DreamMOVIE #3: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream... (Ends 15th Dec)


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Jun 30, 2005
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After much deliberation, the next DreamMOVIE will follow...

Be it following on from Resurrection with the Human/Alien Ripley Hybrid, a prequel, or a new sequel entirely, make me a film to love. Make a film that rivals Aliens in is awesomituity. I want to see films coming out of the ******* walls.

Usual rules apply.

At December 15th, its game over man, game over.
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Having just watched Alien 3 and Resurrection, I think it's my duty to kick this rounds *** to candyland.
Since you didn't say otherwise , might be a silly question but can people reprise their roles?
I don't know enough about the franchise, so I thought about other alien movies, and then I had a "great" idea.

Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Riddick
hell yeah, Riddick

This movie takes place when Riddick is 65 years old.

It's all out war between the Aliens and Predators when Riddick and his motley crew crash lands on the Alien home planet (where this is taking place)- a planet where there is no sun, which is perfect for Riddick, who can see in the dark. Riddick's main goal is to survive. His crew obviously die off quickly. Aliens just want some food. Predator just likes to kill things.


Sylvester Stallone

He has the deep grizzly voice, and the ripped body (for an old dude), and apparently he can still do action. He even looks a little like Vin. You could shave his hair or not, it doesn't matter... He's gonna die at the end anyways. But he's gonna go out in style, fighting to holy hell.

Riddick's first mate (and first to die):
Carrot Top

What the hell? I'll tell you why. BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES HIM. So it'll be a good way to get the blood rolling.

Riddick's hot cartographer-of-space (who clearly f'd something up, because they crash land on the alien home planet):
Melissa George

She was in 30 days of night, and she was pretty cool in it.

The cool dude who nobody wants to die but does:
Ron Perlman

Obligatory black dude who can hold his own and shouts out funny quips:
Tyrese Gibson

Smart dude:

A shameless popcorn action flick meant to excite, scare, and make you think "cool" at all the SFX and special vision shots. Imagine Riddick slicing open aliens and predators and then stumbling in to the Queen's nest, and fighting to his death alongside a predator... or something, you just think of what would be cool.

Hardly a pitch, but there you go.
Damn it marvelman beat to me the Vs idea , I was doing cast and story and thought "There is only so many ways of doing the stalking monster or full blown action style of the alien films so I'll try and be a bit more unique"

Anyway here it is


Batman finds himself landing near the Mayan ruins of the Amazon forest it's believed his worst enemy The Joker is hiding out within the ruins. While he is there he finds a special ops team . Could they be spiritual ancestors of Ripley's space marines? Down there they say the Jungle can play tricks on you.

Little did they know that the tricks are the least of their worries. They discover a crashed UFO that none of them will soon forget. As inside this UFO is a deadly alien race known as Xenomorph.

The Dark Knight is out of his element on this one and against something worse than a murderous clown , criminals or any other psychopath he has faced before. Batman has the tools and the cunning to outmatch most foes will it be enough to stop the Xenomorph

What happens when Batman realizes that his vow never to kill doesn't extend to beasts such as these Aliens.?

Based on the Comic book written by Ron Marz.


Batman/Bruce Wayne – David Boreanaz – I have always said he perfect to play Batman. So while this film is a horror It is still very important to get a perfect Batman just like it is important to handle the Aliens right too to please both fans.
Hyatt – Dina Meyer – She needs to be a tough woman who is believable as a special ops member with out been too well known. Dina Meyer is in my opinion perfect for this role and I honestly think she would work well with David Boreanaz
Captain Sealey – Dennis Haysbert – I believe he would be believable in the role of Captain Sealey a tough army leader who seems to hate Batman's morals. He would make the character appear more 3 dimensional than what was in the comic which is most important.
Page – Daniel Craig – He would be great as in the role of army man. Also a big enough name that people who have not read the comic will not see his death coming an important factor.

Gantry – Bruce Willis – Same reasons as above He would be great as in the role of army man. Also a big enough name that people who have not read the comic will not see his death coming an important factor.

