First arc of Ultimates 2 titled Gods And Monsters

Very intresting arc title. With it, you know that they're going to explain about Thor (Gods) and Hulk (monster). I know people knew about what thi vol. was about, but not everyone knew, and im just relating the title to what we're going to see.
Yes, I think that is a good title for an arc that is going to focus on the Hulk and Thor. Does anyone know what the second arc's going to be mostly about? I thought that was the Ultimates vs. Thor?
just out of curiosity:
I have read "the ultimates will fight against thor" at least a dozen times now, so where the f**k is this rumor coming from???!!!
I heard it on another forum, but if you search around Millarworld long enough, you'll probably find it there somewhere. I think it came from an interview with him of something. It was something like The Ultimates will make a suprising discovery about Thor and will be forced to take him down...
Why yall haten on Thor? Maybe he finds a dirty secret about the rest of the team, and thats why they fight? Have you ever thought of that! Have ya!
I'm not picinking on him, that's what I heard. of course, Thor could probably choose to fight The Ultimates as he's getting sick of their Government allies.
That makes sense. I mean, Thor at first was against being the Ultimates but then he did join them. But It has to do with Thor for sure
As I said in the other thread "Ultimates #1 soliciated for December" I said I now know why Daredevil will be making an appearence. The first arc is based on the Hulk and Bruce Baner's trial. Bruce will need a lawyer and in the normal 616 universe (and I think in the Ult. Universe) Matt Murdock is a lawyer. Daredevil anyone?

EDIT: And Thor isn't actually an official member. He just helps because he is friendly with Tony.
Yeah, I know that. BUt then why would the Ultimates be all butthurt about what Thor does. It has to be something big
I heard that in the first issue you see Thor, Loki and some other god having lunch and talking. Millar said Hitch drawed them so well, they look real. I personally think Loki will make Thor go berserk or something. After all that's what Loki orignally done in Avengers #1. Except it was to the Hulk.
Well, the only way I see Thor fighting the Ultimates is if Fury finds out what he really is and, because he doesn't understand, attempts to kill him.
We'll just have to wait and see...

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