Ourchair European Tour 2007

Going to Europe for Disney? Are you kidding?

Are you SURE you're British? Cause Compound and I are becoming convinced you are American.

Yeah, I'm kinda miffed I can't meet anyone from the UC since most of the Europeans here are from the UK and I don't have a visa for that.

Tell you what. Leave me some contact information or whatever via PM --- phone numbers or e-mail or whatever. I can go to any of the Schengen states or Switzerland, so perhaps we can do some on the fly spontaneous planning.

I have no specific itinerary. I'm just backpacking and taking the Eurail using a 15 day Global Flexi Youth pass --- making it up as I go along. Hell, I gave up trying to find a satisfactory hostel reservation for longer than one day over the Internet.

Hopefully one of you guys can find it in your heart and schedules to meet up with me anywhere in those territories.

Meh. I didn't want to see you anyway. Stinkface.
Yeah, actually I'm really dying to visit the British Isles, as I'm actually pretty interested in the cultural distinctions between Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland.

distinctions? you mean like how we all hate each other? well, everyone hates the english and the english hates everyone else. in general of course because i really couldnt give a ****. UNITED kingdom my arse!
Let me know if you're stopping by in Amsterdam (and let's face it, if you're travelling Europe, why the hell wouldn't you go to see Amsterdam?!?). I'll be more than happy to show you around the city!
I am indeed stopping by Amsterdam. :D

Please leave your contact details via PM as I might be there early into my trip. I'll be coming from Paris and then cutting northeast towards Germany.

SSJmole said:
I lost my virginity and sanity along time ago. I even hug posters with "Lost virginity" and all I got was 1000 phone calls from men saying "thata boy" or "nice one"
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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No but Euro disney is France and in order to get banned their the French would need to evolve in to vertebrates and actually stand up to someone :lol:
I was trapped in a giant glass dome in Eurodisney for half an hour once. We had to pretend to be Swedish to escape.
I'm back.

With but a backpack and a train pass, I went to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Humlebaek, Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, Fussen, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Burgundy and back to Paris in two months.

Lots of walking, lots of sun, met lots of cool people and saw lots of cool things.

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