New Mortal Kombat!

Klassik Kostume DLC's out, Skarlet's coming next week (with FREE retro Cyrax and Sektor MK3 skins), and they've finally confirmed that Rain is coming (FINALLY he should have been on the friggin disk)

Next tuesday can't come soon enough

Also Skarlet and Kenshi have been really fun, and they released klassik kostumes for Noob Saibot and Smoke (If you select the P2 colour of Noobs Klassik Kostume his shadow clone is Klassik Smoke wich is a BRILLIANT reference to Noob-Smoke from Deception)
So Freddy Krueger eh?

Also Unmasked UMK3 Sub-Zero costume, and a klassik cyber-sub-zero (weird since CSZ didn't EXIST back then, but atleast he's got an alt now) skin are coming along with Freddy on tuesday

There's rumblings of another wave of characters and costumes coming in the fall or so (expect Jason, he was rumored alongside Freddy for months), but I doubt they'll actually happen when they could A) do a UMV3/SSF4 style title update or B) start on MK10

either way expect more pallete swap costumes to come our way in some form or another, they still need to do MK2 (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Mileena, and MAYBE Skarlet), and U/MK3/T (Cyber-Smoke, Smoke, Noob, Scorpion, Reptile, Ermac, and MAYBE Rain (I'd particularily like to see this one) and MAYBE Skarlet) with the models they've already made that just need some re-coloring. The maybe's in there were mainly because those two characters are already dlc, and doubt they'd do DLC for DLC but who knows
Just got this (borrowed). Played multiplayer a decent amount in the past with some bros but just now poking through the single player modes.

Love it.

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