One Piece

Well.... that ended very lackluster.
Seriously? That was it? Oh well... THe set up for the next arc is made with the swamp-guy escaping with the treasure.
Hope the next one will be more intense.
Nope, swampguy is gone too. Did not like this arc at all, although there is enough setup for them to return to FishmanIsland at some point.
I hope the New World poses more of a threat to the strawhats, they really breezed through this one.
So everyone online seems to think these yeti creatures are the two swordsman that use to run with Zoro. I don't think they are, I don't even think they are people that we have met before.

This arc seems to have them in more danger than before. I like how he depowered the crew without really depowering them. I have a feeling that Dr Law is going to help them out some more in this arc to beat the gas dude.

And also can't help but think that Nami and Usopp can easily take care of this guy using weather wind powers or a plant that blows air or something.
Is the arc called 'mysterious people we might already know but could also be strangers show up arc' ? Anyway, loving it so far!

So is this mystery guy confronting law Aokiji the ice guy? I refuse to believe he's dead. Since this island was the place of his last battle im really hoping we'll learn more of his fate.
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Huh, this arc has proven a lot more interesting than I initially thought. I'm exited that we might actually learn a bit more about the Devil Fruits (probably not this arc, but when the Strawhats meet Vegapunk). Luffy taking out Caecar with a single punch was cool too. I had really expected that to become a very drawn out fight. Taking him out this quickly really serves to show how strong Luffy has gotten (when he sets his mind to it). To bad the enemy devil fruit users never land in the ocean.

I had completely forgotten Franky was still on the ship (that's the problem with this long arcs). It will be interesting to see where that fight will lead.

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