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Bendis did something right this week.

First Xavier, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, and Namor interrupt a gathering of Skrull's that are planning to invade Earth. Black Bolt destroys their entire ship as a warning. As they're making their escape, they get gunned down and captured. The Skrull are experimenting and testing them in their own unique ways:

  • Xavier is being prepped to have his DNA broken down.
  • Black Bolt has a lazer in his throat that is neutralizing his vocal cords so they can study it before they carefully remove them
  • Namor is being kept in a room with a .09% precipitation
  • Iron Man has had his "Primitive Armor" removed and now is struggling with his heart complications in his cell
  • And worst is Reed being stretched out to maximum potential
  • Strange is the only man they cannot "easily" figure out.

The Skrull try to trick Tony by shapeshifting into the remaining classic Avengers and staging a rescue. Tony isn't fooled and knows it's the Skrulls but this also backfires into the Skrulls realizing Tony isn't expecting to be rescued because no one knows they're there. Tony then engages them and manages to beat them in hand to hand combat where he begins to rescue the others one by one. Strange Casts a spell on him to help his heart to continue functioning properly.

The Illumanti escape in a Skrull vessel but are being pursued just as they were when they got caught in the first place. Strange casts an illusionary spell that Xavier ampliphies... The Skrull Armada then witness Galactus and panic, retreat, and crash...

The Skrull inform their leader they've escaped but he goes on that they have what they needed from them.

Very Solid.



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Re: New Avengers: Illumanti Series Discussion (Spoilers)

So, in other words, the great and mighty Illuminati got together to do "what had to be done" and ended up pissing the Skrull off even more, crashing, getting captured AND supplying the Skrull with info on human biology and how to defeat superpowers?

Good going, brain trust.

It wasn't a bad issue (another title on which the artist - Jim Cheung on this one - saves the day), and it didn't really needlessly retcon anything. It just didn't really need to BE, either. I enjoy Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and this is much the same, a look back at a period of time that you might or might not enjoy.

And, MWoF, repeat after me: I - L - L - U - M -I - N - A - T - I - as in "those who illuminate."
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Re: New Avengers: Illumanti Series Discussion (Spoilers)

Black Bolt destroying that Skrull ship was just awesome. "Black Bolt do you have something to say?" Golden.



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Re: New Avengers: Illumanti Series Discussion (Spoilers)

i wish i knew what blackbolt said, i hope it was something funny

this was a very good issue, the team did a very good job with the characters, i hope they can keep it up


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I suppose this wasn't horrible, but the idea of the members of this "Illuminati" going out on wacky adventures is...stupid. It would be a lot better if they were puppet masters controlling things from afar.

This is just uninteresting.

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I suppose this wasn't horrible, but the idea of the members of this "Illuminati" going out on wacky adventures is...stupid. It would be a lot better if they were puppet masters controlling things from afar.

This is just uninteresting.

Agreed. I don't think another super team is needed.

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You should hear Proj's Illuminati idea that came out of Bass' Dissassembled, Planet Hulk idea thet would of lead into a better Civil War.

Solid is a good word for the issue.


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The word illuminati comes from the cult "Illuminati" and the main idea of it is to staying in the background and making hard decisions.

The one-shot Illuminati was cool, the big boys gathered up and decided to send Hulk to space, and the start of the Civil War (and a few more stuff I don't remember).

On the other hand this mini is far from my expectation!

I don't wanna see the big boys in action! I would rather see them as a power sitting in the sidelines and deciding how they should lead their teams.Not going in the middle of the action like a nuclear bomb!

Blackbolt says the "F" word and everything around him gets destroyed anyway.What's cool with it?
Send Xavier up there and he can mind control every single Skrull easily,that's not fun,I want to see him return to the mansion and lead the X-Men "STRATEGICALLY".
Same thing goes for Reed and Iron Man!

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While the actual book itself was entertaining....it really didn't need to be.

I enjoyed the book....but I'm with E on this one. The secret group of 616 going on zany adventures is just plain stupid.

But with that said----the Black Bolt moment was awesome.

I'll continue to check this out.



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I suppose this wasn't horrible, but the idea of the members of this "Illuminati" going out on wacky adventures is...stupid. It would be a lot better if they were puppet masters controlling things from afar.

This is just uninteresting.

Lol. wacky adventures.......

It was a good read though. I liked it



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Something's been bothering me about this book.

Are the Illuminati actually making decisions that could mean life or death for the people of earth? Are they actually setting policies for the planet, not just identifying and neutralizing threats and deciding what the teams they personally lead will do? It seems like they just decided they could launch a sentient being (yes, the Hulk who has probably killed hundreds of people by now, but still) into space without telling anyone.

Because if so, then that's kind of toeing the line between a superhero group and dictatorship. This will no doubt be addressed in later issues, but the only reason these people are in charge is because they're rich and have superpowers. There's a little more to it than that, but it wouldn't matter what great leaders they were or how smart they were if they were stitching shoes together for a dollar an hour in a third-world country--the reason they're in power is because they're rich and lucky.

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Here's the thing I should hate this book.....but I don't. Every now and then I like to turn my brain off and just read. This book allows me to do so. We got witty Bendis verbage and kick *** art by Cheung.

So #2 ---- The Illuminati take on the Infinity Gauntlet.

I leave the brief summary to this:

Reed gathers the Illuminati to tell them that he has the Power Gem. They all think he's crazy. He then tells them that he actually has the Infinity Gauntlet and a couple more gems to boot. They call him crazy again. He convinces them to search for the remaining gems in order to use it as a weapon to protect Earth in case any cosmic foes wanna get testy again with Earth in the balance.

They agree. Strange, Namor and Xavier go in search of the Mind Gem. They enter the collective consciousness of the universe. Namor punches a big monster fish. Meanwhile, Reed and Tony put together a machine that harnesses Black Bolt's sound into enough energy to rip a whole in time and grab the Time Gem. It should be noted that Black Bolt is probably the coolest character alive.

They gather the gems. Insanity ensues. We also get to see Illumi-Babies!

Uatu appears and scolds Reed. He says that Reed should've known better.

The Illuminati each take a gem and hide them across the globe.....with neither telling the others where. That way they will remain hidden.


God help me but 3.5/5. I really shouldn't like The Zany Illuminati Adventures...................but I do.


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The second issue was solid. I liked that Reed turned away from the power of the Gauntlet. Still I was hoping this wouldn't seem like a group of Supers going on wacky adventures.

This got me think about Xavier using the Mind Gem to regain his telepathy.

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