Van Derpool – Jake Gyllenhaal I really liked him in Jar head and think he made a good solider in it and So I cast him in this one as a solider.

Alfred Pennyworth – John Cleese – Alfred only appears at the end of the film so I thought John Cleese. As I thik a lot of people would just think "Ohhhh that's cool" and he seems like he would be able to the Alfred character well so I wanted to end on a high and that's why he is Alfred.
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John Cleese's neck flab looks awfully weird in that picture, but other than that, Mole, your cast is great.
"In space, no one can hear you masturbate."
Directed by Langsta
Written by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof
Also Featuring Guest Director Neil Marshall*
In Association with Bad Robot Productions
RATED R for Intense sci-fi gore/violence, nudity, strong sexual content, and language


In the near future, upon its return to Earth, the commercial towing-ship USCSS Nostromo intercepts a distress call from a distant planet. The seven-member crew are woken up from hypersleep, and the ship subsequently descends on the planet. While exploring the planet, three of the crew members discover a derelict space ship - the apparent source of the transmission - and a huge chamber inside of it containing thousands of eggs. While examining one of the eggs, one of the crew members is attacked by a parasitic lifeform that hatched from the egg, and is rendered unconscious. The comatose crew member is brought back on board the ship by the other two crew members, and the ship takes off. Everything seems well as the parasite seems to die, but what follows is the grisly account of the Nostromo's last hours in space.

Ellen Ripley - Cécile De France
My goal in casting Ripley was to cast someone who is not as manly as Sigourney Weaver, but can still pull off Ripley's strong, defining qualities. I'm not sure if De France can speak English or not. But this iconic picture from High Tension sells the role for me.

Ash - Iain Glen or Mathieu Amalric
Amalric is the new Bond villain. He's got really creepy eyes. He looks like an android.

Capt. A.J. Dallas - LeVar Burton
Captain Dallas is black now, but I don't think I really have to explain my reason as to why. Burton is famous for playing Kunta Kinte in Roots, as well as Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: TNG.

Thomas W. Kane - Robert Knepper
Knepper kinda reminds me of Lance Henriksen (Bishop from Aliens).

J.T. Parker - Richard Brooks
The black dude in the pic.

J.M. Lambert - Rosario Dawson or Tracie Thoms
I wanted to have the film's cast to be pretty diverse, so I ended up changing a lot of characters' races. I thought that Dawson would be good, as she's Native American, Afro-Cuban, African-American, and Puerto Rican. But Dawson is kind of a big name, and I wanted the movie to have somewhat of an indie feel to it. So I thought, why not just cast her Death Proof co-star Tracie Thoms?


S.E. Brett - Adrian Brody
I cast this one purely on noses. I wouldn't mind seeing Brody as Kane, also.

*Director of 2005's claustophobic monster-thriller The Descent.
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Here's my story, a space opera about a moon that is dying because of an Alien Plague. One last bastion of hope remains, a massive city called Central City, which is ruled by five people, while everyone awaits the church's edict that a chosen one will arrive to save them. On top of all this, a rebel leader has decided that these rulers need to go, so what does he do? Incites a civil war at the moment that the Aliens begin their attack on the city. This movie will be told in flashbacks mostly, with someone telling the story as a narrator of sorts. She is an old lady, talking to a group of children in a room. This will be important.

First, the Five rulers.

Dr. James Takion – A strange person, someone into the seedier, fetish portion of life. He isn't a doctor of medicine, more of a doctor of a state of mind. It is in his foolishness and arrogance that the Aliens first arrive within the city borders. He runs the drug cartel and the information cartel of the city, and rules the border to the wild lands. Chiwetel Ejiofor can play this drugged out dictator of the streets.

His second in command is the mad scientist Professor Nanipon Howle. The Professor is an experimenter of human anatomy and pharmacy. He is the designer of most the drugs that rule Central City, Prof Howle has determined not only the best way to kill Aliens, but in actuality, the only way. A stringy Matthew Lillard could play this man.

