Dream-Teaming Round 4: The Suicide Squad


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Jan 25, 2006
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Okay, you're an assistant editor at the comic book publisher of your choice. You're boss comes in and tells you to drum up some roster ideas for a team-book they'd like to set-up for a future creative team to write. He asks for a proposal including: The roster of the team, The driving idea, explanations for character choices, and the creative team you'd like to see.

THE RULES------------------------

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the team in question to be built. He must also name the roster to be filled, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use more than 4 characters common in anyone else's team in the round, as in if team one has characters a,b,c,d,e, team two can have characters a,b,c,d in common, but cannot use character e. The team posted first takes priority.

3) You must write a brief two or three sentence plot summary, an explanation for each team member, and the creative team you'd like to see on the book.

4) After TEN DAYS, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

5) The winner declared gets to choose the team in the next round.

This Round:


The Suicide Squad

The government has enlisted a new team of super-criminals to serve their country. You pick the villains, the leadership, and the creative team.

Round ends on the 21st.
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Task Force X (A subsidiary of the Checkmate Organization)

The recent actions of Amanda Waller and her previous Task Force X have left an embarrassing besmirching upon Checkmate’s public image and their pay rollers are beginning to pull out. Needing a public relations boost, and finding themselves in need of a new task force to handle the dirty work that comes with an international espionage agency. Giving the keys to any number of people would lead to the destruction of the organization again. As such the only person who has links to every incarnation of the group and one of the most courageous fighters in the service’s history, Rick Flag Jr. is the only man capable of wrangling up and leading a team of the world’s best of the worst.

Director: Rick Flag Jr.

A prolific history of service, unparalleled skills in espionage and combat, and the greatest strategic mind available, Rick Flag Junior is what every espionage agency has dreamt of. The only person held onto from the previous Squad debacles Flag is brought in to do what Waller never could and get a team together that really kicks all sorts of ***. Flag is brought on with two conditions: he agrees to hunt down all of the former members of the Squad, and he brings along another experienced agent to temper his actions.

Communications: Barbara Gordon: Codename; Oracle

Though Rick Flag is the best in the business when it comes to leading a team, he’s kind of been dead for a few years and knows squat about the superhero/villain community. As such Flag recruits one of his former teammates in the Squad who has all of the information: the Oracle. Tempted by the government through access to high-tech and the possibility of having her spine restored, Barbara Gordon all joins in order to recruit a group of agents with the intent on the best of espionage skills. Her reasoning in this new group is that they are Task Force X, not the Suicide Squad, and she’s going to make sure it’s a group who can survive any encounter they may face. After the selection of the field team Babs is kept along in order to act as the team’s information broker and communications expert, keeping her team in check and in line while on missions.

Field Team-

Field Commander: Mitchell Shelley: Codename; Resurrection Man

Flag is put in the difficult decision of selecting someone to fill his role as team coordinator while on the field. Flag’s used to calling all of the shots and isn’t particularly ready to put a good man in that dangerous a position. Luckily for Flag he has a man with all of the skill sets necessary to lead a group nicknamed the Suicide Squad. Found in a morgue outside of Dover after a battle with Solomon Grundy Mitchell Shelley is given an opportunity to lead the newest Task Force X and given full access to their perks and advantages. Cleaning up his look and donning a brand new uniform to lead the Task Force, Shelley’s there to inspire a team that has a leader who, no matter what, isn’t going down. Shelley also has a new apparatus that can kill him whenever he wants, letting him have almost any ability imaginable.

Field Operative: Mark Richards: Codename; Tattooed Man

Needing someone with real skills on the field, Oracle hears from her friend Dinah Lance of a man who the League made an honorary member after the events of Final Crisis. Seeking out Richards for his skills on the field and his amazing abilities similar to Hal Jordan’s, he joins hoping to reform after his former past actions. Not kept on the same short leash as his teammates Richards proves that he’s the top soldier in the field when the team comes under heavy fire. Richards also proves handy transportation for the team with a well-placed tattoo of a carrier plane.

