Dreamcasting #10 - EXCALIBUR

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Nexus of the World
Feb 22, 2005
Folkestone, UK
That's right! The Marvel superhero team! And I'm talking the original Claremont-Davis team up!


The way I would see the movie is a lot more surreal than the X-Men films which were very socio-political in a prententious manner. This would be far more like a punk Alice in Wonderland - strange time-travelling dimensional rifts with much punching. A strange voyage into other lands and mythologies fighting all manner of beasties. Shadowcat would be a big POV character because she's the one with the mundane problems, and yet leaves that world on a sporadic basis to go into high-falutin' adventures with crazy heroes and villains. PAN'S LABYRINTH, SPIRITED AWAY, THE GOONIES, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (the TV show) - it's all these types of films, the beautiful fairy world, but with the high-octane fun of INDIANA JONES & THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, KUNG FU HUSTLE, THE INCREDIBLES, GALAXY QUEST, and HELLBOY. This wouldn't be about a mutanity and human rights - it would be about dealing with the strangeness of imagination, fighting for sanity and order against a chaotic maelstrom of dark forces! :rockon:

The cast:

Captain Britain
The team's muscle and the guy who's pretty much funding the team. His lighthouse is a kind of central point for all the hellishness going on. His sister is Psylocke and he got his powers from Merlin, of all people. The guy doesn't handle death very well and is a recovering alcoholic. He's quick to anger yet compassionate, and his brash irresponsibility is why he's not the team leader.

Romantically involved with Captain Britain, she's a shapeshifting empath, so she looks as other people want her to look. She's very accomodating, shy, and sweet. Yet she's curious and somewhat alien, and rather playful. No one really knows where she comes from.

Swashbuckling mutant and the team leader. His playful adventuring nature is somewhat played down to accomodate his role as leader, yet the fact that Excalibur goes to make-believe worlds gives him plenty of opportunities to indulge his hedonistic appetites. A charming rogue, and yet somewhat mature, this Nightcrawler isn't bogged down in the same idiotic moral ambiguity Nightcrawler finds himself in. He's the ugly kid who likes to pretend he's Errol Flyyn. And he's damn good at it. too

Shadowcat & Lockheed
The team's brains and it's mature compass, she's also the youngest and the only one with a pet dragon. She likes her space and is the one with the most 'human' problems (boyfriends break up with her, her computer crashes) - she's the most mundane of the group, yet the team's adventures, and natures of the characters (fuzzy blue elf, shape-shifting empath, time-displaced mutant, purple dragon, and magical knight) allow Shadowcat to step out of the mundane world into something fascinating.

Torn from her home in a futuristic dystopia, Phoenix finds this world both fascinating and wonderful, yet disturbing and haunting. She loves the beautiful air, the fascinating technology; everything's new to her and Shadowcat's happy to show her world off to her. She gets to go down the 'rabbit-hole' and see all kinds of amazing adventures with her friends. Yet, she's terrified of the future from which she came, it's always on her mind, wondering how long she has until it comes back. She's arguably the most powerful member of the team, with incredible psionic gifts. She's also very much a hedonist, which makes her get on very well with Nightcrawler too.

That's the team!

As for the villains...

The way I see it, as a bit of a shake up, I'm gonna give you four villains. You can pick and cast as many as you choose - but the idea is depending on who you pick, that determines the film's plot. See, if this is a franchise, the cast has to hold up to multiple films and what not. So I thought this could be fun. Cast all four for some kind of major doomsday thing, or one for one cool story. You just have to give a sentence or two on the type of plot the film would be with.

She's the archetypal evil fairy queen from Alice in Wonderland, or the wicked witch of Snow White or The Little Mermaid or what-have-you. The terrible hag of the forest - but she's got a kind of future-alternate-dimensional-alien vibe thing going on.

Everyone's favourite yellow fat ***. Not as cool as Jabba, but pretty funny - he's a big satire on reality television and where the US viewing public is heading. He's the kind of guy who would actually make a real-life THE RUNNING MAN.

Sat-Yr-9 (Saturnyne)
An alternate universe multi-dimensional despot with psychic powers who loved Kaptain Briton (the Nazi Captain Britain) and enjoys bending entire worlds to her very whim.

From Phoenix's future, a genocidal mass-murder who ruthlessly hunts mutants to extinction. He has no compassion, nor mercy, but he gets great pleasure out of what he does - and being in the past doesn't save you. He'll send his Warwolves through time and space to hunt you down.

You'll note each villain comes from an alternate Earth, future, or dimension of some kind. This, for some reason, is what Excalibur were always fighting. But there it is.

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I can't believe you're not casting Pete Wisdom.
I agree. Granted, he may not have been part of Claremont's original series, but I think it's all too easily to fit him (as well as the related conepts of WHO and Black Air) into the storyline, to represent the more 'real world' implications of all this dimension-hopping, without fundamentally violating the fun, fantasy-tinged spirit of the Claremont stories.
Where's that Mojo picture from? It looks just like an Ultimate X-Men cover, but that's Mojo's 616 look.

