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Did anyone else notice that Sanji turned (briefly) to stone when he saw Handcock? Also, I wish Perona would stick around for longer.
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sanji's new attack, nosebleed catapult :lol:

very interesting chapter, original owner of the hat and Kuma's mission.
You know I don't think Rogers was the original owner of the Strawhat, considering the guy who gave it to Luffy had it when he was young in Whitebeard's crew. Unless I got my history wrong, which I could.
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it could have gone from Roger to Shanks to Luffy.

Shanks and Buggy were both deckhands on Gol D. Rogers Pirate crew. where they've had numerous run-ins with Whitebeard.
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naw, Shanks was always seen wearing the hat in his younger days. even during the flashbacks. meaning Roger must have gave it to Shanks when he was a fresh little sea lad.
For the first time since the timeskip I feel like this is going somewhere again. Van Dekken has an interesting ability. I like how he used it for a sneak attack (though he should have given his men some kind of protection). Do we know where franky and Robin are? My guess is that franky is with the Sunny and Robin is in a library or something.
it really does have it's moments, it'll be interesting to see where they go with this.

and i don't think they were his men he threw, i think they were the slaves of the other guy
My guess is that franky is with the Sunny and Robin is in a library or something.
Called it.

and i don't think they were his men he threw, i think they were the slaves of the other guy

And you called this! We are one a roll.

I'm enjoying this arc very much so far (although the mermaid hiding in the shark is stupid). I can't wait for the fighting to begin and getting to see some of the crew's new techniques though!
So some interesting new powers for the crew have been revealed. Brook can now leave his body and float around as a spirit. Robin can apparently now make her entire body appear anywhere (as opposed to just limbs) resulting in what seems to be teleportation.
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And nami has some kind of invisibility shroud. I hope sh*t will go down soon, it's taking to long.
Stuff is going down? Maybe?
Franky has his old hair back. No explanation has been given so far, but thank for for that.
I don't like the whole combination robot thing, although I admit that his shoulder cannon was pretty hillarious!
Brook being able to hypnotize crowd of people with his music, might be the least interesting post-timeskip power so far, especially since there's already a rookie captain who has exactly the same power and makes more interesting use of it.
Sanji learning to walk in the air because he ran out of places to flee to is both awesome and hillarious.

I really want to see Usopp and Nami in action!
Well, fair enough. But most of the other strawheads are breezing through leagues and leagues of pirates.
Nami took out one and Usopp a couple.
I know they'll never be among the hard hitters of the team, but I'm sure Usopp at least will be able to hold his own against one of the fishmen bosses.
So all the male Strawhats now have a target:

Luffy vs Hodi (obviously)
Zoro vs the drunk octopus swordfighter (no surprise there)
Sanji and Jimbei vs the giant pufferfish (I don't know, the giant never really looked very competent, should be a breeze for those 2)
Usopp vs the little digging guy (really looking forward to that one!)
Chopper vs the hammerhead (I'm really digging choppers new look!!)
Franky vs the guy with the 8 arms (I dont know)
Brook vs the chameleon (never really cared for Brook)

Robin and Nami provide support I guess?

I'm really looking forward to Zoro, Usopp and Chopper going all out! It will probably be a while untill that happens though. They'll easily breeze through their opponents first and won't have much of a challenge untill they start taking the drug Hodi used.

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