Field Operative: Eva Totenkopf: Codename; Blitzkrieg

The most destructive and deadly of all the Squad, Eva Totenkopf is displaced after Vandal Savage’s imprisonment and Captain Nazi’s abandonment of her. Feeling discarded despite her obvious superiority Blitzkrieg turns to being a mercenary but is sent to prison by the Flash. Being fed a chemical failsafe like some of the other captives Eva is given an option to join Task Force X or face execution due to her murders of the Heywood families and others. She’s on the team because though Flag hates Nazis with a passion a speedster is the most technologically sound weapon you can have. Even more bloodthirsty than Plasmus and Jason Todd, Blitzkrieg is the one member of Task Force X that cannot under any circumstances go free.

Field Operative: Rose Wilson: Codename; Ravager

Selected to because she is essentially the perfect soldier, Rose Wilson agrees to join because she is promised three things: amnesty for her past crimes, money beyond her wildest dreams, and information on how to find her father. Rose acts in a capacity that allows her to finally show off her deadly talents on villains who really deserve it. Rose is especially enthusiastic when she is told that the Squad’s first mission is to hunt down the world’s most dangerous man: Slade Wilson.

Field Operative: Jason Todd: Codename; The Red Hood

Finding himself at a crossroads since the ‘death’ of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson claiming the Bat-mantle, Jason finally takes the path as villain and is taken down hard by the Batman and Boy Wonder. Approached by Flag and Oracle in jail, Jason is offered a chance to work off his sentence in only five years. Given a chemical failsafe in his bloodstream similar to Plasmus and Blitzkrieg, Jason is the gunsmith of the group, acting as the ultimate hand-to-hand and dirty fighter who’ll get his hands dirty. Oracle is keeping an extremely tight leash on Jason, hoping she hasn’t made the worst decision of her life by letting a madman loose on the world’s criminals.

Support Team-
Demolitions: Otto Von Furth: Codename; Plasmus

All in all the Suicide Squad is really a group of people who are very good at getting their hands dirty. And on a team who goes on missions as dangerous as these, it serves to have someone that can really make some damage when needed; enter Otto Von Furth. The former Brotherhood member is found and allowed a chance at amnesty in exchange for his extremely explosive abilities. Given a containment suit that allows the acidic Plasmus to operate amongst his teammates, Plasmus is also given a cocktail of chemicals that can counterattack his system should he go AWOL. In a sense Plasmus is scary mother****er on the team you don’t mess with and is only brought in when they desperately need him.

Inside Man: Boston Brand: Codename; Deadman

The perfect man to get in and out of places undetected, Boston Brand is of course the perfect spy as Deadman. Using Zatanna to contact him, Flag and Gordon offer Deadman the thrill of adventure and a brain-dead body for him to live his life out in any way he wants in exchange for spying on and controlling any enemy the Squad might have. Brand accepts and becomes the team’s infiltrator, alerting them to any and all information they might need. In essence Brand is the perfect soldier, but can the Squad really trust an undead zombie?

First Arc: Dead, White, and Blue

Amanda Waller has gone into hiding and the Suicide Squad is on the lam. Being reabsorbed into Checkmate has commissioned Rick Flag to select a new group of special ops in order to hunt down criminals on the run and bring them to justice. Selecting a group of criminals and special agents Flag and team coordinator Barbara send the team after former Squad members Wade Eiling, Count Vertigo, Multiplex and Plastique. The group captures Vertigo and Plastique but kills Multiplex as Eiling gets away. It is revealed that Slade Wilson is recruiting villains for his own anti-Squad and brings the General along for the ride.

Second Arc: Holy War

After Jason Todd executes a Middle Eastern leader on a mission and it’s caught on tape, the Squad comes under attack by their old enemies in the Onslaught, who are now sporting a new membership. The Squad faces a group with just as much training as them and Nemesis is left in a coma. To make things worse the Onslaught has captured Boston Brands soul, and he’s now their own personal hostage.

Creative Team: Greg Rucka and John Cassaday
Obviously I’d like to write this but Rucka would be next best with his previous work on Checkmate, Crime Bible and other great series. I also think that John Cassaday’s style he used on things like Planetary and Astonishing X-Men would go great with a huge action adventure spy book such as the Suicide Squad.
Alright, I've got a badass idea for a multiversal Suicide Squad. I'll get to it when I have the chance.
Am I allowed to break the guideline that this is being set up by the government? I have an awesome idea for a Suicide Squad team, but it would be set up by a different sort of authority...
Two robed figures are walking down a London Street. They stop in front of a pub.

Figure 1: This seems like a foolish choice.

Figure 2: We mustn't question His judgment."

