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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
THE RULES------------------------

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After ten days, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.

This Round:



J'onn J'onnz - The Martian Manhunter

Hal Jordan - Green Lantern

Barry Allen - The Flash

Clark Kent - Superman

Diana - Wonder Woman

Bruce Wayne - Batman

King Faraday


Col. Rick Flagg

Carol Ferris

Ray Palmer

Adam Strange

The Challengers of the Unknown

The Losers

I has a cast!

A damn solid one too. One that combines some pretty high-profile B-listers and some underrated C-listers. I think I've put together a believable cast that you actually COULD see interacting and melding, and not just the fancy big names that look awesome on paper.

I'm working on justification and searching for pics. Expect it in a couple days.

I also hope to see some more entries in this round than the last one. You've all been clamoring for a Justice League round....and here you go. You were clamoring for a Walking Dead round as well.....and look what we got.

Don't blow it.
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Before I post my cast, I must know one thing: what is the car that Hal and Ace are driving during the Nevada desert scenes from the movie, right after the Captain Cold incident at the casino?
Kay. Here it is.


This is what I think an actual Justice League movie should be like. Thus, I've set it in modern times in order to kill two birds with one stone, which I originally thought would take away from the point of New Frontier - but just think of this as a kind of distant future that's kind of paranoid like the Cold War. Like, Americans citizens and the government are all paranoid after 9/11. So this is post-9/11, McCarthy-esque, slightly-altered distant future JLA.

King Faraday - ????
Government liaison to the Justice League. I dunno who could play him yet.

Superman - Henry Cavill
Born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, he was rocketed to Earth as an infant after Krypton's destruction and has devoted his life to protecting the human race. He possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, telescopic and microscopic vision, and super-breath.

Batman - Eion Bailey
A billionaire industrialist and crimefighter. His parents were killed before his eyes when he was eight years old.

Wonder Woman - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
An Amazon warrior princess sent to infiltrate Man's World, claiming to be an "emissary of peace." She does not support the U.S. (remember, this is supposed to be McCarthyist), and at this point is still allied with Themyscira. She is blessed with native Amazon abilities of superhuman strength and durability, as well as incredible fighting prowess

Animal Man - Rusty Joiner
An animal rights activist who can gain the human-proportionate traits and abilities of any animal that exists or has existed on a planet via access to "the Red," a morphogenetic field create by all living creatures.


Hal Jordan - Jamie Bamber
A United States Air Force pilot who is hired by the government to take part in a mission to Mars. With the Green Lantern power ring, he possesses the ability to construct objects of solid energy, release the effects of gravity on himself to allow flight, generate hard-light images limited by his imagination, and survive in anaerobic environments for long periods of time.

Barry Allen - Jim Sturgess

J'onn J'onzz - Christopher Judge
The last member of the Martian race, he comes to Earth to warn the human race of the Centre, the being that eradicated his planet and now plans on subjugating and destroying Earth. He adopts the human identity of John Jones. His Martian physiology gives him flight, super-strength, invulnerability, enhanced speed, shapeshifting, invisibility, telepathy, and heat vision.

Carol Ferris - ????
Head of Security at the Aerospace Development Station in Nevada.

Kyle "Ace" Morgan - ????
Hal's old war buddy and member of the Challengers of the Unknown.

Arthur Curry - Johann Urb
A marine biologist who discovers "Aquaman."

The film begins with an unknown entity explaining how it has witnessed the evolution of life on Earth. Seeing the destruction which humanity has wrought, this entity concludes that their race must be eliminated. Superheroes in general are becoming feared by the populace: some, like Superman, attempt to ease the government's fears, while others continue fighting crime in spite of it.

July 27, 2004.

In a Gotham City Observatory, Dr. Saul Erdel is testing out a device used for teleporting solid matter through space. He is startled when an alien lifeform passes through the teleporter and attacks Erdel in fear. The alien has peach skin, a goatee, and the forehead of a Cro-Magnon man, and is wearing his native white Malacandran garb. Erdel has a heart attack and dies.

Indo-China. Superman follows a trail of wounded Chinese soldiers, all of them men, leading to a nearby fortress. Inside, Superman finds Princess Diana of Themyscira leading a small army of Chinese warrior women. Diana explains that the women were being held against their will by the Chinese soldiers, and that she disarmed the soldiers and let the women free. The two superheroes have a verbal quarrel over the subject of morality.


Superman is sitting with Lois Lane above the Daily Planet globe. He recalls the Indo-China incident and his dispute with Diana. He believes that Diana now resides in Themyscira.

The MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. US Air Force pilot and Iraq War vet Hal Jordan has just been released from the hospital and signed all his paperwork after sustaining severe head injuries when his plane was shot down, and his war buddy Kyle "Ace" Morgan is treating him to a game of craps. The stakes - Morgan's vintage 1953 C1 Corvette (the Corvette was first introduced in 1953, the year that New Frontier starts). Keystone City reporter Iris West is talking to her boyfriend Barry Allen (a crime scene investigator) on the phone when Captain Cold busts in and starts freezing ****, demanding the casino's owners to give him all the cash in the place. Barry, lying on his couch, hears Iris' screams on the other end of the phone line, and responds by putting on his Flash suit and racing to the casino.

Hal, who has basically been in a coma for the past few months, is flabbergasted when he sees the Flash arrive on the scene. Ace recognizes the Flash from news reports, and fills Hal in on this superhero who has gained quite a bit of fame in Keystone since their time in the Air Force. Cold was expected the Flash to arrive, and tells him that he's planted a bunch of bombs around the city. Flash has to retrieve and deactivate all six of them before they detonate in exactly 3 minutes. A couple Mister Freeze jokes and a few minutes later, the Flash returns to the casino with all six deactivated bombs, but Cold is already off in his helicopter, ready to escape with the casino's money. Flash jumps and tackles Cold straight off the helicopter, plummeting him into a fountain on top of the ceiling of the casino. Cold asks Flash how he always thwarts his plans; Flash exclaims that, aside from superhuman running, he also possesses superhuman reaction time. The Flash is interrupted when Cold begins talking about the Centre.

The Captain Cold crisis averted, Hal takes Morgan to the back roads of L.A. in his new Corvette. Morgan directs him to a "surprise" place, saying that he feels bad that the war kind of ruined his dreams of reaching the skies and seeing the stars. Hal tells Morgan that he'd do anything for a second chance. Noticing a tall building nearby, Hal notices that it's a Nevada test site for aeronautics programs. Morgan claims that this is his second chance, and introduces him to Carol Ferris, the head of the program. Hal applies for a job interview with Ferris, who asks him about his military history. Hal is eventually given a job as a test pilot for the program.

In Gotham, J'onn J'onzz has assumed the human identity of Detective John Jones. He has become a respected police officer, utilizing his physiological abilities to solve crimes in secret. While investigating a kidnapping which was later discovered to be part of a sacrificial ritual for a cult, John meets Batman, who is also investigating the kidnapping. After the members are neutralized, Batman attempts to save a young child who was held captive by the cult. The child becomes frightened the moment he sees Batman, and John helps him. Suddenly, the seemingly dead leader of the cult becomes possessed by the Centre, who causes him to rise from the ground and say "You Will All Be Judged." Afterwards, the Dark Knight reveals his knowledge of J'onn's true nature, as he is able to find a way to shield his mind from his telepathy. He suggests that they should form an alliance as they are both investigating the cult that is rising throughout the world. As the film moves through its various battles, a recurring theme arises: the Centre, and its upcoming judgment.

In Nevada, Hal has begun his aeronautics training, performing underwater exercises monitored by Carol Ferris and Colonel Rick Flagg. Flagg and Carol privately discuss the true purpose of the aeronautics program and prepare to tell Hal the truth as well. Carol takes Hal to an underground military base nearby - the government-sanctioned Aerospace Development Station, whose goal is to communicate with the extraterrestrial lifeforms that have been discovered by military scientists (the most notable being the Martian discovered by Dr. Erdel a few years prior, the investigation of which unearthed a footprint and some skin samples). Hal meets King Faraday, the head of the project (Ferris is actually the head of security for the station). Faraday reveals some of the country's darkest secrets to Jordan, among them the Erdel incident. He gives Hal a top secret mission to travel to Mars, a response to J'onn J'onzz's appearance on Earth.

Later, John Jones interrogates an ex-government agent who claims to have been influenced by the Centre. Several feds arrive at the police station, taking the man into their custody and denying his claims of government involvement with Martian life. John absorbs Faraday's memories and surmises that the man was not lying. J'onn, tired of the injustice of the human race, tells Batman that he plans on leaving Earth and gives him his last files of information on the Centre. Meanwhile, the government subdues the Flash and attempts to neutralize him. Flash manages to avoid the government, and decides to quit publicly. Most American citizens are unphased by this, passing the Flash off for being just another douchebag prancing around in tights.

