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Apr 14, 2005
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So, by the generous amount of praise, Law & Order:UC will be continued. I gots me some few ideas, one from the good doctor himself, another from the faboulous Moola, and one from myself. So here's the commercial for Episode two.

Annoucers voice: The first episode broke the barriers of Television.

Shows the scene where Houde and Bass run over Captain. They both look at each other with wide eyes.

AV: It showed us there ups, and downs.

Shows the scene(s) where E was yelling at Hawkeye101 and Orson Scott Card.

AV: And how a police station really works.

A picture of Compound is shown, who talks in slow motion

Compound: Me reary rikey chicken fingers.

AV: And that was just the first episode! In the second episode, the shoes are off.

There are hate crimes being reported across the city, and no one can find a pattern, so E decides to call in the semi big guns, Nurhachi and Manwithoutfear. They get their newest partner, DIrishB to join them for this wonderful odd case. Oh, don't forget regulars, Houde and Bass, they are investigating strange writings being left in libraries and bathroom walls. This case will show that even the mighty Bass can fall off his throne when confronted by his worst fear/enemy. E and ProjectX2 hit the streets, to teach the younger cops how the oldtimer's do things.

Also starring Cad, Ice, and other members of the Ultimate central gang.

Be there for the beginning OF THE BEGINNING!

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Can't wait. Do I still get to play the token ghetto person who only says "****", "God damn", and "that is whack". Or occasionally wil combine all three terms and say "God damn, that **** is whack":D
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Houde and Bass were at their desk, Houde munching on a chicken leg, and Bass sipping some mineral water.

Houde: Almost quitting time
Bass: Don't say that
Houde: Why not?
Bass: Because, we'll get work to do.
Houde: You believe in that crap?

Skotti walks over to Houde's desk.

Skotti: Houde, Bass, E wants to see you guys. He has a case for you.
Bass: I told you not to say anything
Houde: What, I was bored, all I've done today is play Warcraft, granted on work's server, but that's all I've done.
Skotti:Wow, you play Warcraft?
Houde: That's right baby, you like that I play Warcraft
Skotti: Not really, I'm just amazed at how much a geek you really are.

From the other room


Bass: Let's go
Skotti: He's so cute when he yells.


In E's Office

Nurhachi and MWoF were already there, awaiting the arrival of Houde and Bass.

E was furious when they walk in.

E: What were you two doing out there?
Bass: Drinking some mineral water
Houde: Trying to get in Skotti's pants.
E: So the usual I see?
Nur: *chuckles*
E: You find that funny?
Nur: No sir!
E: Good, Houde, Bass I have some crimes for you to investigate, hate crimes, going on near Times Square.
Bass: Alrighteo
E: And MWoF, Nur, I have a serial writer...
Houde: A serial writer?
E: Yes, a serial writer, am I speaking greek to you?
Bass: Me and Houde handle those cases though. You should give to us.
MWoF: I never got a serial writer before, I want it. What the hell is a serial writer anyways?
Bass: Someone who grafftis walls of libraries, and bathrooms and stuff like that. The stories start off good, but then slowly make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Me and Houde want that case, give the hate crimes to Nur and MWoF.
E: I'm not too sure I want to do that, you and this guy, have, well, a history.

Bass slams his hands on the desk

Houde (whispering): Wasn't it last week.
Bass (whispering): Quiet you

E stares at Bass; hands until he removes them.

E: Fine, you think you can handle him, then go ahead, but no screw ups, espcially like last time. We're still cleaning the stains off the floor in the lobby.
Bass: You have my word.
Houde: And mine, oh, can I have some off your pudding?


Back at their desks

Houde: This pudding is magnificent.
Bass: Okay, here's my chance to redeem myself in E's eyes.
Houde: Can you handle it man?
Bass: Yes.
Houde: Alright then, who is the writer this time?

Bass opens the file, and a dreadful look comes into his eye.

Bass: It''s........
Houde The suspense is killing me!

Houde stands there shocked for a second

Houde: This pudding is really really good. You should get some.
I fear that this will be greater than UC: The Fanfic.
LOL That is some funny ****. I'm really suprised I've become a cast member, I'm really flattered by thew inclusion. I don't know if it was intended, but my mind read so much sarcasm and bitterness in my part (maybe cus I really am that bitter and sarcastic, for those who don't believe me, read the thread that got me banned for a while). This is some seriously funny stuff.

PS: 100th post BABEH!!
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