Mel Gibson must be a member of UC!


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy

It appears Mel Gibson is making a new movie. I know for a fact he must be a member of this site or at least stumbled upon it on Google. Here is my proof said:
Tagline : The movie, behind the greatest event in the history of the world. Ever!

Plot summary :

The Passion of The Bass focusses on the last twelve hours of Bass on Ultimate Central before he left. The film begins in the social thread where Bass has gone to beg forgiveness for interrupting E’s Supper. Bass must resist the temptations of Mod powers. Betrayed by ProjectX2, Bass is then secretly Banned with out anyone knowing. This is gritty and realistic story of corruption , greed , betrayal.

This summer you will see how Bass returned to power , a story many have not talked about for a while but NO ONE can forget.

"I just want to say that I am glad to finally see someone in Hollywood making a film that I actually want to go to the theater and see! It seems like the only movies that ever come out of Hollywood anymore revolve around blood, violence, death, sex, infidelity, and other subjects that seem to glorify all the bad things in this world. I applaud any film maker that actually does a film that is Church of Bass friendly. Thank you Mel Gibson!" -– HellsButtmonkey

"Please extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Mel Gibson and the cast of The Passion of the Bass for making this movie. I cannot wait until it gets here. BRAVO BRAVO, thank you all for standing up for Bass" -– Ourchair

"I will let my teenage daughter watch this movie because I feel it is important for her to see and hear, if even remotely, what our Lord went through for each of us." -– Planet-man

"My daughter is 13. She is at an age where 60 percent of kids make their committment to Bass. It falls to 20 percent in the next 5 years. Up to this point in her life I don't know if Bass and what He did for us has been real. This movie will depict the realness of His suffering and sacrifice better than I can ever tell her or she could read about it. " – TOG

Even more suspect are these leaked photos :

James Caviezel as Bass


Al Pacino as E


Brandon Routh as DSF

Jon Heder as ProjectX2

I kid you not those are ACTUAL photos from the movie of the actors dressed as UC members.

The question I need to know is , is the the site getting any money from this? If so why didn't anyone tell us about this sooner?

Release date is summer 2008!

Updates :

Ice , moonmaster , Hibiki

Skotti , Ourchair

Doom , Houde , TOG

TwilightEL , Joe Kalicki , Planet-man

Gemini , Iceshadow , Venom Melendez

Hellsbuttmonkey , Seldes Katne , Caduceus
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Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s

What the ****? Jon Heder? I'll crucify you next.
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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
This was all that was leaked from IMDB and a couple of other sites , Maybe we'll get more info and pictures in the future


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
More leaked pictures from the same film

Jack black as Ice

Adam Sandler as Moonmaster

Jennifer Lopez as Hibiki

this could be the greatest film ever made!


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
If I knew Flash really well, I'd make this movie myself. :lol:

:lol: :lol: I was tempted to put clips of the actors together to try and make a trailer but I thought , that's going to far as first it was only meant to be what I first posted :lol: then people wanted to be cast and I decided yeah that could be fun for me update with pictures of people when they are cast :lol:


Didn't **** any of those *****es
where is Random when you need him?

*looks under big rock*

i give up :?

You'll never catch me, Beep, Beep *runs*

But I', way too ****ing busy to even think about. And geez Ice how long have you been learning flash? You should be able to do something by now.


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And geez Ice how long have you been learning flash? You should be able to do something by now.
I've only had that one class that my college started last semester.

Plus, I don't have the program on my laptop.

Ultimate Houde

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That Mooney, always playing with himself.

And we already have a thread for this, it's called Dreamcasting UC



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I was hoping Mel Gibson would cast me as a Jew.

Because you know, Chinese are Jews with tinier eyes.


Really is pretentious, no matter what she says. Do
you know I really like jennifer lopez, but as me? c'mon



Didn't **** any of those *****es
I've only had that one class that my college started last semester.

Plus, I don't have the program on my laptop.
Hey, I only had one course in high school before making all three episodes of The Mike Weiss Show and the majority of the College years, before having another two course in college where I barely learn anything relevant. Also I sent you the program on a cd, you should have it.
This film will change all who see it.

I thought you'd be pissed you weren't being played by someone with an egyptian background
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