Iron Man: The Movie game

The enemies in this game are A.I.M. , the Maggia , and the Army of the Ten Rings.

The super villains in the game are Iron Monger, Melter, Whiplash, Madame Masque,Raza, and Titanium Man'.


Who does the voices in the game? How many actors from the movie returned for the game?

Who does the voices in the game? How many actors from the movie returned for the game?
You should really just do a Google search for these questions, but...

...most of the actors returned to reprise their roles.

Downey, Jr.'s lovable theatricality of line delivery works well in a VO capacity, but unfortunately Howard and Paltrow don't come off as well, and their shortcomings in VO work are obvious in that regard.

Typical movie tie-in videogame VO work all in all.
Beat it.

Flight controls are tough to master but when you do...I want all superhero games to have these flight controls. It's actually a really good foundation for it (because some work is needed but its solid once you master it).

Graphics are nice on Iron Man on the rest...not so much. Especially since you'll be flying faster than the speed of sound and it goes by so quickly, or you'll be far away pegging them. Upon close inspection many models are not as good as the Iron Man model, probably for framerate issues.

Speaking of framerate there are hiccups in it, especially in the worst level of the game. Where you have to defend a reactor from dozens of helicopters, tanks, and power-suited men...while hundreds of cruise missiles are fired at the reactor. You're in the middle fighting enemies while dividing your time against hitting each missile. It's hectic and not fun, and when hundreds of missiles spawn and dozens of tanks and helicopters are firing their missiles....the framerate really starts to get chunky. But its the only time in the game where it hiccups. At least on the 360. I can't imagine the Wii fairs that well if that level's in their version.

Ultimately, its fun and you feel quite powerful on Easy, and quite weak on Hard. It's fun, easy achievements. The unlockable armor adds little but they do all have their own achievement thing to do (like Silver Centurion has the Old School achievement if you beat Iron Monger in it, Extermis gets an achievement if ground pound a tank or soldier while wearing it) and each suit has its own weapons, attacks, and defensive measures.

Favorite thing so far was the Hulkbuster suit which is slow as hell and flies poorly...but my god the damage it deals out. I took out one boss (a giant tank thing in the third level) with one attack. I was in awe. And the Hulk Smash achievement is fun to do.

There are three tilesets. Desert, which most of the maps are; Snow, which three levels are; and city which three levels are. Nothing destructible.

Solid fun once you get the controls down and you're off and running.

But its short. There is an unfair difficulty hick between Easy to Normal and Normal to Hard. The Missile level is poor game design. There's not a lot of variety between attacks, you have three kinds: Repulsor, secondary (missiles mainly), and unibeam from his chest. Punching is possible but lacks a lock-on making you flailing around more often then not. And don't ever try to punch a boss since there's no counter to their melee or their grappling moves which are unavoidable at close range and at least two of them will kill you one shot on Normal (Titanium Man and Iron Monger).

No multiplayer. Short levels. Short game. Fun though.

Which is why. I give it:

8/10 but no multiplayer and no real replayablity outside of unlocking armor which will take you a day or two at the most. And getting Five day rental. You'll play, you'll enjoy (besides the missile mission, you'll hate that), and by day five you'll be ready to turn it in. I can't tell you to buy it because it's simply not worth the 60 dollars for 12 hours of game that you'll never touch again.

Likewise, if you ever see it for sale in a bargin bin for 15 dollars (sometimes you'll find some for 10) then pick it up. It's fun and maybe one day you'll be bored and want to fly around blasting people in the Hulkbuster or Classic Mark III armor.

The sequel needs to do what the Hulk game's sequel did. Abandon the movies. They tie these games down too much. The next one needs to add combos, different kinds of weapons, more attacks, better villains and better boss fights, more levels, and better cinematics and story.

5 Day Rent. Fun with problems. Low replay value.
I wanna play. Play badly. Then again my friend said he spent 4 hours on the demo, and only got 40% done. He's a pro when it comes to games, and if it took him that long, then I am guessing the game is longer. I have a short intention span. The last Marvel Game I played was the Hulk, and I just ended up beating cops until I didn't hear sirens.

But people have told me it would be a good buy, so I might bug my friend to get it, so I can play it there, then if I like it, I'll rent it, then keep re-newing it until i beat it. This is the way of the cheap gamer. (Yes, I know it would be cheaper to buy, but then again, I'm a lazy gamer, and I don't feel like going to Wal-Mart.)​
I downloaded the demo and it's a lot of fun. Gives a good impression of what the game will be like by showing you the basics and hinting at the true power to come. Still going to try and rent it as soon as possible, but even if I can't I might just buy it.
Re: Iron Man discussion (Spoilers!)

This is driving me crazy.... first I can't rent the game because it's rented out at both my local vid stores, now I've checked four different toy stores, two of which are comic stores and the other two are Toys "R" Us and Wal-Mart, and every single action figure of every character is sold out. All of them!

I never had trouble getting Spidey figures right after the movie came out and it was an even bigger deal. Maybe they didn't realize how popular Iron Man would be and didn't ship enough, but grrrrr.... supply and demand shouldn't apply to situations like this!
Long awaited games usually sell out the first week they're released. I'd recommend Gamefly. They're always in stock.
downloaded demo on ps3, It was easy to control BUT I love how it felt to play. I was expecting it to be like your typical hero game but they made it play like mech game e.g Z.O.E Which I thought was a genius idea as Iron man is pretty much a Mech suit.
My brother has this game.

I honestly don't like the fact that you can pick the Mach I, II, or III armour for every mission. It sort of saddens me. Whenever I play, I pick the "default" armour, makes the game more realistic to the movie.

I do like though that alot of the actors from the movie did a voice over on this game. Good stuff, good stuff.
Am I going to bother with this one?

Batman and Indiana Jones Lego look much more exciting, not to mention the new Hulk game.
Yes ..... No ...... can I phone a friend?

Ask the wait! You used that one. Guess it's all on the line here. Will you answer the question or take the money.

It's far too late at night for UC shenanigans...
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George Broussard: "Duke Nukem Forever is not late, it merely sold out in the 1950s."

hahahaha! I can't believe there are those still waiting for this game to hit shelves. Then again the same thing was said about Team Fortress 2 and 6 years later.... :D
So, is this better or worse than Superman Returns? Keeping in mind that flying around as Superman in that game was pretty cool.
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hahahaha! I can't believe there are those still waiting for this game to hit shelves. Then again the same thing was said about Team Fortress 2 and 6 years later.... :D
The difference between Team Fortress 2 and Duke Nukem Forever is that I didn't hit puberty, switch high schools, see my parents separate, graduate, go to college, see my brother move to our home province then back, switch my college and course, see my sister move to New York, and get my first job in the span between Team Fortress 2's announcement and release.

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