It's sixty seconds to lift-off at the first test launch of the Aerospace aircraft "2814-Aerospatiale" (2814 being a reference to Earth's sector number). Colonel Flagg pilots while Hal Jordan rides shotgun. During the countdown, J'onn attempts to stow away on the rocket, but is stopped by Faraday, who shoots him. During the fight, the rocket is damaged, and later malfunctions after exiting the atmosphere. The two are almost engulfed in flame at the launch pad, but J'onn manages to jump out of the way and save Faraday. Backup arrives to help Faraday and contain the Martian.

The ship has already left Earth's orbit. Shortly before passing through the atmosphere, an unknown object collides with the aircraft, forcing the Colonel to land. Flagg opts to self-destruct the ship, revealing to Jordan that the army supplied them with large supplies of WMDs, in case the Martians turned out to be hostile. Hal pistol-whips the **** out of Flagg, knocking him right the **** out and thus preventing him from pushing the destruct button. Hal tells ground control that he can turn the ship around and land it, but the mission command operators tell him that it's too dangerous. It doesn't matter anyway, because Flagg's lite sleepin' *** has already woken up and is ready to push that damn button again. Hal and Flagg begin fighting, resulting in Hal crashing through the window (Is this scientifically possible? Someone crashing through a spaceship window?). Hal drifts out of the ship, grasping Flagg's hand with all of his might. He lets go and becomes separated from the aircraft as Flagg pushes the button. The ship explodes, along with all the nuclear weapons, and Hal is saved by Superman, who takes him back down to Earth and reunites him with Carol Ferris. It's a very touching moment and Flagg is looked at as a hero in the eyes of the American public.

In his holding cell in the Aerospace base, J'onn reveals to Faraday that he is the last member of the Martian race, and came to Earth to warn the human race of the Centre, an extraterrestrial godlike being that eradicated his entire race and plans on subjugating Earth. Superman can somewhat relate to J'onn, and he tells Faraday that J'onn means no harm - "He has the power to leave his cell whenever he wants, but he hasn't."

Meanwhile, Hal is recovering inside the base. He hears a bunch of yelling outside and limps his way out to investigate. He finds a group of soldiers crowded around a ship the likes of which have never been seen by human eyes. The mission control operators tell him that the ship is the object that crashed into the Aerospace aircraft. One of the soldiers, Ace Morgan, brings the severely wounded and bandaged Hal over to the ship and lets him sit in it. The ship begins to glow green and rockets him forward to a secluded place around the corner of a large rock behind the mountains. On the ground at the bottom of the plateau sits a red-skinned man with a glowing green aura. The man has a raspy voice and is clearly wounded. He introduces himself as Abin Sur, and tells Hal Jordan that he has been selected to represent Sector 2814. He informs Hal that he was traveling to Earth to protect the human race from the Centre, a godlike being with immense power, as was his job as a Green Lantern, and that he would have been able to save Hal's ship had there not been so much yellow energy in the atmosphere - yellow being the Lanterns' only weakness. He tells Hal that he is dying, and that the Guardians of Oa will train him, and gives him his green power ring.

Paradise Island. Diana and the other Amazons are attacked by a giant pterodactyl-like creature, the length of a football field. Superman visits Batman and meets his new sidekick Robin. He asks Batman why he's taken a ward; Batman recalls the earlier incident with the Centre cult, where even the captive child was afraid of his liberator. Batman says that he don't wanna scare dem kids. Superman and Batman discuss the Centre, and Supes tells Batman his idea to gather all the superheroes together and form an alliance of justice. Batman immediately dismisses the idea, saying that the whole 'team' thing isn't him, and that he's a loner; Superman immediately retorts with, "Then why have you taken a sidekick?"

The pterodactyl creature arrives in Florida and wrecks havoc on Cape Canaveral. Wonder Woman is not far behind. She is mortally wounded, and Superman gives her medical attention. The island-size Centre - over 25 miles across - takes on the combined forces of Superman, the Green Lantern, Animal Man, Manhunter, Adam Strange, the Challengers of the Unknown, the Losers, and the U.S. army. Superman is the first to take on the Centre, single-handedly attempting to defeat it, but even the Man of Steel falls before the might of the Centre, becoming lost in the ocean. Moved by Superman's selfless act, the superheroes and the military band together to defeat the Centre. Batman learns of Superman's act and decides to help out, giving the government information on the Centre and introducing them to Ray Palmer. Palmer has developed a way to destabilize the Centre's outer shell with a miniaturization device based on his matter reduction research. Barry reveals his identity of the Flash to Iris, and tells her that he is nothing compared to Superman and Batman and that he doesn't stand a chance against the Centre. Iris gives him a nice lil' talk and builds his confidence and whatever. Flash suits up and joins the fray.

