Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (Spoilers)

I didn't play much FF7, and don't know much about it.

Will I understand this movie?
Ultimate Warrior said:
Pretty much..... no.

You and Ice have different answers...

I demand a battle.

At least watch it for the action. Which by the way was ****ing insane!!!!!!!!
ProjectX2 said:
You and Ice have different answers...
Ice sucks. This continues the story two years after the end of Final Fantasy VII and you don't get much or any backstory explained in the movie. Draw your own conclusion. It still is a good movie but you understand it and will enjoy it better if you have played through the game.
ProjectX2 said:
I demand a battle.

How about.. no. Just... no.
UW! I can't believe you! How can you say that about me! :shock:

I feel backstabbed.

And again, I still understood the movie fine.
I picked this up cause of all good I'm told 7 is, having never played it,.

I wikipediaed it for the backstory on the plot and characters. That helped plus they have an extra feature on the dvd that shows scene from the game and then a they explain a little in the beginning of the movie. So I got the just of it.

Anyway the movie was freakin incredible. The graphics were amazing. The fight scenes were crazy as ****. PLUS THEY HAD BAHAMUT! (I think that was him). Dude I love this movie.

This was a pretty sweet movie, my only gripe is that it seemed that the English voice actors got drowned out by the music sometimes. And I wish the other characters got a little more fight time. However, these are minor inconviences and don't take away from the movie's kickassness.

Collecter's Special Edition available 2/20.
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Funny this thread gets bumped now so it's easy to find , My mate is meant to be lending this to me this week on dvd

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