How would you rate Ultimate Nightmare overall?

How would you rate Ultimate Nightmare overall?

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May 17, 2004
Now that Ultimate Nightmare is over, we've seen some new Ultimizations and some new events, as well as what this trilogy is about, how would you rate it as a whole?

Post to explain your vote.

This thread will contain spoilers for the entire series and likely for the rest of the trilogy.
Excellent. I won't hold the delays against it.

So dark and creepy, and much more appropriate to a story about a giant alien who wants to eat the Earth. Good Ultimizations of new characters too.

Longer term, I'm curious what this all means to the Ultimates. I mean, we've got Falcon and Vision now, Hulk is probably gone, Thor likely gone as well...I just wonder if this is setting the stage for whoever does Ultimates 3.
I say Excellent. Yes, we had terrible delays, but its the story that counts. And the story was goooooood. Especially the last issue. Loved that line:

"Ah hell".

Very cool. And I LOVED how Wolverine snapped off at Jean. That part was cool. It was great seeing the ultimization of Sam Wilson and Vision. They were brought in in a very cool way.
Above Average. Would have been average since a certain group didn't need to be there and got taken out rather easily. Got the above average though because yeah...the X-Men are idiots. By the way, how do you make spoiler tags in this forum?
I thought the series was ok. I did like the dark and gritty look and basic storyline, and REALLY liked the Ultimatizations of Vision and Falcon. Also liked the foreboding atmosphere of the oncoming onslaught of the presence known only as Gah Lak Tus in the Ultimate Universe. Just didn't like the long delays between the issues, and would've liked to have seen an Ultimate version of Omega Red show up (all the elements are there...super-soldiers...from Russia...and Wolverine). I also would've like to know the name of the Russian super-soldier whose ass Cap kicked. Did love Caps line about fighting: "It's about winning." Overall, on a 10 point scale, I'd give this series a 6 or 7. It probably deserves a little better, but I feel its just a prologue to the real bulk of the story which we'll see in Ultimate Secret and Arrival, so the ending felt a little too much up in the air, but then again I guess it was supposed to. I'm sure my rating for these 3 arcs overall will be better.
DIrishB said:
I also would've like to know the name of the Russian super-soldier whose ass Cap kicked.

Ah, I know this and forgot it - help?
I thought it was an above average story but bearing in mind I haven't (and won't for 10 months or so) read issue 5. I'm holding the delays against it because tehy stopped me from getting the series. But it was still damn good.
i gave this a lowwww rating...i was expecting more, and the x-men getting there ***'s beat by the ultimates (how do you beat the phoenix)...thats what did me in...

The artwork was good and the storyline was ok...but in some places it felt like it was rushed...(don't know how to put this)
I rated it as average, the last issue was really good but the series didn't need to be six issues to convey the story. Alot of useless stuff happened, like the involvement of the X men, the only pay off Logan giving the others s*** for involving them in the first place. Gotta love when the writer throws in a bunch of characters for no reason, then has one of them say "Gee, that was stupid."

Another thing that struck me as odd was the hostility between the two groups, I thought the x men were suposed to be Ultimates in training? The whole confrontation wasn't very well thought out.

I think the whole Vision thing is great and is in fact the meat of the story, every thing else seemed tacked on, which it probably was.

My guess is the whole trilogy could be told in twelve issues, but instead they are going to milk it for all it's worth. Which is fine as long as they get the books out on time, which we all know they don't :x

I probably would have liked it better than as trade, which is how I will be buying Arrival. Big delays for mediocre art and tacked on storylines is no good.
icemastertron said:
It wasn't. It was 5 issues.
Right you are, the delays have warped my sense of time and space. Still don't you think a lot of that story was unnecessary?
ngnot said:
Right you are, the delays have warped my sense of time and space. Still don't you think a lot of that story was unnecessary?
Well...I wouldn't say "unnecessary", just shouldn't have been spread out into 5 issues. All of it was great, just ran slow.
I gave it an average review... I really expected no less from it because of it's pacing and the revelation that Galactus would be showing up. I am geared for Secret after this, sure, but I just thought that a five issue arc could've been better spent on something much more interesting, you know?

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