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Synch said:
Yea but he only "mimics" the ability. His powers are only 1/2 of the person he mimiced off. At least I think that's how I remember it. And I don't think he can come back with only half of DP's juice.

He had Wolverine as well. So he has half DP's healing and half Wolverines
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It does very much look like Morph is gonna bite it in the Future Imperfect issues. But I do remember, back when the Claremont news was released, there was an interview of sorts with him where he mentioned not only Psylocke joining the team (blegh) but Blink and Morph definitely staying.....In fact, it seemed to hint at Sasquatch being the one to go.

If Morph does indeed go, then along with Psylocke and Claremont coming, I'm probably going to drop this title.
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Has anyone seen the cover for the July solict?

That's one awesome cover.

Let me find it..

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No one died

Morph got possesed by Proteus

Now, here's my theory. Proteus seems to acquire memories of people's he's taken. Hence his love for Clarince. Morph, as shown by his convinent flashback, is an honest t goodness good guy. This will rub off on Proteus, and make him more good, maybe even part of the team I think.

Time will tell I guess.

Heroe's reborn world is next for two issues.
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NOOOOOOOOOOO not morph.... I hope nothing bad happens to him, i love this character since AoA, he is so funny.
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I stopped reading around #40, and am now in the process of downloading all the issues I missed to catch up because... Miguel is my Jesus. Spider-Man 2099 being in that book makes it 100% more cool.
I couldn't believe Morph was turned into the next host of Proteus. I think they're going to kill Proteus and get Morph back. He's the coolest member of the Exiles at the moment. I'm not going to be able to keep reading Exiles if they kill Morph and Mimic.
Well mimic is gone already???? i don't care if Morph surives......
But if he does die, that means Blink will be the only 1 left from the original team!
If Morph goes, and I honestly can't think of a valid way to get Proteus out of him without a sacrifice of sorts, then this title is leaving my pull list. Apart from the great concept (which was ruined with the whole Timebreaker/Hyperion thing), Morph is the only reason I read this. Unfortunately, Bedard doesn't quite seem to have the same grasp of the character that Winick had.
The series should end if Morph dies. Period. The exiles should just be like "F*ck it." And go home.
I thought of a weird ending to world tour. It ends like the excorsist where the priest gets the demon to go into him and then kills himself. Does Proteus die if his host body dies?
But the thing is none of them have actually gone back to their home, i mean Blink went to the world with Sabretooth, and no else has had the chance to go home (except morph, and he turned it down)
Exiles #85 (The first too-many-Wolverines issue)

6 different Wolverines gets sent to a world where the opposite Brotherhood of Mutants (opposite as in Quicksilver is a woman, Scarlet Witch is a Man, Magneto is a Woman and so on) captured Wolverine to use his adamantium for a stronger body for Magneto so she would be even more powerful but something goes wrong and Wolverine, Magneto, Scarlet Warlock, Quicksilver and Mesmero was combined into one entity named Brother Mutant. This new entity was never suppose to have existed but now does and it is on a rampage to kill every non-mutant on the planet.
When they arrive they discover that they are not the first Wolverines to be sent to this world to rescue it when they get attacked by about hundred different Wolverines that is now under Brother Mutants control.
Logan (The one from the Days of Future Past storyline) that has the Tallus contacts the Time Braker and when learning that they are not the first Exiles he and James (From the Wolverine - Origin storyline) goes to find the first team to save the other Wolverine that where left on the planet from Brother Mutant.

9/10 - Trust me. It's better than it sounds.

Oh, and the Wolverines in the new Exile team is: Logan from the Days of Future Past storyline, James from the Wolverine - Origin storyline, Patch from... some storyline, Zombie Wolverine from the Zombie universe in the Marvel Zombies storyline (Yes. it is him), Albert and Elsie-Dee from some storyline that I haven't read and Weapon X from the Weapon X mini.
I knew it would be the Zombie Wolverine from the Zombie Universe.

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