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When you say "Interview With a Vampire 2," are you talking about "Queen of the Damned" starring Stuart Townsend as Lestat and Aliyah as Queen Akasha, or a different sequel to Interview with a Vampire?

He was talking about MY movie on here
*drags cigar*

You're fired Doom. People don't like films set in the future anymore. And they don't like films where the main character is a woman over 25. You're double fired. I'm from Hollywood. I know the human heart.

*drags cigar*

But my 10-year old daughter says it's awesome. So you're going to jail too.
I never cared much for Buffy (the character, not the series). I never cared much for Michelle Pfeiffer.

But the thought of a middle-age vampire-slayer played by Michelle Pfeiffer?


Congratulations to Doom for making Michelle Pfeiffer hot again.

*fans self*
I never cared much for Buffy (the character, not the series). I never cared much for Michelle Pfeiffer.

But the thought of a middle-age vampire-slayer played by Michelle Pfeiffer?


Congratulations to Doom for making Michelle Pfeiffer hot again.

*fans self*

I can make any woman hot.

It's just a matter of perception and the right package. I could make you all worship Meredith Vierra.

But yeah....I'm picturing Pfieffer playing the role as a tough-weathered General. And effortlessly brushing off the ametueristic attacks of the new Slayer in training. Constantly berrating her.

Mmmm.....tough love.
*continues to fan self*

It is so sad that the world will not know that there Michelle Pfeiffer could outdo her Catwoman in hotness.
That pic is from "Stick It". She was also in "Heroes: Season 1" and is currently on CW's "Reaper".

Cool. (Thanks to Bass as well for that entertaining aside.) I knew about Heroes and Reaper as I watch both religiously.

I still chuckle whenever I remember moony's post about you buying your "ticket to Stick It!" :lol:
I won't be participating. :(

Not a Buffy fan.
Now I was thinking of doing a different Slayer's story from the past and I didn't want to do one similar to Doom, but once I got the idea for some of the actors. I couldn't resist.


10 Years after the end of Buffy. After a massive battle with between the forces of Good and Evil. Xander had died. Angel and Spike were both rewarded with their humanity, but kept their strength from the Powers That Be. Buffy had to choice between Angel and Spike. Spike made the choice easier when he saved Angel from a demon and died. Buffy and Angel can be together.

2 Years Later they give birth to Twins. A Boy and A Girl. Liam and Samantha.

13 Years after that Buffy and her Slayer Legion are attacked by The Real First Slayer.

Before the Shadow Men infused the First Slayer, they tried it on a male. The power and his rage caused him to slaughter a entire village. They were able to banish him to one of the many Hell-Dimensions. He returned years ago when he was torn out of it by the Battle In L.A. with Angel and Company. He spent years building an army numbering of demons and vampires in the thousands.

Fortunely the slayers are in the thousands. The war as been waging for 5 Years.

In the first year Buffy and Angel fought Prime and lost. They were killed.

A prophecy was found detailing the twins defeat of Prime. They were taken and hidden.

Most of the original characters are dead. Xander, Willow, Faith, Giles, and many more.

This is the future. Fast forward to the twins are 18 and ready to fight.

The Chosen Ones


Liam Summers- Milo Ventimiglia

The first son. Named after Angel's original name. Liam has the strength of his father and his personality. Milo actually has some close looks to Boreneaz.


Samantha Summers - Alexis Bledel

The daughter of Buffy and Angel. Bledel looks like both of them. She was naturally a Slayer like her mother. She is more sweet than Liam. The two of them dated in real life for 3 years and do have a chemistry.



Conner - Johnny Depp

Angel's first son. The twins Half-Brother and God-Father. He raised them. Conner is now harden demon fighter. After a entire life of fighting Demons, he's very cynical but also very protective of the Twins. He will die in battle with Prime saving them.


Dawn Summers - Alicia Silverstone

Buffy's little sister. She is now Co-CEO of Wolfram & Hart's entire company. She is married to Andrew. Wolfram & Hart has been completly taken over by the Slayers and the forces of Good. They use it's massive resources to help people and fight Prime.


Andrew Wells - Neil Patrick Harris

The timid little geek has grown. He is the other CEO and married to Dawn. He would bring in the spirt of Xander with the same wisecracks and humor.


Simon - Paul Giamatti

The Twin's watcher. A very different watcher, than Giles or Wes. He is very hard on the twins but his also cares for them. He gets in lots of disputes with Conner on how their training should be.


Kennedy - Eva Mendes

Kennedy is now the leader of the Slayer Legion. When Willow was killed, she transfered all her power into Kennedy. Who now is the world's strongest Slayer and one of the most powerful mages.


Eternity - Selma Blair

Eternity is Kennedy's new girlfriend. Blair has made out with chicks before, actually come to think of it, it was Buffy. She would be the grounded one to Kennedy's quick temper.


Prime - Jason Statham

The villain. Prime hates all females, due that The Slayer took his destiny. He is gay, but that wouldn't really be in play. Imagine the scene with him in Battle with both Buffy and Angel and him slaughtering them. And in the movie with him fighting Depp's Conner.

This movie rocks.
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That's a pretty cool concept, and the cast is superb. Milo Ventimiglia is an especially great choice IMO, and the gay Jason Statham character is pretty cool. There's not really that anything bad I can say about the cast. Great job TOG.

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