Inside, they approach the bar. A blonde man seems to have passed out on the counter. One of them touches his shoulder. He sits up quickly.

The Man: I'm 'wake.

Figure 1: We come bearing a mission for you.

The Man: I'm not the sort that takes missions, so you two can **** off for all I care.

Figure 2: You ought not to speak with us in such a manner.

The Man: And just who in the bloody hell do you think you are? Entitled little pr--

The man turns around to face the two figures. His eyes go wide. We see what he sees. Behind the illusion of the two figures, are two white, gleaming Angels. It is clear he sees their true forms.

The Man: Oh, **** me.

Figure 1: We represent The Source. There is a darkness looming in this world. You have been chosen to--

Figure 2: He's fainted.

Figure 1: I've heard of this human before... His lack of composure disappoints me.

Figure 2: It's John Constantine. What did you expect?


The Suicide Squad

Led by a reluctant John Constantine, this incarnation of the Suicide Squad have higher stakes at play than getting out of prison time. They are about to embark on a mission for Heaven that will almost certainly destroy them, but in exchange for their service, the sins on their immortal souls will be forgotten, and they will be granted passage into paradise. Constantine is suspicious of this offer and of the first target of his new team's Crusade, but the Angels have him bound. Their first mission is to destroy Father Time, the leader of of the agency known as S.H.A.D.E.


John Constantine - Constantine is a smart man. He doesn't like feeling like his strings are being pulled, but at the same time he understand the way the world works, and with everything he's done in his life, regardless of whether or not it was for the greater good or not, it's unlikely that he'd ever see the Pearly Gates. This is his chance. But being manipulated like this is not what he thinks of as a good time.


Huntress, Helena Bertinelli - Helena has worked through many of her troubles with religion and what her family has done. She believes she is working for just cause, but Constantine's appearance makes her think twice. She initially refuses to join his team, but caves due to her own self-doubt. Slowly, she and John grow close and start a relationship. She also becomes the field leader.


Pied Piper, Hartley Rathaway - Hartley is unique in the team in that he is not working for his own soul. He is working for the salvation of his departed friend, James Jesse, the Trickster. He hopes for his return to the human world, but at the very least wants to know that he's not suffering in hell.


Ralph and Sue Dibny - Ralph and Sue are good people, who have led good lives, but they haven't been able to move beyond the mortal plane. John uses a bit of magic to give the team the ability to interact with these Dead Detectives, but their purpose is mostly recon and the use of Ralph's incredible mind.


Obsidian, Todd Rice - Todd is introduced soon after he breaks up with his current boyfriend Damon Matthews. He feels himself slipping back into the dark recesses of his mind, and jumps at the chance for salvation. Over the course of the series he would fall in love with Hartley, only to realize as they grow closer, that Hartley's love for him can't match his devotion to James Jesse. Thus he would fall even further into despair, and rekindle the flames of his madness.


Misty Kilgore - As one might expect, John Constantine has broken the rules. Misty has no stain on her soul, her life has been built by conquering the shadows of her past. She is the Princess of the Sheeda, a creature of future magic and technology designed to destroy, but she has dedicated her life to helping save the world. She is a link to the light, their guide should they be caught in darkness. And plus, its always good to have a little magic power up your sleeve.


After establishing the team in the first issue, John Constantine is notified that his group, as the first step towards averting mystical chaos, must destroy the leader of SHADE, Father Time. Time is made aware of their actions and sends Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein to head them off. As the field team works on avoiding and defeating the monsters, The Dibnys and Constantine sneak into SHADE headquarters. It is revealed that Father Time is essentially a god, his annual rebirth necessitated by the image humans carry of him. Their belief makes him real. Constantine replies, "I've done in a few abstract concepts in my time, you'll be no more difficult".

If for some reason I wasn't going to be able to work with the concept, I would put forward Mike Carey, probably the best writer in the way he handles mythology, not to mention the creator of the best Hellblazer run since Garth Ennis. He's the perfect choice to reintroduce Constantine to the mainstream DCU. As for the Artist, I would pick Patrick Gleason.
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Badass, Doc. Badass. The only thing I'm not sure about is the Dibnys. Otherwise, awesome cast. A Constantine/Huntress relationship has a lot of potential.

I only share one character with each entry so far. Looking good.... I just need one more cast member.
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I have a vague idea for this which is probably not going to become much more... but it involves Frankenstein and he does badass ****.

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