Exiles series discussion (spoilers)

I just read the entire run on Exiles up to #85 in the past week and loved pretty much every second of it. Granted I liked Winick's stuff better than Bedard's, it's still been really good and entertaining overall.

The way they solved the Morph/Proteus thing in World Tour was brilliant. It was completely out of the blue but still made perfect sense. I love the fact that it's actually Proteus in Morph's body in the team.

Pretty much the only things I didn't like were Ego the living planet and the Danish issue. Was that one supposed to be funny? Oh, and the Nocturne flashback written by Calafiore seemed redundant.

I'mm definitely gonna get all the trades as soon as I have the financial capabilities to do so.
I got it. It was way too out there for my taste. I did like that they had someone who knew how to bring a reality to the brink of distruction and then stop it. Other than that I read the series, this issue didn't hold any appeal to me.
So, Exiles has now officially ended. I can't say I liked the current team so much, but I really liked the explanation of the Multiverse as well as the need for multiple Exile teams. I am actualy kind of sad that it's over now.

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