Faraday is killed, the heroes manage to defeat the Centre after Flash reduces its mass with Palmer's miniaturization device, and Superman is discovered at the bottom of the sea by a marine biologist named Arthur Curry. This monumental victory and display of teamwork changes public opinion about superheroes, and the Justice League is forever respected and looked up to. There is a montage of events to come, with the Doomsday Triumvirate, a tribute to the Legion of Doom consisting of: Lex Luthor, who funds the Cadmus Division of the U.S. government and tests his "Ultra-humanite Enhancile Program" on himself (Ultra-Humanite was actually the first Superman villain, and he was a bald scientist like Luthor, so I just combined the two characters), a British anarchist Joker wearing a Union Jack jacket, who likes peeling off his eyelids and inserting pins into his urethra, and has shoulder-length green hair with no sideburns and chalk-white skin, Syndhamar Ubilaz, this version of the comics' Sinestro ("Sinestro" is a very cheesy name, and "Syndhamar Ubilaz" is an amalgam of various etymological names for sin and evil, and it sounds like a genuine alien name), Machine Mother, this version of Brainiac ("Brainiac" is another cheesy name), who was the central computer for Krypton before its destruction; the Bizarros, which are photosynthetic giant replicas of Superman created by Lex Luthor, and Grodd, a genetically-enhanced spider monkey who was raised in captivity in a greenhouse-like Cadmus Lab environment.
and here it comes:

J'onn J'onnz - The Martian Manhunter: David morse
I've got no idea how I came on this one (maybe it was after I saw "the green mile")
Hal Jordan - Green Lantern : Edward norton actor who can play the ****ed up veteran who wants to fly to space
Barry Allen - The FlashJames Masters initially I thought of him as Hal and Edward Norton as Flash but after a moment of reconsiderment I switched their parts

Clark Kent - Superman: Clice Owen
difficult casting until i stumbeled upon this pic

Diana - Wonder Woman : Kate Beckinsle - a bright example of a decision out of instinct

Bruce Wayne - Batman: hugh Jackman : do I need to comment this ?

King Faraday: Gary Sinese ask yourself who else could you think as Faraday

Adam Strange:
Steve Buscemi
the reason why i choose him as Adam strange is simple: would you be believing him to be the guy who is travelling to far away world?
of course not!

Col. Rick Flagg: David Boreanaz a small nod to the animated movie
Lamprey - Doug Jones
An anthropomorphic ichthyoid creature who was discovered washed up by a marine biologist named Arthur Curry. He was nearing his death during this time, and after coming into contact with Curry, gave him a telepathic rapport with marine life. Lamprey is purplish and would require a lot of prosthetics and make-up for the role, which is right up Jones' alley.

Lois Lane - Michelle Monaghan

Abin Sur - Leonard ****ing Nimoy
This isn't just a Star Trek tribute, Nimoy is actually perfect for the role, especially his voice. Hell ****ing yes. Live long and prosper mother****ers.

This is how I think J'onn should look, color and everything:

It's Richard Kiel as the Kanamit leader from the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man."
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Hm. Surprised no one's done this in my absense. You'll have your new cast soon DSF.
DC: The New Frontier


Top: Daniel Craig, Josh Duhamel, Gabriel Macht, Eric Bana
Bottom: Lena Headey, Cole Hauser, Robert Patrick, Jessica Biel

J'onn J'onnzDaniel Craig --- I think the key to J'onn's character is the ability to properly convey the lonesome isolation the character feels, and yet the yearning to once again belong to a family and regain the connection. To me, Craig captured that ideal in Casino Royale perfectly. Before he got the notoriety from Bond, he was one of Britain's best character actors. Craig isn't your conventional Hollywood handsome and his ability to project all his emotion through the eyes won't be at diminished from the make-up.

Green Lantern Josh Duhamel --- Duhamel perfectly captures the classic young Golden Age hero look. And aside from having the good looks, the guy has the ability and charm to carry the troubled war-weary warrior whose only dream is to see the stars. Watch Transformers…then imagine him in an old 1940's Army uniform and tell that isn't spot on.

The Flash Gabriel Macht --- The heart and soul of the entire group and film. Macht isn't exactly the most noticeable actor in the bunch, but his charm and warm-heartedness have made him stand out in roles in American Outlaws and Because I Said So. Probably the biggest chance of the whole cast…I think his choice to portray Eisner's The Spirit pretty much prove that he's got what it takes.

Superman Eric Bana --- Having not read the books and only seeing the film, Superman doesn't play that huge a role. But that doesn't make the character any less iconic. You need someone who has that commanding presence when he's there and still allow the more prominent characters to demand the spotlight. Bana fills that in spades. Physically, he's got the look and feel down. Tall, muscular, square-jawed. But there's a quiet strength to him that would go with Golden Age Superman perfectly.

