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Based more off of our general ideas of eachother than the pictures we've posted online (since a large number of us havent posted pictures).

This isn't a game, people cast whomever they have ideas for... Explain why you'd cast so and so as MwoF or whomever as Joe Kalicki...

If you're looking to get EXTRA fancy, feel free to post a plot for your Ultimate Central movie or television show. It can skew towards the direction of the Fanfic, or to any of Houde's many show parodies, or it can be something totally original... Personally Im thinking of an ensemble show that revolves around the message board.

You -can- cast yourself, but that's not really the point.

Ourchair, I hope you realize Im expecting a comprehensive list with pictures from you. Pictures, dammit!
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Please Note if these are offence to anyone I’m sorry also sorry if I left you off

UC : Behind closed doors!

E – Michael Douglas : Was Donald Trump but Dr.Strangefate pointed out his acting sucks. So I figured Michael Douglas played a Trump type character in wall street just corrupt. So I thought ok that could work well

Dr.Strangefate – Sean Hayes : I can never put my finger on it but Dr.Strangefate reminds me of Jack from will and grace. I know that may sound bad but I figured who better to play him that the guy who played Jack.

Victor Von Doom – John C. McGinley : since he says everyone reckons he’s like Dr Cox this was an obvious choice

TheManWithoutFear - Hugh Jackman : I think Hugh Jackman as wolverine perfectly fits what I think TheManWithoutFear is like. The stubborn hard to approach guy but under it is a good person. He just doesn’t like to show it.

TwilightEL – Michelle Trachtenberg : Michelle in different roles has proven she can play the young yet spunky teenager and a tomboy while still been cute. If that does not seem like TwilightEL then I don’t know what does.

Ice – Michael Rosenbaum : Reason behind this choice is Ice can be the good guy or the villain. Just like Michael’s Lex in smallville so I picked that actor to play him.

Bass – Keanu Reeves : People see him as the chosen one. How maybe times as that been Keanu Reeves or at least he is famous at been it so one man can play bass Keanu Reeves.

Ourchair – Daniel Dae Kim : reason is 2. 1st I know he’s asian. 2nd The actor has played different types of characters in the past so I think he pull off a good Ourchair.

Joe Kalicki – Brendan Fraser : I really don’t know why. The second I put Joey’s name I imdb.comed Brendan Fraser (for spelling) as that was just my first thought.

Hibiki – Christina Ricci : Every time she posts and I see her avatars I think cute. Christina Ricci has a cute innocent look to her so I would cast her

Ultimate Houde– Matthew Perry : As Houde seems to be someone who is proud of his sarcasm , My first thought when I pictured him was a Chandler Bing type character

Random - Hugo Weaving : I said I would add him to my list and I tried thinking of his qualities , personality and one man came to mind V! So I added him.

Plot/style - I see it as a Tales of the crypt type show. By that I mean a new story time. Each story focusses on ONE person's life away from Ultimate Central to show how each person is unique.
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Sean Hayes?! *sigh* He's cute, I guess... but I'd like to think of myself more of a Will than a Jack, if we -must- use that dichotomy.

Lets see who I've got in mind

E - Brian O'Halloran - Best known for Dante Hicks, I like this choice because I like envisioning E as this guy who resents us all for causing trouble in his little corner of the internet.

Bass - Naveen Andrews - The only thing I'd be worried about would be whether Naveen can show the wacky side of Bass we all know and love

Ice - Nicholas Brendon - Ice is our big jovial ringleader. E may be running the circus, but Ice is the guy out in the stands, holding our hands through the bad times. In contrast to E, I think it needs to be someone more upbeat, and who is better at being upbeat in the face of terror than Xander Harris from Buffy?

ProjectX2 - Shawn Ashmore - The youngest of the mods, I wanted to have somebody with an air of authority, but also somebody who can let someone get on his nerves (*cough* gamma man *cough*)... While Shawn used to bop around in Ice's sigpic, I think he fits Proj, and could portray him well.

Caduceus - Hugh Jackman - In contrast to Hugh's casting in SSJmole's list, I find Hugh to be more of the dashing grinning hero. Cad is certainly these things, as he sits quietly in the corner only saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said. With an accent.

Ourchair - B.D. Wong - Our favorite pseudo-intelectual Asian fanboy (well Filipino counts as asian, doesn't it?)... I sort of imagine B.D. in his small role in Juraissic Park, wearing a pair of glasses and a labcoat as he dissects comic books' deeper meanings.

Joe Kalicki - Greg Grunberg - Most well known for playing police officer Matt Parkman in Heroes... Even looking at Joe's avatar pic, I think this fits, but its more than just a visual level. We know he can play a cop, and Joe's role is quite similar, although with a lot more kids than criminals, I suppose.

My List is a work in progress. MORE LATER
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I'm not even on your list! But I cast you and perfectly too. (Did you like the rest of my cast?)


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Personally I would cast Adam Brody (The O.C., Mr. and Mrs. Smith) as myself.

I'm having trouble with others, though I do agree with DSF's Joe Kalicki casting.


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that was an intentional barb, for casting me as sean hayes... :p

And the idea of Donald Trump acting is highly amusing in and of itself.


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Matthew Perry, I can work with that

Yeah I couldn't make up my mind between Matthew Perry or Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as he could do the sarcastic and play up a love of comics and science but I think I chose the better of the two

Ultimate Houde

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I'm gonna start with the mods, like Dr.Strangefate did, and then work my way onwards from there.

ProjectX2 - I envision Project to be a youngin, with a heart of an oldtimer, someone who can go from being funny, to being an ******* in five seconds, and not turning back.

Aaron Stanford

Ice - Ice is the kind hearted soul who helps us out when we need it, and slaps our hands when we are naughty.

Shawn Ashmore

Cad - The engima, the legend, the kickass accent, and the maker of muffins.

Josh Halloway

Bass - The nexus with a heart....of something.

A younger version of Ron Glass

E - The admin who sometimes wishes he could quit his job. I agree with Dr.Strangefate's decision here.

Brian O'Halloran

The Story would follow a Global Frequency format. Still mulling this over in my head how it would go.

I'll get back to you with more later


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Not to nitpick or anything , But shouldn't "1 seconds." be "1 second." How can you have a plural of 1?

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