Fairy Tail


That was an unexpected surprise, Panther lily's fight was cool but seeing Master Makarov at the end was Amazing.
it was during the fight of the Guilds with Phantom. but even then he was only pissed off and still in normal short old guy form. right now hes ANGRY and "hulked out" for better lack of a term
I think Natsu will wipe the floor of the explosion guy, because of the simple fact that Natsu eats flames and explosions.

I have no idea what the other bad guys are going to be like, but I have the feeling the old guy is going to get his ass kicked.
damn....the old guy got his ass beat by an even older guy....... it is interesting so far

is it me or does that one guy look like Goku from DBZ?
Is it me or are the pin-ups at the start of the chapters getting worse and worse?
(goes back and checks) no one is laughing, they all have straight smiles.......and background creatures are all "flat" and don't seem to be doing anything
I had forgotten about this for a while. Read the last few issues.
I know it's supposed to be a contest with a lot of participants, but am I really supposed to know all these characters?
Also, that whole maze thing felt really rushed.
I felt that was the point of the maze, to keep you rushed.

Some of the characters they have met before, like the other ice guy, the perfume guys, the chief dude, but some are completely brand new.

And there is still the big bad out there they haven't introduced yet.
now that were halfway through the Grand Magic Games, i'm really liking some of the new people that they have introduced.