The next ruler is the elder Quinn. He is an old man, with wisdom and a temper. He refuses to leave his island fortress, thinking the barrier of water will save him from the Aliens themselves. Quinn employs an army, and governs the law system of Central City. The main force of rebels attack here, seeing as Quinn has the strongest base of the five. Christopher Lee would be a good choice for this corrupt politician.

Quinn's general is a rough and tumble hardened general, who is kind to his troops and loyal to his Ruler. HE is not as evil ashis boss Quinn. He is known simply as Kalick. Seeing how this man is more of a strategist than a fighter, Greg Grunberg could fill this role.

While Quinn's domain is the laws, Cassuno's domain lies within the streets. Cassuno is the one who keeps Central City clean, his loyal workers work nightly and daily, making sure trash, grime, and dirt stay out of Central City. The rebels make quick work of Cassuno and his men, which is a blessing, as the Aliens never get a chance to get to them. John Leguizamo would be good for this role.

The domain of the church lies under it's supposed Chosen one, the enigmatic Torch. He left the moon eons ago, and under the care of a line of Archbishops. The current Archbishop is a strange fellow, Andrew Birmingham. Archbishop Birmingham is seen making a plea to the god's prophet as he is surrounded by both rebels and Aliens right before he dies. The crazed Archbishop can be played by John Rhys-Davies. Torch is actually the name of the spaceship that arrives at the end of the film to save who it can.

The last ruler isn't a ruler as such, merely a strong power within the city walls. She runs Central City's historic and literature. Her buildings are supported by a staff known simply as librarians. She refers to her self as Teacher Margaret Seally. Her teachings have inspired the librarians, who defend her territory to the death if need be. She welcomes all, and her giant Library is the last building standing at the end of the movie as the Aliens overrun the rest of the city. She knows a secret that would save the inhabitants.Dame Judi Dench can play this old lady that inspires courage in her followers.

Her right hand man is the leader of the Librarians named Parker Lewis, and head researcher of the supernatural side of the planet. He is always seen helping as many people out as he can. Clive Owen can be this man.

Now, not only will the movie follow these five people, but also the rebel, so called Master of the Movie, Sigmund Doyle. Sigmund attacks the city, blaming the corruption and the Alien plague on the rulers. His attack is a three pronged strike, but noticeably, even him and his crazy mind, leaves the Librarians and Teacher Seally alone. Brad Pitt is a bold choice choice for this role, but I think he can work.

Several people part of the rebellion, and our heroes will be made of the following.

The leader, Stone. He quickly sees even the rebel leader is out of his mind, and abandons the rebels, seeking first the church for answers, then the library for secrets. Dwayne Johnson has the charisma to play the lead role of this movie.

His mole in the church, Frederick. Fred is a goofy fellow, and at first seen as the henchman of Archbishop Birmingham. Nick Frost can play this lovable character.

Stone's best friend, a giant of a man known as Bear. Bruce Willis is the man, and Bear is the man. A good counterpoint for this movie.

Stone's best friends daughter, Elena Lancaster. Olivia Wilde with her stunning blue eyes, could be a great female in this role.

And the rebel who joins them, a grim woman by the name of Helena. The Alien plague, along with the death of her fellow man has ruined her mind. Yvonne Strahovski the blond from Chuck can play this tough girl role.

True to most Alien films, the ending will be a mix between a happy ending, and a scary one. The catalyst for the Aliens is a Queen egg that Dr. Takion had stolen to use as bargaining power with the rebels. Stone acquires this egg early on, and the Aliens follow it's track through the city as Stone goes from place to place. It ends with Teacher Seally telling the children of Stone's story, and having them board a space ship that is heading for a planet.

