Hellblazer series discussion *Spoilers*

Constantine is going to Iraq.

That is awesome...

Next up was the original graphic novel Hellblazer: Pandemonium, which marks original writer Jamie Delano's return to the character (Jock is handling art duties). The book takes John Constantine to Iraq, and Berger described it as a 'politically powerful story.'
This has probably been raised before, but someone (dick) brought this up and now it's irritating me. Hellblazer starts off clearly in DC continuity, with swamp thing crossovers etc. may even have ties to Zero hour etc. And now it clearly isn't. When's the first point it was obviously in a seperate continuity. Ellis's run? Ennis's run? I know I really shouldn't care about this, but it annoys me.

Everything on vertigo is either pretty clearly in continuity (albeit stand alone - swamp thing, Sandman etc.), or completely seperate stories like Transmet, preacher, Y. Hellblazer has become like the Punisher MAX of Marvel (I know it was around way before Punisher MAX). Punisher MAX set it self aside as a different volume to before, but hellblazer has been continuous. Wondered if there was like a diffinitive starting point to the new continuity or it's pretty inseperable. I figured if there was a diffinitive new starting point that's why they began the tpbs from there.
Recently I have read Azzarello's Freezes Over and Ellis's Haunted. They were great. I'll try and get a Carey story next.
I read Staring at the Walls. It was awesome. The Swamp Thing appearance was neat. I liked that Constantine was tricked into unleashing the demon. And those scenes in hell? They were intense.

I think I've enjoyed every Hellblazer story I've read. I would like to read the complete Azzarello and Carey runs and then maybe go back and read the Ennis run.
I just finished reading "dark entries" last night. It's a Hellblazer GN written by Crime author Ian Rankin.

I wasn't all that crazy about it to be honest, which is surprising cuz i like Hellblazer and Rebus. The plot is that there is this Reality TV show of contestants locked in a haunted house. The producer contacts Constantine to say somethings wrong with the house can you help. John ends up going in the house as a contestant. Good story so far - I was really enjoying it. but then
you find out that the whole thing is in hell

That kinda ruined the set up a bit for me. Made it a bit too paranormal for Ian Rankin's style. Reminded me a bit of something from 2000 AD. Don't get me wrong i really enjoyed it, I was just hoping for something a bit more serious. Something played straight like the Ellis run or even most Hellblazer stories where it's the real world with demons appearing in it. Was it just cuz it wasn't what i expected that I didn't love it? Maybe I will re-read with a more open mind...
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I thought it was pretty good but it seemed like the completely wrong thing for their new crime line. I thought that line was going to be realistic crime stories but apparently 3/5 OGNs that have come out/are coming out have something to do with the supernatural.

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