I can't believe you're not casting Pete Wisdom.

I believe that Mojo cover is from Claremont's recent run on Uncanny before Brubaker took over.
I am going to make my cast extremely British. Like British comedian British.

Dreamcasting Round 10



Captain Britian – Had the hardest time choosing someone here. My first choice, Colin Ferguson, was too old for the role. It would look weird with my Meggan choice, so here I went with Channing Tatum. He doesn't have lots of experience, but neither does Captain Britian.

Meggan – My choice here would be Kristen Bell, She has shown in Veronica Mars that she can act completely different when she wants too

Nightcrawler – Ray Park. We need a Nightcrawler that likes to have fun, to swing a sword, and be acrobatic. Ray Park can do all of these. Alan Cummings wouldn't fit this type of role.

Kitty Pryde – The thing about Kitty is that she's cute, and it's tough to fine a teen actress that would look cute, but not all glammed up. I figure Racheal Bilson could do this just fine.

Rachel Summer – I choose Laura Prepon here. She has the acting chops to play the Rachel who still remembers the pain of the future she came from.

As for my villain, I picked Mojo, who would be CGI, but voiced by John Kassir of Cryptkeeper fame. He has a knack for funky scary voices like Mojo's would be
for mojo's voice, i would use the guy who did the parrot's voice in the alladin movies. it just seems to fit for me.
I'm having trouble with these heroes but I've got all of these villains locked down.
I looked at this like this "X-men 1-3 are too new for this to ignore , too new for this to be a remake , Alt-dimensions would confuse people." So I looked at mine from film universe



Captain Britain – Christopher Eccleston , From how you described Captain Britain he reminded of The doctor in the first season of the new Doctor who. Christopher Eccleston was perfect for that type of role and seeing him in stuff like "Heroes" ""Cracker" and other stuff I know he is a pretty good actor and from England so In my mind a cool Captain Britain

Meggan – Alyson Hannigan , This was because how naive and a little weird Meggan is reminded me of Willow in first few seasons of buffy. She has also been in "How I Met Your Mother" , 3 episodes of "Veronica Mars" and the "American pie" trilogy (not including the direct to dvd ones when I say that)

Nightcrawler – Crispin Glover (Back to the future) The reason for this is the guy who played him in the movies was so perfect that getting someone to be him would impossible so for my one I wanted an actor who could play a darker more surreal (that was what was wanted of the film) Nightcrawler different to what we had read or seen before.

The change would be explained by what happened to him during tie in game to X-III. Hopefully you'll get what I was going for here and I explained it well.

Shadowcat – Summer Glau ( "Firefly") She may or may not be a little too old for the part but she looks young enough and IMO is a pretty good actress which is most important thing. I think she could play kitty and would be intrested in seeing her do it. Also I would explain her been older by having this set after the X-men movies.

Lockheed – it's a dragon so cgi

Phoenix – Erin Cahill (Power rangers time force , "Free Ride" .) Damn this would be hard to explain her film wise. I would need a scene at the beginning explaining Jean had a baby in her that cut out when she died or something.

See I want this movie to fit in with the films of X-men so I limited my self to what I could do. This choice I needed I fairly unknown actress. She needed to be an ok actress (no not judging her acting on power rangers lol) and look like she could be the daughter of Famke Janssen and James Marsden. Erin Cahill was the only one who could pull it off to me anyway.

Young Phoenix for flash back near start showing who's child she is – Haley Ramm , She played young Jean on X-men III so having comeback as a younger version of Jeans daughter would be a great link up and further what I wanted.

I also chose Mojo as the villain. I would do him a mixture of cgi and live action e.g Gollum on LOTR. I would have Andy Serkis act out the scenes to get the cgi to look good like he did as Gollum and kong. However the voice would be done by Hugo Weaving.

Why Hugo Weaving? I like his voice as V and What I heard of Megatron. I want this film to have the same tone as previous X-men films so while having some sill bits it needs to have a serious tone to it.

And I added

Directors – Bryan Singer

Story writers – Bryan Singer and Steve Kloves

Those choices are for Bryan Singer to bring his X-men vision and Steve Kloves the fantasy elements e.g dragons. That he has on the Harry potter films.
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What does that even mean?

Kitty Pryde was Joss Whedon's favorite superhero, and Buffy is sort of based off of her. Summer Glau played another one of Whedon's kickass warrior girls in Firefly and Serenity and some people would say she also was created with inspiration from Kitty and Buffy. You're casting Summer to play Kitty (who is now being written by Whedon in Astonishing X-Men). Hence, my amusement.
Kitty Pryde was Joss Whedon's favorite superhero, and Buffy is sort of based off of her. Summer Glau played another one of Whedon's kickass warrior girls in Firefly and Serenity and some people would say she also was created with inspiration from Kitty and Buffy. You're casting Summer to play Kitty (who is now being written by Whedon in Astonishing X-Men). Hence, my amusement.

Ahhhh I thought you were saying it was a horrible pick :lol:

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