As the ship launches, you see Stone, and most of his group, Bear's daughter being on the spaceship, Parker and the remaining Librarians, Kalick and the rest of Quinn's police force, and finally some off the rebels including Doyle. It took an attack of Aliens to band these separate groups together, but it doesn't matter, as you see the entire city is overrun by Aliens, and most of them are climbing up the Great Library to kill the remaining survivors of Central City as Torch lifts off into the sky.
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As I've said before, I have an awesome idea for a new Alien sequel. It's a seamless combination of several proposed concepts for sequels.

The only problem is that it doesn't really fit in with the continuity of the third and fourth films, which means I'm either retconning them or making some crazy explanation for why things are different, probably involving clones.
I might come up with a synopsis for a movie, but I doubt I'll cast it.


A small shuttle floats silently across the vast, black stretches of space.


The shuttle lands at a scientific complex on a moon. A passenger (Christian Bale) emerges from the craft. He is greeted by the commander of the complex (Jeffrey Tambor) who gives him a quick tour of the facility. Among the people he meets are the lead scientist/doctor (Saffron Burrows), the chief of security and former soldier (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and the cynical chef (Ken Leung). There are also hundreds of other staff members, though hardly any of them know why this visitor is here…

Through conversation between the visitor and the commander, it is revealed that the visitor works for an organization known as The Company. They sent a ship and a crew on a mission 18 months ago but lost all communication with it 6 months ago. He has arrived at the complex because the ship has been found.

He asks if there were any survivors, and the commander tells him there was one.

The small group (the agent, the commander, the scientist and the soldier) visit a special cell, which is holding the only female "survivor" of the crew. They explain that she hasn't talked since they found her, and the agent explains that he's going to need to take her back to The Company immediately. The scientist explains that she cannot be moved until tomorrow – they need to operate on her shortly or she will die. The agent is obviously annoyed at this, but decides to stay.

He visits the hangar where the ruined ship is being held. He plays over the last recordings where strange, animalistic noises can be heard along with people screaming. He does not seem worried at this.

The agent is invited to watch the operation along with the commander. The soldier brings the survivor in, and the procedure begins. Upon seeing a needle, the female begins to beg them to kill her, but the doctor injects her and she stays still. A male doctor announces that there's something moving around inside of her, but before they can do anything, her stomach explodes and a small black creature bursts out. It leaps onto the male doctor and begins to tear into his skin.

The others are quick to react, as the soldier begins to fire at the creature/doctor, while the commander pulls the female doctor out of the room and locks the door. The agent asks if the thing will be able to get out, and the commander explains that there's a staircase leading to the surface. The small quarter realize they must reach the surface, evacuate the facility, and then destroy this monster.

The rush to the lift. As it ascends, they wonder what the creature was and where it's from. The soldier tells them about rumours he's heard of military teams being taken out by strange black aliens similar to the one they just saw. While this is happening, the agent remains quiet.

Before the lift reaches the surface, it shakes violently, and the power dies. They manage to force the door open, and realize they're a couple of floors from the top. They figure out they can reach the stairway from the other side of the floor, and still make it to the surface.

The quartet journey throughout the dark and disturbing facility. They encounter the chef, armed with a knife, who explains that he couldn't reach the upper levels because the stairway is blocked. They realize the only option left is to take an emergency ladder to the top.

As they search for this ladder, they encounter the creature again, but manage to fight it off. However, in the conflict, the chef is ripped to pieces. The commander uses a grenade to annihilate the alien. Thinking they're safe, the group split off, in order to find the ladder quickly.

The soldier finds the ladder and they all regroup… minus one. The commander is nowhere to be found. They quickly search, but can find no body. The three take the ladder up to the surface, where they realize what has happened…

Everyone is dead. The alien creatures are everywhere. The scientist explains how the alien swarm must have known that the woman was carrying one of their offspring, and have come to collect their child. The three, hiding in the control room, realize there is only one course of action now: escape.

They manage to evade the aliens and reach the escape pods, but find only two of them are functioning. The soldier quips that each pod can only carry two people so they're going to have to draw straws. The agent cold replies that he won't have to make that decision and shoots the soldier in the stomach.

