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  1. Random

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Twelve

    We're back baby! With great new tales of superheroing! Leading forward with new co-editors Houde and Random Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Twelve!! If you never partaken with this fanfic, what the hell is wrong with you? Go back and read all the issues: Check our the Ultimate...
  2. ProjectX2

    Sesame Street

    The constant ringing of the phone forces my eyes open. Next to me Ernie still sleeps, snoring like a train. Nothing seems to faze him. I throw the blankets off my side of the bed and flick the light. I grab the phone. “Yeah, Bert here.” The voice on the other side informs me that there’s a...
  3. Foolsfolly

    Superman: Man of Yesterday

    Perry White ran his hand through his steely white hair and breathed a deep sigh. “Jimmy.” His voice was slow and calm despite the irritation visible in his eyes; Perry White never yelled. “Yes, sir?” “Be quiet please,” he said. Mr. White grabbed the photos on his desk and thumbed...
  4. Grocer Man

    Just Punching Those Dinosaurs--A Ultimate Marvel Parody

    Just Punching Those Dinosaurs “They say it started with a flash in the sky and ripple through the clouds. Nobody knows what caused this exactly, but some people think it might have been a punch.” -Reed Richards of Earth-2149 The Cretaceous Era. 150 million years ago, it was home of...
  5. Dr.Strangefate

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume 9

    UC-Favorite Fan-Fiction Creator and Mad-Scientist, Ultimate Houde RETURNS TO THE ULTIMATE CENTRAL FAN-FIC UNIVERSE!!!! Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Nine!! For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I beg you to read through our archives (which will hopefully oneday be updated...
  6. moonmaster

    Global Frequency: DEATH ENGINE

    It came to my attention a few months ago that I've never once completed a full comic book script. This is quite troubling, since it is what I want to do. So, instead of writing short stories or poetry or whatever, I decided to focus my efforts on writing an actual script, at least for practice...
  7. Joe Kalicki

    My Awesome Fanfic!!!!!

    Part One - Alien Spaceship Attack! I was laying on my bed in Avengers Tower listening to the new White Stripes song when Iron Man came in. He turned off my radio using his Extremis powers and said “You look a little down. What’s wrong?” “I don’t know if I belong with the Avengers,” I...
  8. Ultimate Houde

    Law & Order: UC The Holiday Special

    It's Christmas time at the 82 precinct, but will the party go off as planned. Houde feverently rushes around the 82 precinct, trying to drum up attendance for the party, but with the melancholy that has wound its way into the police force, will the party ever get off the ground? Bass has gone...
  9. thee great one


    It is coming. The mother of all fan-fic. From the mind of greatness. Crossover. What happens when these universes collide? New enemys and alliances are made. This is it. Nuff said. Coming soon...