by midnight Friday, EST.

But I may not get to closing the thread until Saturday. And if anyone needs an extension, feel free to let us know.
After the return of Bruce Wayne I want my bat books trimmed down, so goodbye Azrael, Red Robin, and Batgirl. Also, I want the bat-family to feel more like a family and have them not be constantly pissed off at each other, so while characters will appear in each other's books it will be more like they're hanging around Wayne Manor rather than a team up. Finally I mandate that the writers stop killing off innocent Gothamites all the time, nobody would want to live in a city with such a high death rate after all. Here's the books!

Batman and Robin
Written by: Grant Morrison
Art: Rotating artists with Frank Quietly doing a three to five issue arc every once and awhile, and one Solomon Grundy or Clayface arc drawn by Eric Powell.
This book will pretty much continue what Morrison's been doing in the current series with Dick and Damien battling mostly new villains though this time Oracle is along for the ride with her own significant role. Other than that this book is pretty much what everyone else has said.

Written by: Paul Dini
Art: Michael Lark
This will chronicle Batman's return to Gotham to deal with Black Mask's villain coalition, his job of saving Wayne Enterprises from bankruptcy, and his reconnecting with his family. The stories will be mostly serious, but not depressingly so. Batman will mostly ride solo, but won't be adverse to the occasional team up.

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art: J.H. Williams III
Why fix what ain't broke? This book can stay the course, with entertaining stories about Kate Kane, and backup stories staring The Question or Manhunter.

Detective Comics
Written by: Ed Brubaker, Fred Van Lente, Matt Wagner, and Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Adrian Alphona, Emma Rios, and Leonard Kirk.
Alright, here's my favorite big change to the Bat-lineup. Detective Comics will star Tim Drake with a new hero persona called Blackhawk (with costume slightly influenced by the Blackhawks), he will be joined by his partners Cassandra Cain in her new Nightwing costume, and the current Batgirl: Stephanie Brown. This book will rotate with short single character arcs and longer "team-up" arcs, and I'll be taking a page from Amazing Spider-Man and make this book a weekly release. I also plan for the League of Assassins to be the overarching big bad for the whole year since they have bones to pick with Tim and Cassandra.
Good entries. I just added Batman Confidential to my hypothetical one. It's midnight, but I'll keep it up a bit longer, since I still think McCheese needs to get his in.

Is there a way to add a poll, or would it be easier to just PM votes?
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Alright, this was a bit rushed by my own procrastination, but here's my entry. We're going to streamline things a bit. Only six titles at a time and each one with a distinct story to tell. My reign as editor is a two step plan, two launches if you will. One of the titles in the initial launch is a mini-series and another is going to get canceled at the same point as the mini, which will be followed by the emergence of two new ongoing series in the second launch. The League of Assassins will play a major roll across the Bat-titles. The League is on the move and it has something to do with a powerful artifact and Damian Wayne. The events will create the new, ongoing status quo which will continue from the secondary launch onward.

Initial Launch
Detective Comics
Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Dustin Nguyen
Detective will chronicle the return of Bruce Wayne. The old bat is back and he's reestablishing himself in the city that made him the man he is today. Things have changed since he died and he has to make some adjustments to deal with new members of the Bat Family operating in his territory and some new villains. Paul Dini has a fantastic grasp of the character and Dustin Nguyen was born to draw Batman. So I'm moving them from Streets of Gotham to the core title of my lineup.

Batman & Robin
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Sean Gordon Murphy
Morrison gets to continue his storyline as Bruce and Damian become the new Dynamic Duo. I'll let him have free reign to tell the story he has in mind and when he's done I'm canceling the title. Morrison is already working with Murphy on Joe the Barbarian and the early pages look ****ing fantastic so I'll steal him.

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: J.H. Williams III
Rucka continues to shape this new addition to the bat-mythos as she must now encounter the man whose theme she's using. I know a goldmine when I see it and I'm not messing with this pair. Gonna sell the **** out of this series.

Gotham Central
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Mitch Breitweiser
A rookie detective begins working at MCU. Through him we'll become reacquainted with some old faces and some new ones. Soon after he begins a relationship with the new DA (Kate Spencer aka Manhunter) and starts to become suspicious of her behavior. Normally this is where Rucka would be since he is already at DC, but he's already working Batwoman and as Dream Editor I may as well use my massive imaginary powers to bring Bru back because Brubaker is the ****ing man. Breitweiser is a perfect fit for this series.

Birds of Prey
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Amanda Conner
Steph is a good fit as Batgirl, but having her own title is a bit superfluous. Since she's already working with Babs it's an easy transition into a team book by adding Huntress and Canary, two old guard BoP members. And seriously, who else could write it? Who I ask you!? Amanda Conner is an amazing artist who is rocking Power Girl right now, but this is Dream Editor so **** that book. She's coming over here. DC kinda beat me to this announcing the series is returning this week, but they're putting Benes on art chores. My choice is better.

The End of the League
Writer: Denny O'Neill
Artist: Nicola Scott
This is a mini-series. Tim and Dick meet up with Cass who is wandering the globe trying to find her place. Now that Bruce is back and none of them have their former positions to return to they decide to journey to Nanda Parbat to meditate and find a new direction for their lives. Soon after the peaceful place is attacked by the League of Assassins and the trio fail to stop the theft of a powerful mystical object. They go on a quest to not only return the bauble, but to put an end to the League forever. Following the events of this mini Cass will join the BoP (but not as Batgirl), Tim will reassume the mantle of Robin in his own ongoing series, and Dick will bring Nightwing back to the rebuilding city of Blüdhaven. Denny O'Neill will write this miniseries and possibly the end of one of his most important creations. Nicola Scott is a tremendous talent who I would NEVER remove from the Secret Six because I love it so… unless, of course, I'm an editor trying to create the best stories possible. So she can take a break and do this mini-series.

Second Launch
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Freddie Williams II
Reinvigorated from his time abroad Tim retakes the mantle of Robin, returns to Gotham, and begins his mission anew. Things with Bruce are strained and he's operating on his own for now. Fabian is an underrated writer whose work I thoroughly enjoy. Freddie is a good artist.

Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Thanks to a massive government reclamation project Blüdhaven is rebuilding and it needs a protector now more than ever. Now free from the burden of Bruce's legacy and with his mind cleared by the events of The End of the League, Dick reassumes his classic identity and begins the process of helping a shattered city that he once called home rebuild from a series of terrible disasters. Darwyn can handle this one all by his lonesome.
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If no one else leaves a message about wanting to put in another entry, I'll close this thread tomorrow afternoon. Voting will run until midnight Monday. Anyone except the mod can vote, just PM them to me. If there's a tie, I'll play the role of tie breaker.

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