The scientist screams as the agent puts a gun to her head. He forces her into an escape pod and ties her up. She realizes that he killed the commander. He smirks, and tells her that his purpose all along was to come for the "weapon" (the alien that had grown inside the survivor). Since this has been killed, he explains that he's going to have to create another one… using her as bait.

He drags the soldier's dying body off and disappears, while she screams for non existent help. The noise attracts an alien, which ventures into the pod and examines the woman. The agent rushes to the pod and attempts to close the door, but the doors are jammed. The alien immediately bursts onto the agent and rips him to pieces. The scientist, watching all of this happen before her eyes, tears at the rope tying her down, and manages to slip out. She runs, and the creature pursues. She has no idea where she's going to go, anywhere but there.

She comes to a dead end and the alien stalks her. Suddenly, the soldier appears behind it, and cuts its head open with an axe. Acid spews everywhere. The soldier collapses.

He tells her there's still a chance for her to get out, but either way, he is going to die. They come up with a plan: he will act as a distraction, and lead the aliens to the control room, where he will detonate the facility. Upon hearing the alarm, she is to run to the remaining escape pod, and escape. She agrees, though knows if the pod doors won't close, she's doomed.

They commence the plan, with the bleeding soldier attracting the various aliens, who pursue him. However, he is too slow, and one of the aliens grabs him before he can activate the self destruct sequence. He grabs the axe and thrusts it into the alien's head, causing acid to burst everywhere – including all over the control. They overheat, causing the system to go into its self destruct sequence, and the alarm goes off.

The scientist immediately leaps from her hiding space, and rushes to the escape pod. A lone alien notices her flee, and chases. She manages to reach the pod just in time, presses the button and the doors close upon the alien, causing it to burst. She activates the rockets and the escape pod blasts off from the facility. She watches the moon explode, and cries.

The escape pod floats silently across the vast, black stretches of space.


Christian Bale is playing the agent because he can be cool and calculating, and still disturbingly creepy as well. I want him to seem like the hero at the start, with a bit of a mysterious past, and as the movie goes on it seems he's beginning to snap... and then we learn that he's been planning to do this all along. He's the villain of the film, moreso than the aliens, only we just don't know it.

Saffron Burrows is playing the lead scientist/doctor because she played a similar role in Deep Blue Sea. While in Deep Blue Sea her character was more dedicated to her work, her character in this would realize she's in deep **** and want to get the **** out of her and by whatever means necessary.

Jeffrey Tambor is playing the commander of the facility because I like him. He also had a similar role in Hellboy and I thought he was great in that. So he's basically playing the same character here, but in space.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing the brash soldier because I think he'd be great at it. Whenever I see movies he's in, he's an intelligent and efficient character (Serenity, Children Of Men, maybe even T'Challa in the Black Panther movie) and I wanted to reverse the role. In this film, Christian Bale is playing that character. Chiwetel is playing the less intelligent, but still equally useful kicker of ***. It would seem like he's just the sidekick at the start, but when the twist comes with the agent being the villain, the soldier ends up becoming the hero.

Ken Leung is playing the chef, who's not really a major character. He's there for a bit of comedic relief at the start, and then as something for the alien weapon to slaughter. Nothing too deep, but it would a nice little role for him to do.
I don't think I can do this one.

That said, I want to give Mole a million dollars for casting Boreanaz as Batman and Cleese as Alfred. :rockon:
wow, this is AWESOME.

you know what would be awesomer? If the scientist gets a spawn in HER stomach and it ends with her crash landing on another moon.


I was going to do that and leave it open for a sequel with The Company going after her because they want the alien in her stomach, but then I'd have to write more and I was already tired. Maybe it's an alternate ending.

Cheers anyway.
I got an idea, post Alien 3, pre-ressurection, going back to LD-246 (I think that's the planet) to the ship from the first Alien movie... It'd be about the Company actually succeeding in using the aliens as weapons for a while, but then it backfiring in the way it should.

It would have Winona Ryder, but not as Call... But the human who they designed Call after... I'm putting it together... We'll see when I can get it posted.

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