DreamMOVIE #2 - Whedon's Out, You're In! (closes 4th Dec)

:lol: I say this is a cool round bass , so far everyone has done completely diffrent things despite how hard it is.

Definitely. This was the kind of round I have been waiting for, and it made me think because of the voice in my head telling me not to recast any of the existing characters I had to work around that. I cold come up with a million and one ideas using the exisiting posse, first and foremost being a Faith movie, but I refuse to cast anyone other than Eliza as my beloved Faith.
The only reasons she put the restraining order on is because she can't trust herself with me...

Ahhhhh your still in denial

I was the same way when Christina Ricci got one against me and again when Hibiki got one against me and then again when Ice got one against me :lol:
Holy ****! I just finished my basic plot idea and cast. I cannot wait to show it.

Its so awesome that I'm voting solely for myself and no one else. Damn the rules!
I'm surprised we haven't done Whedon's stuff before. It's a cool way to stop the Whedon casting for a round. :wink:

Also, I should point out this wouldn't have worked in the other rounds. The way this one is done allows for this. Well done, Marvelman!

Next up on DreamMOVIE... HEROES. Sylar will be played by Nathan Fillion, to balance out the casting cosmos!

Hot Dog Vendor (cameo) - James Purefoy
I believe that James Purefoy has the gravitas, dignity, and balls to deliver this, the performance of his career.


eliza dushku has a restraining order against you doesn't she?

Don't feel bad William Shatner has one against Bass :lol:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ah, Langsta. You so funny!

Langsta, what movie/show is that Missy Peregrym pic from?

Some gymnast film called STICK IT I think.

I need to watch it.


As do you, obviously. :heybaby:

*rich hollywood exec voice*

INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE 2? That film sucked, no one wants to see that again. I don't care about your cast, boy! You're fired!

*drags on cigar*

FRAY? Comic books are hot now, Einstein! Well done! That'll make me millions. You're fired, though.

BUFFY remake? Remakes are hot too. We can stick this straight into post-production now. Oh, and you're fired.

*drags on cigar*

Well done, men. The rest of you: Go out and make me some more moolah so I can fire you.
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:p damn your trek pics

and you hated my movie :( i think i just died a little inside
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No no, rich hollywood exec hates your movie because it's related to a film that didn't do well.

He has bad taste. :D

I, on the other hand, liked Hayden Christian and Christina Ricci. :D
No no, rich hollywood exec hates your movie because it's related to a film that didn't do well.

He has bad taste. :D

I, on the other hand, liked Hayden Christian and Christina Ricci. :D

:crazy: Don't confuse poor moley
Chosen: Once and Again

It's 2036, and the world is about to go to hell. Literally.

While the world remains oblivious to the fact, there is a secret battle waged in the darkness…and sometimes in the light, around 10:30am. Studies have shown that evil likes to sleep in. A secret army of warrior women are the only line of defense against the forces of evil. An army of Slayers. Into each generation one is born with the powers to slay evil. A few decades ago that prophesy was changed…from one to hundreds. The secret army of Slayers has grown over the decades.

Unfortunately it's been whittled down to less than 10 in just a few months.

Something threatens the safety of the world once again. An ancient evil has returned to lay claim to what they believe is rightfully theirs. The First has returned.

Now prepared for the massive army of Slayers defending the surface, The First has spent the past few decades cultivating it's army for its return and pending invasion. For the past few months, it has sent it's minions out to take out the Slayers bit by bit. And as anyone familiar with the Art of War knows…eventually…it all adds up.

Finally, all the Slayers are wiped out. All but 2. One of those that remain…Buffy. Now in her 50's she knows that she alone cannot stop the impending wave of evil coming her way. But without anymore Slayers…something needs to be done.

Basically what happens in the film is that all the Slayers but 2 have been wiped out. Willow and Giles are long since dead. Giles's son, Kenneth, informs Buffy that since Willow used magic to create all Potentials into full-blown Slayers…the linage of Slayers has been thrown off balance and the only way to create new Slayers is for the last living Slayer to die. Hence the cycle will start all over again.
The search takes a bit, but a new Potential is found. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Taborn is destined to be the new Slayer. Imbued with all the power and strength of all the Slayers before her. But first she has to accept her new destiny.

There'd be a bit of rebellion much like the original Buffy film…but eventually she gets the idea and importance of her role and under the tutelage of Buffy and longtime companion, Xander, Lizzie begins to become the Slayer. A small romantic connection will form between her and Kenneth.

One of the major protagonists in the film will be The First's Chosen Vessel…Samuel Kingston. Much like Caleb before him…Samuel does The First's bidding until The First can become corporeal. To even further drive the personal connection between Buffy and The First's hatred for each other, The First has chosen to take the form of Faith. Buffy's biggest failure. Killed in action alongside Buffy…even to this day it kills Buffy that she was unable to save Faith. Both from the attack that killed her and Faith's self-destructive life. The First takes advantage of this fact and uses Faith's form to constantly destroy Buffy psychologically.


Buffy SummersMichelle Pfieffer – Beautiful and bold…even at her age. Pfieffer exudes the confidence needed to play the Slayer. And her eyes cast a hidden sadness that comes from a lifetime of death and unhappiness.

Xander HarrisBruce Campbell – Who better to play the wisecracking sidekick to Buffy than the Wisecrack King? Anybody who watched the show and says that Nicholas Brendan wasn't shaping up to be the next Bruce Campbell is off their rocker. So it's only logical that you get the original to play future Xander. It's who he was going to be anyways.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" TabornDanielle Panabaker – The new Slayer. Panabaker is really talented and I believe she can easily handle the comedic portion of the role with the sassy quips and whatnot. And with the right training she could handle the physical aspect as well.

Kenneth GilesShia Lebouf – Stammering son of Giles. He's Shia "The Beef" Lebouf! The ****ing Beef!

The First/FaithAli Larter – The First…back in the form of Buffy's greatest failure. Larter has shown that she can handle the darker character as Niki on "Heroes". She's definitely a femme fatale and I think having her play Faith a couple years later is brilliant. You know you ****ing love it.

Samuel Kingston - Casey Affleck – Chosen Vessel of The First. To be like Caleb…but different. I don't want a Bible-thumping hick. I want a dark brooding character…but he needs to be charming enough to play the lead male role opposite Pfieffer and Panabaker. Affleck's witty banter in "Ocean's Trilogy" and dramatic lead in "Gone Baby Gone" has shown that he can perfectly handle his own amongst Hollywood's heavy hitters.

**** I am awesome!
That kicks *** Doom , Especially the Xander Harris – Bruce Campbell pick. Also the set up which gets rid of the every one who can be will be thing and strips it back down to 2 slayers is great dude.

Nice one , unless another one beats this you've got my vote as I really want to watch that
Langsta, what movie/show is that Missy Peregrym pic from?

I dunno, I found it somewhere on Photobucket....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ah, Langsta. You so funny!

Thanks. Wait, did you say I was fired?:(

No no, rich hollywood exec hates your movie because it's related to a film that didn't do well.

When you say "Interview With a Vampire 2," are you talking about "Queen of the Damned" starring Stuart Townsend as Lestat and Aliyah as Queen Akasha, or a different sequel to Interview with a Vampire?

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