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That is disappointing, but I'm going to stay optimistic. The lack of dialogue REALLY hurt it. They needed to throw in some McClaneage to lift it up, instead of making it just a bunch of action scenes.

That being said, the action scenes shown DID look pretty good. I haven't been disappointed by a Die Hard yet, so I think I'll wait to really judge it until I see it. I mean, Die Hard with a Vengeance didn't look that great when I saw the trailer either but it kicked my *** like balls. And even if it isn't that good, it'll still be a blast to hear Willis say it one more time. You know what I mean ;).

"Yippee ki yay mother****er!"
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This is a teaser trailer, and as a teaser trailer it worked great. I hope the rest of the trailers up to release have as few McClaneisms as possible, just so they're a surprise in the film.
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Even Die Hard 2 - Die Harder? That one was tripe.

It wasn't as good as the other two, but COME ON
McClane blows up an airplane with just a lighter!
. But then again, my standard for judging Die Hard is that if I come out with a smile on my face after having cheered for two hours while McClane pulls off *****in' stunts and sayin' awesome lines, it was good. It's just the Eighties in my coming out ;).
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Here's why McClane is still awesome............

Take one half MacGuyver.....add one half get Jack Bauer. Anyone serving as the basis for America's Greatest Hero always gets the benefit of the doubt.

If nothing's still all about the YIPPEEE KIIIYAAAY!!!!

God I hope this doesn't suck......
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UK Trailer

This looks like it could be a good action flick but a horrible Die Hard sequel. All the action in the Die Hard movies were concievible, things some one could actually do, something your average bad *** NYC cop can do maybe one or two streches but no that much. All the stunts in this are WAY over the top, this is not McClane's type of action. I'm sick of this movies with almost no action that's in the realm of possibility any more. Seeing John McClane do these really elaborate sequences pisses me off
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I saw the trailer(don't know which one) at Grindhouse yesterday. No, it doesn't look like it'll have the charm and realism that the other films did, but HO. LEE. ****. I nearly plotzed when I saw the fighter jet enter the freeway tunnel.:drooling:

Not to mention the car taking out the helicopter.:drooling:

Right now I'm just waiting for some sort of joke along the lines of...

Bad guy: "I'm a terrorist"

John's Son: "And I'm a Mac....CLANE!"

*machine gun fire*
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I still :heart: Bruce Willis.

The action scenes look awesome.....but completely unrealistic. Like Transporter unrealistic. As long as I don't see Willis do martial arts--I'm fine.

So yeah....this'll be like the recent Rocky film. Not bad---but not a worthy sequel of a great franchise.
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That's look cool

When it's out on dvd I'll be getting it with the first three hopefully in a boxset (still not seen 2 or 3)
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Oh yeah, that's right. There should be a boxset coming out!

*Waits for boxset*

:lol: Yeah I figured there is always a Boxset.
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:lol: Yeah I figured there is always a Boxset.

I already have the first three in a boxset. I bought it before I even knew Die Hard 4 was coming out.

As for how it looks, meh. So long as John is still John, BRING ON THE EXPLOSIONS! So far, we're 1 for 1 with revival films (I really enjoyed Rocky Balboa) so I'm hopeful. :D
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(I really enjoyed Rocky Balboa)

You're not the only one. I'm also looking forward to "John Rambo" as they have titled Rambo IV

but back to this film ..
The action sequences might not be that un-realistic. The car taking out the helicopter. If the helicopter was low enough or the car jumped from high enough its possible.

as for the planes and stuff. The bad guys = terrorists right? When the first film came out Terrorists planted bombs or took over buildings ect.... BUT since then you think Terrorism and no offence to anyone you think 9/11.

Now judging by 9/11 and how planes were used is that far fetched that planes are landed on a runway?

I'll admit the missile launching is a bit of stretch but still this is a more advanced time were terrorists do bigger things so depending on how it is written it might not be THAT un-realistic.
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God, I just saw a clip of McClane and the jet and it ****ing pisses me off. THIS IS NOT WHAT DIE HARD SUPPOSE TO BE!!! Its was to over-the-top action. Die Hard has been very realistic down to Earth action. And this just pisses me off that they would ruin a franchise like this and completely miss one of the key factors that made the other great.

****ing Hollywood

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