Wonder Woman Lena Headey --- Ignoring all other bodies of her work…this casting purely based on her roles in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and 300. I thought she worked well in both and could see her playing the Amazonian feminist version I see this role as.

Batman Cole Hauser --- The difference between this Batman and the Batman we all know today is that this Batman was at a crossroad in terms of persona. We start out with a dark, physically imposing and solemn version. The one with the gruff voice that scares kids. Then we later see a transition to a lighter side of Batman complete with kid-friendly costume and teen sidekick. So for that you need someone who can balance both. Cole Hauser has played a lot of heroes/good guys…but with a darker side. And with such a distinct voice and superbly distinguished jaw-line and chin…he'd be perfect to play this older Batman.

King Faraday Robert Patrick --- Cross the wise-cracking villain of his character in The Marine with the straight-forward, get the job done no matter what attitude of his character in CBS' The Unit…dye his hair and you've got Faraday.

Carol Ferris Jessica Biel --- Strong willed and care free attitude completely sum up Carol. And Biel. Plus you need the eye candy that compliments Duhamel.

Go ahead and let the Golden Age awesomeness of that cast marinade in yo minds. I'll wait... 8)
I thought about doing this using period (50s/60s) actors...but then I realized that I suck too much for that.

Most of these are the actors I would use in my regular JLA cast but I felt I had actors with those timeless appeal to them that they would be like 50's and 60's actors.

J'onn J'onnz – Martian Manhunter: Dennis Haysbert

The part with Martian Manhunter is that he's all alone in life. When he speaks he needs to wrench you with the emptiness inside of him. Haysbert has a vocal quality most actors don't in that he can act with his voice. It's needed for the character of J'onn J'onnz.

Hal Jordan – Green Lantern: Jim Caviezel

As the most important character of the story you need an actor that can carry the story with his emotion. Caviezel would be able to play off the cocky fighter pilot ladies man.

Barry Allen – The Flash: Ewan McGregor

I can see why people would want McGregor to play Wally but I think he's much more suited for the role of Barry Allen. He's got a child-like, innocent feel to him that makes him more believale as the everyman. He's not the prominent character in the story but he's very very important. Watch Big Fish and see that he's perfect for this.

Clark Kent – Superman: Michael Trucco

I like that the Big Three aren't as important as the lesser known characters. The fact that he's not as a big a character means that he has to have a huge prescence compared to the other characters. Trucco appeared in Battlestar Galactica and had a big prescence to him there. Plus he's relatively unknown which is a good thing for Superman I think.

Diana – Wonder Woman: Sarah Lancaster

While she's not as warrior-like as Wonder Woman might seem, after seeing Lancaster in Chuck I realized that she needs to be in more things. She did have a tough quality to her in Chuck and I see her interacting with the JLA like she does with her family in Chuck.

Bruce Wayne – Batman: Adam Baldwin

I don't care what version of Batman you're looking at, Adam Baldwin needs to be Batman. He can definetly play the dark brooding Batman of his debut and move on to the lighter sided Batman of after his addition of Robin to his crime-fighting team.

King Faraday: Neal McDonough

All I can really say for an explanation for this is watch any role he shows up in. McDonough's right for this.

Carol Ferris: Jennifer Conley

She might not want to play another super hero's girlfriend but I think Conley would work great as Carol Ferris.
Bluebeast, I like your Hal, Superman, and Batman choices. And your Wonder Woman choice. Oh, holy ****, your choice for King Faraday is perfect too. That's an excellent cast.
Bluebeast, I like your Hal, Superman, and Batman choices. And your Wonder Woman choice. Oh, holy ****, your choice for King Faraday is perfect too. That's an excellent cast.

Thanks man. I've had most of these people casted forever for a JLA round.
Clark Kent – Superman: Michael Trucco

I like that the Big Three aren't as important as the lesser known characters. The fact that he's not as a big a character means that he has to have a huge prescence compared to the other characters. Trucco appeared in Battlestar Galactica and had a big prescence to him there. Plus he's relatively unknown which is a good thing for Superman I think.

I've seen this guy pop up in a number of stuff over the years and every single time, I thought to myself how great he'd be as Superman.
Martian Manhunter - Liev Schreiber

Green Lantern - Josh Duhamel

The Flash - Ryan Gosling

Superman - Eion Bailey

Wonder Woman - Rhona Mitra

Batman - Clive Owen

King Faraday - Ed Harris

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