Iron Man: The Movie game

I'm not even going to bother watching it. I mean, the game is based on the movie (with other elements added) and I'm not even going to play it until after I watch the movie first, as to avoid spoilers. I know the trailer won't really spoil anything, but yeah...

My friend had played Spider-Man the game before he watched the movie and was spoiled the ending of the movie (with GG dying and all that). Location was changed, but that mattered nothing.
Tonight on" GameTrailers TV" on Spike TV will take an in-depth look at the making of the upcoming Iron Man video game and will debut the new trailer for the Incredible Hulk game as well. The show airs Saturday, March 29 at 1am ET (on Friday in other times zones, of course). And did someone say Iron Man cameo in the Hulk game???

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Ok....the Ultimate Iron Man suit for PS3 is pretty damn sweet.

Yeah, they're all great, but it feels kind of like opening your Christmas presents before Christmas.

I just hope they don't pull a Superman Returns on it and only have one of the damn suits in the game after promising loads more.
Controls are terrible. I only played the first two levels...I try again tomorrow but I haven't liked it.
I downloaded & played the demo on my PS3. The controls were very out of control.

It might just need to get used to. I only played the one level. It was a very beautiful looking game.
I found myself in fights gaining altitude on accident, or forgetting to hover after speeding around and loosing altitude or outright hitting the ground. I've fought two boss battles. One was a tank which was easy, and one was an attack helicopter which annoyed me because dozens of missiles, rounds of ammos, and countless shots of replusor fire at it and it's still in the air causing little to no damage to me.

The fight wasn't tough (except when I lost track of it and to fight the controls to find and catch up with it again) it was just repetitive and stupid. No way can a helicopter take all that damage and whenever I lost track of it and had to clumsily fly after it I found myself cursing at it and wishing for someone with an RPG to take it because the Mark II clearly wasn't designed to take out a helicopter with its lasers and rockets.

When it finally went down I quit and haven't played since. It looks so nice and I just got to the Mark III suit.....I want to like the game so I'll try it again tomorrow and hope I can get used to those controls. Maybe once you master them you're an unbeatable killing machine but I somehow doubt it since it feels almost like those MechWarrior games which I never totally liked.
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Oh quite you, I'm just curious. :D:twisted:

The enemies in this game are A.I.M. , the Maggia , and the Army of the Ten Rings.

The super villains in the game are Iron Monger, Melter, Whiplash, Madame Masque,Raza, and Titanium Man'.

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