DreamMOVIE #2 - Whedon's Out, You're In! (closes 4th Dec)

Do you really want too people who have had chemistry be brother and sister in a movie?

And I can't see Depp being physical enough for this movie.

But awesome concept
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*drags cigar*

The cigar is part of me. That's why I never have to relight it. Get your fired *** out of my office.

Tog, step into my office.

*drags cigar*

Coz you're ****ing fired! It's a good pitch Tog, young famous people = franchise = major starbucks. Plus you've got some real strong people there, but my company's already making a future-Buffy show. So you're fired.

Hmmm... I wonder if I can combine the two...

*drags cigar*

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