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Feb 16, 2005
Are you a part of FOOM? Are you one of the Friends of Old Marvel? Then recite the creed with me:

Stand tall!
Thou hath reached the peak and plucked the proudest prize!
Hang loose!
Thou shalt flee from fear no longer, nor suffer pangs of doubt!
Face front!
The past doth lie behind thee. the beckoning future now is thine!
'Tis true! 'Tis true!
O, how proudly we proclaim: thou hast joined Marveldom assembled!
Thy name hath been inscribed, now and evermore, in the blessed book of FOOM!
Come take thy place, believer, within the hallowed ranks.
The eyes of FOOM are upon thee.
They behold thee with fondness and favor.
The heart of FOOM embraces thee.
The hands of FOOM clasp thine.
For FOOM hath summoned thee, and claimed thee for its own!
Thou hath chosen a creed, a code, a way of life.
And by thy choice, and by thy faith, the legends ne'er shall perish!
... My foot is painted purple and that alligator moves at 30 mph eating a delisous apple cider...
You have all made a mockery of Ourchair's thread.

He'll have his revenge. And you'll all be sorry. So will those little boys he takes his fustration out on. So that's like double the penance for you guys.


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