Law & Order: UC Episode 6

Sadly we are only limited to 250 characters. Otherwise the entire list of victims would've made it.

Plus I wanted to use the "loaded fist" line.
wonderful, just wonderful, hes gone, hes really GONE!!!!!!!!

Phone rings.............."it might be him....we'll let the voice mail pick it up".....the phone keeps ringing...
Ultimate Houde said:
As the four people left the airport, three more individuals got off the plane. One was wearing a janitor's uniform. One was normal looking, and the other had a giant trophy on his head.

Random: A trophy? That's not very incognito.
Entropy: What? It's smaller than the one I usually wear.
TGO: Keep track of the police gentleman. We need to find the prize.
Entropy: Right.
Random: Freak
Entropy: Donkey lover.
Random: I don't like donkeys!
Entropy: SO now your a specist eh?
YAYY!! I'm normal looking!
Nice one Spade

Next time on Law & Order: UC!

Guji, Houde, VVD and ICe invrestigate the scene in London bay. What they find leads them to yet another country. TGO, Random and Entropy are following them, but why?

Moonmaster visits the policemen of the 82nd precinct.

Oh boy.

Next time on LAW & ORDER: UC!

MWoF: AGAIN! He plays it every five damn minutes. I swear it's the only keys he knows!
Nur: Hey, manwithoutfear, you know somethings?
MWoF: No? What is it?
Nur: Without Houde or Bass here, we are both the coolest, and bestest, cops here
MWoF: Even with Houe and Bass around, we are the coolest and bestest and FUNNIEST cops here!
Nur: Everyone loves us!
MWoF: I know!

Both of them pause during their mutual masterbation of each other's egos to look at a strange man walking past them. He fake mustache falls off, and he grabs it, putting it back on,

Moonmaster: Excuse me fine piggies, I mean, coppers, gosh I hope they don't see through my disguise, I am looking for a most excellent pig..copper by the name of Bass.

MWoF and Nurhachi both look at each other.

MWoF: Is he serious?
Nur: Right this ay sir.
Moonmaster: Thank you fin...

Nur grabs Moonmaster by the arm.

Moonmaster: NO ONE TOUCHES ME! NO ONE LAYS A HAND ON THE GREAT MOON....I mean, don't touch me sir, I have scientology.
Nur: Heard that's going around lately.
Moonmaster: Yes, it makes me want to eat small naked babies.
Nur: Oh, that's nice, I think our police cheif wants to see you.
Moonmaster: Um, I think I must go.

Moonmaster begins to run for the exit.


The only person in the way of Moonmaster was ProjectX2.

Moonmaster: I can take you old man.

He puts his head down, and runs full tilt at Project.

He bounces off Project onto the ground.

ProjectX2: I do love my ab-roller. Hard as steel, STEEL!

In London Bay

Houde: I don't think we are in the right place.
Guji: So your an Englishman, aren't you.
Houde: No, but this is the clothing store, London Bay.
Guji: And?
Houde: This picture is definitely of the docks.
VVD: Can we leave here, I'm feeling gayer by the second.
Houde: Sure thing, Ice, let's go!
Ice: But...But...There's a sale on the pink sweaters!
Houde: COME ON!
Guji: ***
Houde: Hey, he may be a ***, but he's our partner.
Guji: Actually I was asking if you would like a smoke.
Houde:: Oh, no thank you
Guji: Asshat
Houde: What crazy British slang does that one stand for?
Guji: That's no slang, you are an asshat.
VVD: You walked into that one


Guji: So, this is the docks.
Houde: Thank you
VVD: I want to teach these blokes the word of VVD
Guji: Overtestonerol?
VVD: What?
Ice: Hey guys, look, a clue!

Ice runs over to a box that is wrapped in birthday paper. It has Houde's name on it. Houde opens it, and finds another photo inside, this time it's one with a foot.

Houde: Amsterdam...
VVD: Wow your detective skills are amazing.
Guji: Esp. since the sign in the back says Amsterdam.
Houde: Joykill.
Guji: SO I guess this means you leaving now.
Houde: Yup, thanks for the help.
Guji: Use me and leave me.
VVD: My motto
Ice: It's okay Guji, you can have some of these clothes I bought.
Guji: No thanks, if I wanted these clothes, I steal some of my girlfriends.
Ice: Hey.
Houde: Time to go to Amsterdam boys...


