Hulk Mini (Speculations)

ourchair said:
I really like this, excellent thought. The idea of the Hulkbusters being characters who exist with little to no connection to the U.S. government makes me picture them as being more similar to the Lone Gunmen from The X-Files.

All right we'll keep that thought then.

ourchair said:
I'd also like to see Ultimate Samuel Sterns be one of these Hulkbusters, who will later become the Leader, but that's something I haven't developed in my head yet.

I had this thought on Ultimate Leader...

I really don't like how every Hulk rogue revolves around gamma radiation. Since the Hulk will only be a mini(s), because we know ongoing Hulk series get redundant, I was tossing around ways to work in other villains (most of which I do not like). Anyway, I think Banner could be workin' around gettin' money so he starts workin' for a gang or something. The "leader" of this gang wouldn't be you're usual stereotypical street gang type but he'd be more intelligent and booksmart and his name would be Samuel Stern but secretly goes by the name "The Leader". The whole point of doing this ultimization is to set up a story where Bruce (who now calls himself David) is working for money and gets into a conflict with The Leader, this causes the first major Hulk sighting. It'd be a real quick plot and Banner would move on before SHIELD's investigation team gets there.
I would love a mix of bruce escaping and flash backs from his past. Also i would like Bruce to have control over hulk till a point. 'cuz well, the hulk we know now would have to smash a town before he could claim down. also Charles might have learned him a trick or two ?
taught! sorry, pet hate of mine

I'm liking the idea that the leader isn't altered in any way. Giant green head was always a bit offputting. Though strangely, I found the leader quite scary as a child. Dunno why, most villains didn't bother me at all.

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