Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Discussion (spoilers).


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cant put it down! my team is cap, spidey, deadpool, and torch, im on the second "level" which is called the omega base. I have fought scorpion, bullseye, radioactive man, fin fang foom (sp?), and crimson dynamo so far. I'm going back to it, more details later.


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Hey all, went to go visit the parents, beat the first level. My team right now consists of:
Captain America
The Thing
Iron Man

it will be interesting to see how many different combos we have, and has anyone gone LIVE yet?

Also, from my other post, what system is everyone playing on? And PLEASE tell me you have an HD tv, otherwise you DEF wont be seeing this game near its glory....

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I won't be able to get this game for a good while...any chance you can tell me if anyof the following show up?

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aaargh the game was delayed (in calgary atleast) for a day i wanna play it so bad, is it really that bad with a regular TV? because i'll be spending most of my time playing it on my TV in my room and it's just a regular kind of TV my dad has a brand new TV im not sure if it's HDTV though.


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Hey, any of you guys try simulation mode????? I think there is a BIG thing there. If you go into it, (i know this is a spoiler thing, but still):

It says, "you cannot gain points while playing as enemies" SOOOOO, does this mean you can play as them too???? :)


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I wish I had a job so I could buy this.

All I could do is stare at it in the store today.


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I reached the end of the omega base, and am on my way to atlantis. I fought mysterio and MODOK. Also, the costumes are fairly simple to unlock, i already have the symbiote one for spidey and all of cap's costumes, so far i only have three comic book missions, so more on those later. Off to play it.


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everybody except ghost rider, blade, nick fury, daredevil, Silver surfer, dr strange, and black panther are available from the start.


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can't wait for this to come out here (uk)

The day it comes out is the day i get my wages from work so i'll be on this like flies on a turd.


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Is this game for gamecube? because i can't find anything for it if it is.