TGO: Amsterdam, that's the next stop
Random: Kinda Random, isn't it?
Entropy: I fail to see how this situation has anything to do with you
Random: I'm talking about the word Random
TGO: Random, stop talking about yourself, only I'm allowed to talk to myself in thrid person, because TOG RULES!
Random: Your name is TGO
TGO: I know, TOG
Random: TGO
Random: TGO
Random: You suck
TGO: I know your mom sucks, she did it to me last night
Random: Last night we were on an airplane.
TGO: Last night me and your mom joined the mile high club.
Random: Let's just get to Amsterdam
Entropy: After you tell me why this situation has to do with you


Next on Law & Order, the insanity continues as Houde, VVD and Ice land in Amsterdam and meet with Private Fuzzy Birds. Also, TGO continues to misspell his own name!

Plus a new debut.


Insanity people, INSANITY!
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As VVD taught a whole new plane crew to respect, what he refered to it as, 'Super Utter VVD coolness, *****", other things were still going on in New York City. In fact, it was the filming of the popular show, Not-So-Big-Ville, and one of it's stars Kirsten Kruenk, was out for a stroll.

Kirsten Kruenk: Lalala, I'm walking, lalala! I'm walking, in the middle of a busy street. LALALALA!

Meanwhile, a lone person, holding a camera, taking picture of everything he saw...

the watcher: A PERSON! *snap* A LADLE! *snap* A TRUCK THAT OBVIOUSLY HAS NO BRAKES! *snap* I can't wait to get back home so I can post these all over the net and....OH NO! THE RAMPAGING TRUCK IS GOING TO RUN OVER NOT-SO-BIG-VILLE STAR KIRSTEN KRUENK! I NEED TO SAVE HER!

After a moment's decision on whether or not to take the picture, the watcher run off, and jumped in front of Kirsten, pulling her to safety.

the watcher: I saved you from the rampaging truck Kirsten, will you be my friend?

The rampaging truck had, of course, run over various other people as it careened off into the distance.

the watcher: No kirsten, I SAVED YOU!
Kirsten Kruenk: Get away from me you freak! SECURITY!

As the watcher was arrested, all he could think about was how he wouldn't be able to post this awesome story online until he got out of jail.


The plane landed in Amsterdam, the city of debauchery and sin. The door opened, and people ran screaming out of it.

Passenger: HE HIT MY CHILD!
Other Passenger: MY LEG, IT'S BROKEN!

After various other screams, included several females who were insulted about their non existant weight problems, Houde, VVD and Ice exited the plane.

Houde: Seriously, did you try to offend the whole plane?
VVD: I tried, but sadly, there was a group of miscreants that escaped unscathed by the word of VVD.
Ice: You're a meany.
Ice: Yes.
VVD: Sarcasism doesn't effect you, does it?
Ice: Nope
Houde: Guys, let's try to find Private Fuzzy Birds. He's the guy MWoF and Nur worked with when they were on vacation.

The trio exited the airport, and found a massive cloud of smoke to great them.

VVD: Do I smell DIrishB around here?
Houde: Naw, that's just the massive amount of mary jane that's being used around here.
Ice: MJ is here? I LOVE REDHEADS!
VVD: Why is he here again?
Houde: Plot device, come on, let's go find the Private. He said he'd be waiting at the police station.

Off to the side, three cardboard boxes moved steathily through the crowd. One of them had a trophy on top.

Random: Your plan? Sue me if I'm wrong, but isn't this what Solid Snake did in Metal Gear?
Entropy: Random, this is obviously an orginal plan.
TGO: Hell yea it is, Solid Snake is my pal, he borrowed the plan from me.
Random: You mean back in 1985?
Random: Ex..
Entropy: Guys, our quarry is escaping us, we must move quicker.
TGO: LEts us go forth!
Random: Stop trying to sound smart, cause we all know your not.


Next in Law & Order!

First up is a small look into the courtroom, starring Cad, DJF and Goodwill, plus an invisble ghost that never lies that only Goddwill can hear. Then, Houde and company meet Fuzzy Birds, but will there concentration be tried as the City of Sin seeks to distract them from their quest.
It all connects watcher, it all connects. You were taking random pictures, and was arrested, your camera was confiscated by the police.

We are searching for Bass

It all connects.
Welcome to the realm of Law & Order:UC, where very little actually happens and everything is funny

I mean Orson Scott Card died, but was really the dead body of GMaster in the last one, and no one even questioned it in the courtroom.

I love this series.

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