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Nov 11, 2006
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Part One - Alien Spaceship Attack!

I was laying on my bed in Avengers Tower listening to the new White Stripes song when Iron Man came in. He turned off my radio using his Extremis powers and said "You look a little down. What's wrong?"

"I don't know if I belong with the Avengers," I said.

"That's ridiculous, Super Joe. You're one of our most valued members."

"Oh, I know I could fight evil pretty well, but I'm having troubles fitting in with the team. "

"How could you say that?"

"Well, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and the Wasp have all asked me out and I don't know which one to pick! And Sentry's been avoiding me since I beat him in that arm wrestling contest."

"Oh, Bob'll get over it, you won fair and square. Now girl problems are something I know a thing or two about!"

Just then the Tower started to rumble and shake. "What's going on?" Iron Man asked.

"It better not be Galactus coming back," I said, "I told that no good cosmic crumb to stay away from Earth!"

I flew out of the Tower through the window in my room and Iron Man followed me. "We're going to have to teach you how to use the door!" Iron Man said.

"Just take it out of my check, like the last one," I said.

"This is starting to get expensive for you!"

"You can't put a price tag on the fight against evil!" I said. Iron Man and I flew around Avengers Tower and saw a huge spaceship flying over New York. "I'm going to investigate," I said, flying toward the spaceship.

"Wait for me!" Iron Man said, following me. A laser shot from the spaceship and hit Iron Man right in the chest. He started falling to the ground, but I caught him.

"You look like you're in pretty bad shape," I said.

"I'll be okay, but I'm going to be out of commission for a little bit. Just put me down here."

I put Iron Man down outside Avengers Tower and flew back toward the spaceship. No aliens were going to invade my city and shoot my friend and get away with it! I dodged a bunch more beams on my way to the ship but when I got to it I punched a hole in the side and flew inside. There were a bunch of aliens inside and I fought my way through them until I came to the bridge. The alien leader was there.

"You made good time," the Alien Leader said. "I knew we could count on you."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"We need you to come back to our planet and help us fight a war with our enemies."

"Why would I help you after you shot my friend?"

"Because we're the same race as you." He could tell I was surprised by this and he laughed. "Didn't you ever wonder where you came from before? Let me take you to your home planet."

To be continued
That was like sooooo good! Super Joe is so cool and refreshing!
So much suspense, I was really worried for Iron Man for a second there!
You should like really pitch this idea to Marvel! They would snatch it up so fast (at least I would if I ran the place LOL)!

Keep writing, cause I wanna see how this ends!
I'm adding you to my friend alert!
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Part Two - My Awesome Origin!

"Are you telling me that I'm an alien from another planet?" I asked.

"Yes," the Alien Leader said.

"Well, I guess we do kind of look alike."

"We more than look alike. Our DNA is practically identical!"

"Let's say I buy all this for a second. Why are you only just coming to get me now?"

"Simple. Because we need you now to help defend our home planet against Skrull invaders."

"Skrulls, huh? Well I certainly have no love lost for them. Okay, I'll help you out. But tell me about my home planet first."

"Certainly, I'll tell you about it on the way there." The spaceship lurched forward in the familiar way ships going into hyperspace did. I sat next to the captain's chair and the Alien Leader sat beside me, "My name is Jak Renson and we're going to the planet Ickikal-8."

Captain Renson then told me all about how Ickikal-8 was a planet of peaceful explorers and how they would send genetically altered babies bred for survival in all possible climates to various planets for research purposes. I was one of those babies.

"And now we need to bring you back to help fight the invading Skrull army."

"I'll help you, but Earth is my home now and I want you to bring me back as soon as this war is over."

"It's a deal, Super Joe. The people of Ickikal-8 are grateful for your assistance."

I was in my quarters when there was a buzzing at my door. I told the computer to open the door and a beautiful Ickin female walked in. She smiled at me and said "My name is Loome. So you're going to help us?"

"I'm going to do my best, Loome. And that's pretty good."

"I bet it is! You look so strong and. . . handsome." She looked embarrassed when she said that. "You're doing so much for us, is there anything I can do for you?" She started moving closer to me. I held up my hands to keep her from getting too close.

"I'm sorry Loome, you're very beautiful but I have a confusing enough situation with Earth girls to think about without more outer space complications. Besides, I'm not sure I'm over my last girlfriend, She-Hulk, yet."

