How bitter would you be if...

Someone stole your dream

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#1 reason not to join UC
Nov 30, 2004
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
You woke up tomorrow morning and found out that someone else had superpowers? I think about that sometimes. What would happen if the world's first superpowered human being wasn't you? I mean we deserve it right? We've been prepping.
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A bit disappointed. I've always seen myself as the supporting character that gets one really good issue about him.
Only a bit disappointed.

But i would rather get the powers later like Venom or the Green ranger.

those characters are always cooler
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I'd probably be a little disappointed, but hey? If there's one, more are sure to follow. . .
I maintain the only reason I don't have superpowers is so that everyone doesn't have to be jealous. I'm selfless like that.
My option isn't there, so I'll put it here.

Like everything else in my like, I suck it up and keep moving to my goals and future.

Secondly, being the first generally never ends well anyway.
I work with genetics all day

I already have superpowers

Why am I here with you guys?

Though, if I did have powers, I'd be a villian, and call myself Dr.Weathercock
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