"I understand," said Loome and she seemed really disappointed. "Good luck!" She said, running out of my room. I just shook my head. How do I get myself in these situations?

The next day I got woke up by Captain Renson calling over the intercom. We were at Ickikal-8. I ran up to the bridge to take a look. I was expecting to see a lot of Skrull warships all over the place, but there was nothing around the planet.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I don't know," Captain Renson said. "The whole planet was engulfed in intergalactic war two days ago."

"Well, let's go down to the surface and check it out," I said.

We took a shuttle craft down to the surface of the planet and landed just outside of a big city. We were trying not to draw attention to ourselves, so we walked together into the city. There was nobody out in the streets. We checked a few buildings and there was nobody in them either.

"I can't even find any hovercars anywhere," Captain Renson said. "This planet is deserted!"

To be continued
zomg whedn joe was arem wrstling teh sentry i was like 'omg so kewl' cuz he beat the strongest avenger lol and i think he dsnt need to be so nice wit the girlz cuz he culd have all o dem if he rlly wnted lol

i think u shuld hav joe fight the whole skrull empir cuz he wuld beat them all and u culd have him have a guud line like 'stay out of my home dirtbags' lolololol

OMG! can i be in ur story? if i am i want my name to not be wade wilson but wade emerald fire starter becuz dats cooler and i want to have rlly kewl pwers but not as kewl as joe cuz hes da main char lol
Genius. You still have to send me the script for the collaboration project man.

But keep this up too. It's too good to pass up.
I can't believe there isn't already a hero named "Super Joe."
Awww, that alien girl has lots o lurve for Super Joe! But I hope that Super Joe and She-Hulk get back together! theyr so perfect 4 each other!
OMG FLUFF!!!!!!! ^_^
Awww, that alien girl has lots o lurve for Super Joe! But I hope that Super Joe and She-Hulk get back together! theyr so perfect 4 each other!
OMG FLUFF!!!!!!! ^_^

zomg shulkie/joe i ship them their so sweet tgoethr i luv it

u still havne't updaetd jo post mor plz or anime cat (i mean neko lol) will be mad ^>.<^
Part Three - Friend or Foe!

"Where did all my people go?" Captain Renson asked.

"Don't worry Captain, we'll find them," I said, and flew off to look for some people. The whole city looked the same, a bunch of empty buildings everywhere. But then something caught my eye. There was a pile of rubble where a building was knocked down. I flew over to it and used my x-ray vision to see if there was anything under it. I could see a bunch of people in the basement, so I flew over and dug through all the rubble until I got to the basement. Then all of a sudden I got hit by a green beam and it threw me out of the basement and into the side of any empty building. Just then Captain Renson came up to me.

"You didn't wait for me," Captain Renson said. "What happened to you?"

""I think I just met an old friend," I said, standing up, a little dizzy from getting thrown into the side of a building.

"Some friend!" Captain Renson said.

I flew back over to the basement where the people were. I dodged another green beam and said "Stop that! I'm here to help!"

"Super Joe, is that you?" Green Lantern asked, flying out of the basement.

"It's me Hal, what are you doing here?"

"I picked up a distress call on my power ring and came over to investigate. What are you doing here?"

"That's a long story," I said.

"You'll have to tell me over a beer sometime."

"I will if you're buying!" I said. "What happened here?"

"I was just flying in when I saw this spaceship pulling a bunch of people up with these tractor beams and I rescued some in a ring bubble and put them in this building, but the spaceship shot me into the building and the building collapsed and I was knocked out. When I came to the spaceship was gone and all the people that I didn't rescue were gone too."

Right then there was a huge boom outside and Green Lantern and I went out to investigate. I asked Captain Renson where the sound came from. He pointed up to where his spaceship was. There was another spaceship by his spaceship and it had his spaceship in a tractor beam. There was another boom and the sky opened up and both spaceships went into the hole in the sky and disappeared.

"A Boom Tube!" Green Lantern said.

"Well, it looks like I'm going back to Apokolips," I said. "You want to help me out?"

"I smell a team-up!" Green Lantern said and we flew into space with Captain Renson in one of Green Lantern's power ring bubbles.

To be continued
All of my reviews just told me I was insane. :?

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